MELA: My first short FF(Avitha)-completed

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hai friends....this is my first ff....i swear that except for my school essays, i never wrote anything earlier.....LOLLOL
Hope you all like it.......SmileSmileSmile



"How dare u deny my word???" shouting angrily, Mahesh rai slapped his wife hard on he cheek'she fell down helplessly. She silently sobbed. He became much madder at her and started kicking her brutally without any mercy'''she cried out loud and a final scream'. she stay still on the floor without any sign of life'


"Mummmmmmmmmmmmy" screamed arpitha.  Mrs. rai came in with terror filled eyes. Arpitha was on her bed sobbing like a child and gasping for breath'her eyes were already red. Seeing her mother come in , she jumped out of her bed and hugged her tight'.

Mummy--"arpitha, what happened beta? Why are you crying?"

Arpi'"m-m-m-mummy'" she again hugged her and started weeping'..

Mummy'"arpitha what happened, tell me beta' did u have a nightmare?"

Arpi'"y-yes m-mummy, the w-worst", she muttered, still tears going down her cheek.

Mummy'"calm down  beta'.the dream ended and there ended the worry'its all over'..see I am with you'..don't cry dear'.", she consoled her daughter in her warm hug''.she didn't want to ask her about the dream, because she feared that it could worsen arpitha's situation.


"Where the hell are you?" shouted Mr. Rai'

Mummy'"Arpitha, stop crying beta, its all over, your dad is calling, I'll be back'.now my dear, wipe out your tears, its your birthday today,, you must be happy today. get ready we shall go to temple", saying this she placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, wiped out the tears rolling down her soft cheek and left hurriedly to attend her husband,,,,,


Arpitha now completely came out of the shock the nightmare had given her' She sat back on her bed. All her life, it was only her mother she loved the most. She found a friend, who always was caring and in spite of the torture she had to go through, she always wore a sweet smile on her face. Arpitha was the younger one in the house, but was never pampered for that reason.

Her brother chirag always ignored her friendly gestures and never cared for her. Arpitha never dared to even speak to her father. She once saw her mother being beaten up by him and this scared her to the core.

Since her childhood she saw her mother being her support for the smallest to smallest of thing,,, in short, her mom was everything to her. Thinking back to the dream, hot tears started rolling down her cheek again'.she couldn't even think of a day without her..

Mummy was back with a plate of sweets'

Mummy -"Arpitha you are still here'beta, we are getting late.. go and get ready fast"

Noticing arpitha was still disturbed by the dream, mummy placed the plate away and came closer to her and placed her hand around her shoulders and tried to comfort her.

And silence was all around''




Arpitha and mummy went to temple in a rickshaw'.arpitha was wearing a pink suit that matched her complexion perfectly; her long silky hair was left free swinging to the rhythm of the wind as the ride continued towards the temple. Reaching the temple arpitha and mummy exchanged a small smile and got down'they headed towards the idol of shivji'arpitha placed the pooja material into panditji's hands and folded her hands to say her prayer..

The pooja went on very well'.


They were leaving when; suddenly a warm palm was placed on arpitha's eyes, making her temporarily blind and said" guess who??"

Mummy stood smiling'..


Arpitha---"Manjariiiiiiii,, I know its you", she smiled as manjari removed her hand and sighed'.

Manjari--"how is it you know all the time arpi???????"


Arpitha'"Who else on this earth will do such things to make me smile'.its obviously you", she smiled again'

Manjari--"hmmmmmmmm, that's true, anyways, happy birthday arpiiiii", wishing her, she hugged her'then noticing mummy, she turned towards her with a plan in her mind'.

Manjari--"Aunty, how are you???"


Mummy'" Fine beta. How are you and everyone at home??"

Manjari '"  Never better aunty!!!!, ahm'auntyyy'.can we go to the mela?" she with no delay put her plan into action to take arpi to the mela'..after all she was her childhood buddy and knew arpi always wanted to go to a mela , but never got permission from her dad.

Mummy'" Mela???????"

Manjari'"S aunty, it's just for a few hours, the mela is just a kilometer away. I promise, we will be back before its dark, please aunty"

Manjari promised in advance as she knew that all mom want their daughters to be back home before dark.

Arpitha's eyes opened up wide, in delight and happiness, but the next moment, she remembered her father. She will be killed if he found out'her happiness broke down into pieces in no time'

Mummy looked at arpitha's reaction and understood her inner feelings without her saying a word'..

Manjari'"Aunty please", she tried to break the silence that just crept in'

Arpitha'"no, manjari'.i can't' even I didn't tell papa", she tried to give a reason that would help.

Mummy then with a little thought said, "Its ok arpitha, go on, your dad and chirag have gone out of the town and won't be returning till tomorrow'.and you will be back in hours .. So no problem", arpitha looked at mom with her mouth a little opened in shock. She couldn't trust her ears'.it was her dream to go to a mela'all her life, she has never been to a mela, but always heard the funny moments from manjari.

Manjari--"Greatttttt'.thanks aunty, come on arpi'lets go'"shouting in delight, she held arpi's hand to run to the mela'

Arpitha handed the plate to mummy and waved a bye''

Mummy watched the girls walking away in sheer happiness and thought to herself "Go beta, live your life to the fullest, at least for these few moments".





The ringing bells reminded him of his childhood' seeing a child pass by with a candy in his hand, he took a breath thinking of his time, when he used to run around his father pleading him for a candy.suddenly something stuck in his eyes,, it burned a little. Rubbing his eyes he saw water bubbles coming from a little distance. He saw a girl dressed in pink, blowing the water bubbles (made out of soap)'.. was it....please do tell me..i am open for criticism like it, luved it...hated it...dont wont me to continue... anything......Smile

Don't forget the likwa button.....Wink


 part 2    --   page 3

 part 3    --   page 7

 part 4    --   page 9

    part 5     --  page 13

    part 6    --   page 15

   part 7    --   page 19

   part 8   --   page 23

   part 9   --   page 26

  part 10  --  page29

  part 11 --  page 34

   part 12  --  page 40

    part 13   --  page 43

    the end  --  page 45


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Posted: 12 years ago
arre wah

likewa press kar diya
its good

reallly good

pls do continue

Posted: 12 years ago
Heyyy Sunaha....loved the FF.... Hug
Thanks a lot for starting an FF in this forum...

Do continue super fast..
Thumbs Up
Posted: 12 years ago
18 just 2 comments......ConfusedConfusedOuchCry...what happened to the remaining.....

@ cb di and milli.......Thanks a lot for liking my work..... i am working on the next part and its coming up shortly.....SmileSmileBig smile
Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
great post sunaha plz continue
Posted: 12 years ago's really nice yaar... Smile do continue it...waiting to read the next part!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Like ur FF suhana very sweet
Posted: 12 years ago
Nice one Sunaha Thumbs Up
Congrats for ur first ff n thanx for posting the first one at this forum. Big smile
Plz continue.. Smile

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