7/12 - Epi.27: Anaylsis & Disscussion

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Posted: 12 years ago
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common destination..so pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

To avoid confusions, let's just keep a schedule of every week
It will change every week so all of us get a chance to open it
This weeks it is all cleared out so here is the schedule for that, all I need now are back ups.

6/12 - Roshni
7/12 - Anjali
8/12 - Aanchi
9/12 - Pooja
10/12 - Anjali
Weekend Thread - Pooja

Back up
7/12 - Kavya
8/12 - Pooja
9/12 - Kavya
10/12 -
Weekend Thread -
I will need volunteers for opening next week and in the weekend threads or the Fridays thread I will let you know who is opening which day.
Till then you have time to decide, so just PM me on that anytime from now till Friday

OMG.....hayeeee...Day Dreaming...what a episode...so intense and so unique...EmbarrassedClap...
so the epi starts of scared arohi...awee...Tongue....and i just loved the way arjun was staring at arohi while she was carefully taking the bullet out..Day Dreaming...uff his looks were so intense and full of love and trust...BlushingBlushing...once again Karan's eyes spoke those words which cudn't come out of his mouth...EmbarrassedHeart..uff Karan is so gud at expressing and emoting...ClapStarEmbarrassed...muah!.Hug.she doesn't wanna see him in pain and he doesn't want her 2 b scared...they really understand each other so much...Embarrassed..at the same time arjun's life was in arohi's hands...and he trusts her...Embarrassed..it was a intense moment....as jus one mistake from arohi cud mean her arjun wud b gone...Ouch...bt our arohi...Clap...she faced her fears and successfully took the bullet out...ClapClap...yay!..Big smile...arjun is safe..Big smile...and wen the bullet came out...arjun's expressions were so gud...he was relived from pain...and wen arohi was cleaning the blood wid cotton wool...awww...Day Dreaming...muahh lovee arjuhi...KMH once again has proved to b so unique...i mean i have never seen a scene executed so beautifully..and the whole scenario was different...never seen on indian telly..WinkClapStar...and den arjuhi spend another nite alone together...Heart...both sleepin next to eachother..and it wa sso sweet wen arohi was holding arjun's hand for the whole nite and sleepin...Embarrassed...scene ends wid the fire and logs...Wink both Karan and Kritka rocked that scenes...ClapEmbarrassed
It's morning....and arohi wakes up....and stares at her Monster sleeping like a cute baacha...TongueEmbarrassedLOL...that was a cute moment..and den she gets up and says to arjun..."wake up arjun"...aww...Embarrassed....and den wen arjun doesn't wake up..she gets so worried...hehe even i start 2 get worried too...EmbarrassedOuch...and runs to him and checks his temperature, and den of course the wrong side of the heart....first i didn't even notice that untill arjun says to check the other side...LOL...her concerns and worries were so genuine and real....it was like if arjun died than arohi wudn't b alive either because their hearts had a reunioun thru the passionate and emotional hig that spoke volumes yesterday....Day DreamingBlushing...really that hug...i was blushin thru out and was gettin goosepumps too...Embarrassed..Blushing KK once again did a amazing....ClapClap....their first huggggggg...........EmbarrassedHeart...was soo sweet..and diff from kmh1..i really loved it..he showed his worries for her...uff...Day Dreaming...he truely loves her alot...he risked his life just for her...Embarrassed...aweeee..and the ending was just great...so unique..never seen on indian TV be4...ClapStarEmbarrassed....KMH2, arjuhi and Karanika....I love u...Embarrassed..even arohi was worried for arjun too.....loved the way she shouted arjunnnnnnn...and arjun's expressions during the fighting sequence...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

