Jahan tum,wahan main.OS(maneet)

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Posted: 12 years ago
ok so here is an extraaaaaaaaaaaa long OS....It just poped in my head...So Im 17,dont expect i will write really wellAlthough I try:DAnd I will improve inshallah.....
with love Noor

P.S here is the Song ....LOve Mithoon.<3

Jahan tum,wahan main.

Jivan Lage Hai Suna Sa Kyun
Yeh Mann Lage Hain Tuta Sa Kyun..
 (Har Pal Lage Hain Chhuta Sa Kyun
 Sab Kuchh Lage Hain Rutha Sa Kyun
 Aaja Na Abb Kahin Se Ji Na Saku
Jo Kuchh Bhi Hai Huwa
Woh Bhulaa De Na Tu (Tu Hai Isaka Sukun, Tu Hai Meri Justajoo)

               She sat by the window watching the rain fall from the sky.What had her life become?In mere seconds,she had lost everything she had worked so hard for.She opened the window and extended her hands in the rain.This rain had so many good and bad memories attached to it.Maan,a person who had hurt her the most.A man of his words,a strong handsome young man.A man who had pushed her so far away that he would never find her.It all started with a mere judgement of someone he loved.His sister.She hated Geet,and had done everything in her hands to make maan change his decision.Two nights before the wedding,he had left.He had left without a word.She waited but the days passed and even Dadi did not know where he had gone.His sister,had smiled wickedly and left the house returning to her old house.Dadi had consoled her the day after,and cried in front of geet telling her she should move on and she did just that.She packed her bags and left without a word,not even paying attention to road.The car had honked but Geet had been so lost that she did not notice,she had gone numb.As she lay on the ground in the pool of blood,someone faintly called her name.She had tried to look at him,she had tried but her body gave up.When the doctors had come in to tell her that the baby was gone,she had looked on with a daze.Upon hearing that Dadi had been searching for her,she had slipped out of the hospital and ran away.She had swiped her credit card,and learned she had  enough money to live off for a year.She quickly found an apartment,and today here she was.It has been 2 months ever since she had lost Maan and her baby.Two months and she felt nothing but pain.As her eyes welled up with tears,she shut them tight so that the tears would stop.Her hands that were wet from the rain gently stroked her stomach.Why her?What had she done to deserve this.She was brought out of her thoughts when the door bell had rang.Fixing her duppatta and wiping away the stray tears from her face,she went to open the door.Her leg gently rested on the hardwood floor,she still had a lot of healing to do.Opening the door,she was met with the same brown eyes that had deceived her.He himself stood mere inches away with tears in his eyes.She looked at him with a confused look and stared on,not being able to utter those words she had promised to say to him.
Hai Yaadon Ki Phaili Baahon Mein Tu
 Hai Raahon Pe Jaati Nigaahon Mein Tu
 Hai Modon Mein Tu, Jagaho Mein Tu
 Hai Girkar Chadhi Ghataao Mein Tu Hai Aahon Mein Tu,
Hai Baaton Mein Tu Hai Har Waqt Haan Meri Chaahon Mein Tu
 Jo Aandhi Si Hai Hawaao Mein T

      Maan Singh Khurana had been called for an urgent meeting in Canada.The embassy had filed a case against his brother,who had not been able to pay his debt and had ran away from the country.Maan would go without telling his family,they would worry and besides Geet and Dadi were in no state to take extra burden.When he reached Canada,he was met with an accident leaving him unconscious for a few days.When he had finally recovered and payed off the debt Dev owned to the country,he had returned.Knowing geet would be worried he had went to her room first.Yet he panicked,the room was covered with white sheets,from the desk to bed.Everything was covered,thinking Geet had moved to the Main house Maan had ran to his house and searched only to find a tired Dadi.Dadi had looked at him with tears and had whispered heartbreaking words. "You broke her Maan" Dadi had told him that she had left because she thought you would never return.Dadi had cried saying that she had searched for her everywhere.Maan stood their frozen as he heard Dadi talked.She had left?She had left because,she thought he had left.He fell to the ground and cried,his geet was probably somewhere hurting.She could not even take care of herself.He had searched everywhere possible.Every day he would come home disapointed.Yet today he was meeting a client when he had seen her walk in to a building.He had followed.He had followed a girl who did not seem like geet anymore.She was weak,but was she not pregnant?She was supposed to be showing by now.He had waited and thought about what to say to her.Then he wanted to do the only thing possible,beg her.She had so much faith in him, that by him breaking it he broke himself.Two months,Dadi had fallen ill due to the lack of sleep,she had called Geet's name each night.
Jo Man Me Chale (Alaao Mein Tu)
Nindon Se Abb Main Dur Rahu
Khaabon Ki Bhi Na Raah Taku
Aaja Na Abb Kahin Se Ji Na Saku Jo Kuchh Bhi Hai Huwa Woh Bhulaa De Na Tu
(Tu Hai Isaka Sukun, Tu Hai Meri Justajoo)

    He stood before her in his usual atire,but today he looked different.She did not give him a chance to talk.She could not,right now she needed sleep.She she had tried to shut the door,but Maan had put his foot between the door.He looked at her defeated and tired.She stared before she watched him fall to the ground and beg for forgiveness.

