Where was ANNIE when Geet was finding brides.???

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Posted: 12 years ago

        1> Where was this pyari behena when Dadi was having these "dil doobne " wale attacks.....
and asks Geet to find a wife for Maan??? Geet does all the interviewsing...not once does Maan or Dadi bother for this Anvesha....if her marzi was so important to Maan, wouldnt it be behena's duty to help him to find a wife..

       2> At this point in the story line, after getting engaged four times, announcing public engagement, public fights and makeups in media....now whats the point of this sister...

Only one explanation...she might have been newly realeased from pagalkhana....thats why she was not there before in the story.

Also Maan's character is not coherent with having a sister....there are many scenes in which he utterly fails to understand the woman's point of view....Geet changes her perspective.

then how come this sister now?
And the pamperig oh god.....

Nissar Sir...you just earned an award.....please dont get complacent!

This sis track is not working...
Yes a sensible mu=boli cousin sis might have workd..somebody who comes and helps in wedding preparations....that would have helped.
But this....and Maan wants her marzi!!!

not wokring.

Please PH..CVS..dont make us dislike our Maan.
Posted: 12 years ago
Agree with you totally
Baaki sab tow chodo, when Maan was getting engaged last time to her, then where was she....tab bhi Dadi ko yaad nahi aaya apni "LADLI" ko invite karna......ya sisters ko sirf "Weddings" pe hi invite karte hain, engagements par nahiAngry
Posted: 12 years ago
She was actually in kumb ka melaROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
actually she was born only yesterday (or few days ago, since she had to shoot so she could appear on yesterday's epi) and overgorwn to her annoying self overnight.... i hated her in rahul's show, though i only watched few epis.......
did we all not know that there were only 3 khurana siblings... Maan, Dev and Vicky... they should have thought of brining Vicky rather than Annie.... that might have been better.....
Posted: 12 years ago
ROFLAgree with you totally
Posted: 12 years ago
CV without logic story nahi chalti MJHT and DMG closed due to no logic left in the story, they were showing crap.,Geet has very strong story till now pls don't make it crap, like DMGand MJHT.you already have so many hidden entries for which you have already discucced, vicky and sameera and have existing char whom you can grow up for parallel track, why you are making silly thing like Anwesha entry,if taking some one as client is acceptable so many entry you can do but like sister wo bhi itni imp for maan it not acceptable.
Posted: 12 years ago
good observation..agree with you
Posted: 12 years ago
You wrote very good points especially maan's perspective about women, and maan isn't the character who wants someone's murzi to do what he wants...heck...he didn't even care about daadi when geet and him made up so now this CREATURE (I don't even know what to call her) comes in and rules the house? and our maan? NO WAY!! GET OUT ANWESHA or whoever you are!!!
Cv's should've made her a cousin or a far cousin like maan's mother's cousin's daughter or daadi's friend's daughter or something like that, but not a sister!!  If they wanted a sibling so bad, they should've brought vickey and made NT have a negative sister (the opposite of what's going on right now) and start the party.  Then Vickey might be able to change NT's sister just like Meera changed Dev, Geet changed Maan, and now Vickey changes NT's sister
Nissar please change this current track, it's not working.  I really want to give this girl a chance but it's just not working!!

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