okaie bac to today's epi...LOL....i think im still not out of arjuhi and arjun dreamland...now i really need 2 wake up...ROFLLOLWink...aww....i had a big smile on my face wen arjun opened his eyes after arohi was praying that her arjun wakes up...Big smileEmbarrassed...of course miss arohi...he cnt b dead wen u guys 2 meant 2 b together...Heart...how i wish arohi knew that wen she was hearing those heartbeats go Dhak Dhak....it was arjun's heart that was beating for arohi...and today she heard it...EmbarrassedHeart...arjun's heartbeats made my heart beat so fast...Embarrassed...KMH BG was great....all KMH signature tunes r perfect...Star...from the tune...to the lyrics..everything touches ur heart...Day Dreaming...arjun's dialouges were really nice in that scene...TongueEmbarrassed....esp wen he sed....why u crying in the morning...LOLWink..and wen he sed that the heart is on the left...not rite..LOLTongue...aww..Embarrassed...this gangster is one hell on a charmer...wid dashin luks...hottiee outfits...and mindblowing and breathtakin attitude...and nw...intense heartbeats...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing....hayee if only i was there to listen to it...LOLEmbarrassed....and den wen arohi lughtly hugged arjun...that was just so sweet....showd how happy she was that her arjun was alive...this is called love miss arohi...Embarrassed

arohi decided to keep the bullet...the bullet of love...bullet that wen thru arjun..bt also arohi...the bullet that made their hearts unite wid their hug...the bullet that woke their inner feelings 4 each other...EmbarrassedHeart...the symbol of arjuhi's pure and divine love...Blushing
I'm loving the indian police in KMH2....ClapROFL....arjun always escapes from dem...even in the light...LOLLOL....these guys r worse then Kali's gun shots aim...ROFLROFL..even Kali managed to shoot after 2 days of sorting out gun and his position...ROFLROFL..and these police...still cnt find arjun....great search and great eyes..ROFLROFL...even the poor dogs left dem...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.......btw i mus giv credit to dem..LOLLOL..atleast we can see arjuhi alone...and their lovely scenes...EmbarrassedHeart...
Shefali...ClapClap...ur a true friend..Star...im happy u didn't tell rajveer and dadu that arohi is wid arjun...and that she didn't see the kidnappers face...haha i was laughin wen rajveer got angry...LOLLOL...
yay! Miss bak bak is bac...LOLStar...Kritika was great in that scenes...loved how she bumped into arjun and it hit the part wher he got hit...aww...Embarrassed...arjun is in black...uff..this guy never fails to make me blush and enter dreamland...Day DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushing....and they finally decided to play the sufi track..bt not all of it...Ouch...the maahiya part was really gud and sounded great...Thumbs Up...
oh no...Khabbab main haadi's r bac...sorry arohi...no more alone time wid arjun...Wink
and den towards the end...the dialouges and everything was so gud....arohi trusts arjun wid all her heart and soul...she doesn't even mind if it hurts her...or gives her pain...because she loved arjun....EmbarrassedHeart...and arjun...no way u can kill arohi...ur love is more stronger than anythin...Embarrassed
lovely episode...these last 3 days have been brillaint...Star
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Posted: 12 years ago

        Yesterdays nail biting continuation ....yesterdays Karan's Acting was so superb Thumbs Up  ..the wait till today's episode was killing me.
  Arjun was in pain . aweee .and Karan expressions were bang on . Clap  priceless ..the way Arjun was looking at Arohi while she was talking his bullet out was like all he wanted to see arohi's face whatever happens.  Day Dreaming the trust ,the love all was in the eyes expressing .haaaeeee super loved it !!  Thumbs Up loved it the way Arohi was scared to take the bullet out but finally found something (Arjun Wink) bigger than the scare .Day DreamingKaran's acting  when in pain was far better than bollywood actors. ClapThumbs Up
 next morning scene was again like a breath of fresh air .Arohi getting scared that Arjun died ..hehe sooo sooo sooo sweet .Heart .i like the way she cried .and i love it when Arjun says ..subah subah rona kyu shuru kiya some thing something.Wink LOL  hehe the game is back on ..Tom and Jerry teasing each other Wink LOL.
    liked the feel ..... Arjun Arohi found each other and bas aur koi nahi .Day Dreaming..how cute was it when arohi was being so happy ,bubbly .and LOL Arjun  to bring her to reality ..aaj badi khush ho Tongue.Arjun tumne to apane emotions control me kar diye par kitane din??  WinkWinkWink  ARJUN IS IN LOVE !!!! dont deny it Wink Wink and the white shirt was gone ..black so stylish  shirt came on  Embarrassed ..me  breathless and fainted  Day Dreaming Embarrassed .goli kisako lagee and ..why was i got killed .EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Day Dreaming
 shefali scene liked it ! arey ha ..woh scene to mai bhul hi gayee ..when arohi gives ashirwad to arjun ..LOL  Arjun was like W*H isse kaise pata chala .
and just loved the last scene where Arjun takes promise ..from arohi to trust him with her life Thumbs Up .as if he knows ..whatever gonna happen love story shuru hone ke pahale hi khatam na hojaye. that denial and hesitation of emotions was spot on MR>KUNDRA .  LOVED IT !! Thumbs Up and loving it !!  Arjun Arohi the magic deffo  is back on !!!

