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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by -Nitya-

Originally posted by -SYS-

He was so utterly cute in that one!
She enjoyed itLOL
Loved how she "helps" him
And how he gets offended.

haha! I know right! She helps him get away from those ladies and he goes off on her for saving him!
I love how he was all scared one second and once he started fighting with Khanak..he didn't pay attention to anything else around them! Even when one of the ladies goes "ae chikne", I remember he was like "ek minute behenji" and he started fighting with Khanak again.LOLLOL Oh Shaan!

It was SO SO ShaNak!
These two can argue about anything and everything

As much as I can keep on for hours reminiscing over ShaNak, real life intrudes.
Must bid you all adieu for now.


Good neend and sweet dreamsSmile
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by shanakyasharan

nitya the way he says ek minute behenji was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
 look at kt u just burst laughing hes such a cute comedian yaar
 but wen they fall 2gether on d seat at d beginning is soooooooo mushily romantic

He isssss!! I laugh so hard when I watch the scene!LOLLOL
and yep yep, the whole fall scene was adorable! He doesn't stare at her lips in this scene btw..like Rooj said, he was strictly eyes during this time.LOL

@Rooj; because you didn't put your copyrights! ROFL I have to go searching for my phone today anyway..I can't leave my house without it and I need to go somewhere today, so I need my phone.LOLLOL
yea..I don't think I really live in the USA. I did not know about this rule at all! :O
Posted: 9 years ago
idk gujju kari but he looked sooo cute as the master ji in that promo...

OMG i miss it sooo badly!!

I have shanakeria now.ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

then after that ae chikne scene...his fight with gundas was the cutest and then of course all the Gaurav scenesROFLROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 9 years ago
HI nitya,rooj ,karishma ,beeni,yamuna and other shanak dewanisBig smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Bye Yumna! Good night! Hug

Where did Beeni and Saira go off to? I bet they're talking on the phone! LOL

btw..I found the scene. It was #70.

Posted: 9 years ago
^^ Sorry for disappearing, Just got home and picked up something to eat.
Ermmmm...which scene are we talking about now? Need to lift my mood up.
Posted: 9 years ago
hey Deepali!

@ Namoona: go do ur MBBS stuffROFLROFLROFL in Munna Bhai StyleROFLROFLROFLROFL

@ Nitz: I think he starts starring at her lips just before their ILY confessions...even during that time he was strictly eyes...i noticed it...i think Chori chori was the most where he starred more than her eyes...i'll reconfirm on that...

as for ur phone...I did put my copyrights okROFLROFLROFL and go search for ur phone! 
btw maybe it's a MD thing, i mean the rule if not then its USA thing...u clearly r living in another world.ROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 9 years ago
You DID NOT just give me a YT link to a ShaNak scene
Now I shall go watch it, follow it up with more scenes and before I know it, 5 hours would have passed and I would need to dress for uni.


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