"Forgiveness?"Geet had asked.

"Please Geet,let me explain I did not leave you I just went to cle-"Maan said but watched Geet smile and stop him.

"Maan leaving me was your choice,do not fall in your own eyes.Get up and go home.Everything is over."Geet said with tears falling from her eyes.

"Please"Maan had said.

"Maan,I have nothing to live for.Dev abandoned me,you abandoned me and I lost my child"Maan's head shot up

"Kaise,how did you lose the child.Our child.No your lying.My baby he is gone."Maan had said before feeling dizzy and falling in front of Geets feet.

     She had managed to carry him to the bed,he was out cold.She could feel his hands warm.He was sick.Typical maan move.Never cared for himself.She laid him in her bed,when she was leaving she heard him calling her name.She watched for a second has he kicked violently calling her name.She sat on the bed and looked at him,before she watched him slowly open his eyes.He had held her hands asking her to let him explain.When she heard what he had to say,she cried out in pain.She cried out in pain because she thought so low about him.She cried out in pain because she had doubted his love.She cried out in pain as he told her what had happened.She had brought his hand to her mouth,and kissed it.She had watched him clutch her waist,and tell her that he loved her so much,and he was hurt when she left.He had talked non stop,talking in guilt.At that moment she had smiled.Who would have thought MK could talk so much?She silenced him with a hug.

"your here now,that's all that matters."She had put her head on his chest and was now listening to his heartbeat.

"I missed you"He said

"Me too"

" I hate myself."


"Our child,its my fault."

"Shh mann,Babaji has his ways."Geet had said in her old style before wiping his tears away.

"Phir se shoro karein Kahani"

"Nai,mujhe wasaiy poorani kahani bohot achi lagti hai"Geet said and smiled.

"pir chalo"

"Hmmm kahan"

"Ghar,mere saath."

"Magar ise place ka kiya hoga?"

"Chor do.."

"Hmmm,acha aap jao main Kal a jaon gi.

"Nope.You Mrs-soon-to-be Khurana,you are coming home with me abhi."

"Pe-"He silenced her by capturing her lips in his.She was shocked at first but slowly gave in.After a hot steamy make out session.Geet had pulled away.


2 years Later

"Maan itni annoying bache hain tumhare!But i love them!"Geet said changing Krish's diaper,while Arjun cried for attention as well.

"Are Are mere pyare bache,mama ko tang nai kerte"Maan said coming to silence the other infant

"Aur tum mere bachoon ko kuch na kaho.Itne masoom se toh hain."Maan said glaring at Geet.

"Haan,Haan.Eik aap,aur apke bache hi toh masoom hain."Geet said before picking Up Krish and rocking him to sleep.

   After a few minutes,both the infants had fallen a sleep.Geet stood by the crib,watching her two prince charming.She stood their thinking about how hard it was to bring Maan to his old khaddos self.Maan had been affected by the baby's death the most.She had sat by him many times as he had nightmares about him losing Geet and the child.She had seen a side of maan,she never thought she would ever see.After he was sure that Geet was with him,he would fall asleep in Geet's lap.Their wedding was a grand event,everyone had talked about it for awhile.She blushed thinking about the night Maan and Geet became one.Their was so much passion,she was sure that Babaji was finally giving her everything.She was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt Maan snake his hands around her waist and gently rest his head on her shoulder.He gently smiled at the sight of his children,he was so lucky to have them.Arjun and Krish both had geet's hazel eyes,but everything else about them reminded people of Maan.He had already put money away for their marriage.Geet had snorted at that and told him that he was getting old a lttle to fast.Kissing Geet's cheek he closed his eyes and thanked Babaji for what he had blessed them with.

"geet,woh I have to tell you something."He said as he gently rocked her .

"Hmmm"Geet said playing with Arjun and Krish's hand.

"I love you"Maan said and Geet smiled.

"I love you too Maan.Always."Geet said before both of them left to go to their room.

"Always?"Maan Asked blocking her way to their room.

"Always mere Dusht Danav"Geet said before Maan pulled her in to the room and closed the door behind them.

Anwesha,who was home to visit them smiled as she heard her Babhi's musical laughter.She was wrong about her,Geet was the best.She brought out the best in Maan,and thats all she wanted.She wanted her brother to be loved,and now she knew it was his reality.She shookher head and continued to walk by their room and in to the babies room.Boy they were going to be stubborn like their parents.She kissed both the infants cheeks,and looked up.

"Thank you Babaji,for bringing Geet in our lives.Thank you for showing me how wrong I was,and thank you for helping Maan erase Sameera's name out of his life..Keep them safe.Hamesha"

                                                                   The EndEmbarrassedCryClap
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you Sajna and trishap for reading my story:)
Posted: 12 years ago
its beautiful ........Clap Clap Clap .......do write some more......Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Awwie thank you,and I will surely write more!
Posted: 12 years ago
Awww....thanks u so much for this lovely OS...it was really lovely......
Posted: 12 years ago
Awesome OS...
Loved it..
Sooo sweet and Beautifull...
awww..loved the maaneet and babies scene
Lovely OS!

Posted: 12 years ago
loved it to the coresSmileSmileSmileSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
AwW*Hank you soooooo much forliking my OS....Iwill try to write more:D

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