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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for opening Anjali Embarrassed

such a good episode today!!!!

will edit later Big smile


I am right now in Arjuhi's dreamland and i dont want to snap out of it Day Dreaming
the episode was just amazing!!!!
first of all i am glad to see bubbly Arohi back LOL i have missed her bak bak...and i can really tell when she goes over board when i do my written updates...LOL so glad to have her backkkkkkk

ok now moving on to the episode...

the 1st scene left me breathless, i was seriously thinking after it ended if i even had time to breathe for a second...LOL such an intense seen!!! and i must say, Kritika acted really really well today...she was nervous while trying to get the bullet out, and i too could feel exactly what she could, she did it so well...and i must say Arjun was her strength, the way he looked at her, he was saying don't worry, I'm fine, i trust you...and the look they shared was so intense, i was just in awwwee.
Arohi has proven episode by episode how brave she is...what she did today, it takes alot of courage, and like Arjun said, his life was in her hands. She could have made one small mistake and he would have died instantly, yes we knw its a show so the lead can't die but even the thought will give you shivers.

Then came the morning scene
Day Dreaming Arohiiiiii my love!!!! you were very adorable!!! Embarrassed
at first she wakes up and just looks at Arjun sleeping peacefully...and then when he doesn't wake up, she freaks out and starts crying and while freaking out, she even checks the wrong side for heart beats LOL no wonder she was thinking he died over night LOL
I don't know if you all noticed, but the expression Kritz gave when Arjun put her hand over his chest so she could feel his heart beat, the first heart beat...dhak dhak...and Kritz face was just awesome...she had this shocked yet happy yet mesmerized look on her face...just like a kid feeling someones heartbeat the first time Embarrassed
the heartbeat scene definitely was the highlight of the episode
Day DreamingDay Dreaming i can still hear Arjun's heartbeats *ok ok back from my dreamland* LOL uff i was taken aback when he took her hand and had her feel his heartbeat...it wasn't expected of Arjun i must say. He is quite a charmer for a gangster Embarrassed

Arohi jumping around in the jungle was so cute!!! and then when she pretended to hurt her feet awww she was just lovely in that scene...the way she leaned back on the tree but then slipped LOL she was so happy to be around Arjun today...i was in awwee that she didn't want kabab main haddis to come LOL but of course, she wasn't going to get that wish fulfilled. Monster isn't so bad, huh Arohi? hmmm it's ok we all agree with you WinkLOL she was so happy with the thought that she was with Arjun alone. Something has changed in her since last night and I am really happy she is realizing and even thinking about how people would talk of love. The bullet she has kept with her as strength, her memory of this night, her memory of Arjun...Embarrassed i just loved when she took it...it was very significant. Arjun is her strength and she has figured it out Embarrassed

The dandi march ended today Clap finally they found at least one person...i don't quite understand, they were following Arjun and Arohi, but then they end up finding Shefali, or was the scene just shown that way to confuse us Confused
Dadu, can you pleaseeeeeeee stop analyzing Arjun!!! just freaking find him rather than analyzing him with Rajvir...you have the rest of the time after finding Arohi to do that Wink
your granddaughter has chosen him, uske baad aap aur Rajvir analyze kartein rehna ke jungle main yeh kya mangal ho gaya LOL

I am loving Shefali more and more these days, tho i wonder if hiding the fact from the police was a good idea or not. im happy she is helping out her friend, but the fact that she knows Arjun is a gangster and there is a motive behind Arohi being kidnapped shouldn't she have acted smarter? yes Arjun won't hurt her, but also, this can hurt the cops...because that means letting Rudra out so that Arohi can be safe. I wonder how the Creatives are going ahead with this plan of Arjuns. He calls up the police and lets them know about their location. He tells Arohi to trust him and the fact that she has to listen to everything he says blindly. She has to do everything he says. That scene was really sweet between Arohi and Arjun, i felt Arjun was not just refering to the police-Rudra situation but also to his and Arohi's relationship, do nishan maarein hai ek teer se Clap...getting back to what i was saying, i really would like to see how they play out this 'plan' of Arjuns. Arjun by no means will ever hurt Arohi, he saved her twice and i can never imagine him hurting her.

Arohi was thinking about her feelings and thought that Arjun too has been tensed all day thinking about the same but that's not true, he's been thinking about killing her.this misinterpretation of Arohi's is going to definitely lead to a broken heart...she is thinking something and something else is only going to happen...she might be imagining what Arjun must have meant by putting her life in his hands, and then something else only Arjun will have her do...

I am really anxious for tomorrow's episode, i am hoping they won't stretch. they haven't for any of these episodes and i really hope that it doesn't stretch to thursday
i really want to know what Arjun's plan is. like KSA said, nobody ever knows what Arjun has thought...he is very smart and the fact that he knows how to get his way...im sure he will get Rudra out and Arohi safe back to KSA.

ok wow, this is longer than i thought LOL
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Reserved.today was best epi.my heart beat is fast till now.
Posted: 12 years ago
res will edit this one pakka tom..ahh i am in arjuhi dreamland!!!..fab epi!!Embarrassed
ok so the episode starts with arohi in her mission to save her monster!!Embarrassed..just loved the way she was cleaning and nursing her wounds with water ....it was so touchy!!!..Embarrassed.....and then our arohi with multiple fears in her mind..:1 .whether she cud save arjun..2..fear of darkness..3.fear of failing!!..and the thing is all r connected to the same person ..her monster..Wink....the live operation..well we have seen it in may hindi movies of 90's when hero got hurt and heroine used to take out the bullet from the wound..but here was sumthing new..!!!..the whole process has been excecuted  brilliantly!..the way arjun was looking at her had two meanings!!..
1..he wanted to forget all the pain he was having at that moment just by looking at arohi..by seeing her itself was a medicine to hid pain..!!
2. he wanted to show that he is there with her she is not alone...he trusts her..omg cant express the depth..the emotions his eyes had..really it was a treat to watch..once again..karan kundraClapClapClapClap.......
well wat to say about arohi she is just awesome..her taking care of arjun..admiring him when he is sleeping ...worrying about him..was brilliantly potrayed b kritz..i must say that we have seen many actresses (lead) taking care of hero but no scene cud arouse so much depth so much intensity that arjuhi created its true arjuhi passion and magic is unbeatable!!..they r just one of a kind....kritika kamraClapClapClap........
finally we got to see our cute arohi back/!! god i was relieved to see her back!!..else till now it was all sad wad.Ouch...and our cute monster awe just cant stop adoring him..he really looks like a bachcha ..Embarrassed..love him..loads...its no doubt that kritz can give so natural expressions seeing arjun sleeping ..i mean he is so sweet na..!!Day Dreaming....ok back to forum..LOLLOL..when she saw that arjun wasnt waking up she got scared and as anjali said i was too scaredCryOuch..but then we saw our sadu monster finally waking up with a hatke dialogue..''subah subah ro kyu rahi ho.''LOLLOL..at that time arohi was like..she got all the happiness of her life..loved how she hugged arjun and arjun too was looking so cute..(sorry but cant help i am arjun aka karan deewani..u have to bear..)LOL........ oh forgot to mention the BG played during operation was great!!,,it was intense and good.....
arohi seems to be happy but our sadu monster again back to form..and repeats his dialogue ''humare pass waqt nahi hai''..lol karan must have memorised that line by now..he said it 4 times from yesterday..ROFL..anyways arjun ke liye sab maaf!!LOL....
well i was wondering hwre did the police go or did hey go to sleep..ROFL..coz that budda admi from ahat as shibz said gave up....but wat they r searching the forest without budda admi!!..hmm improvement!!..ROFL..well once again they r analysing arjun's character ..they shud be in india forums and give a karara jawab to those ppl who dont undersatnd arjun's character..!!Wink..well jokes apart!!..we can see some spiders crawling on some rock!! i wonder wat it was shown for..LOLLOL.i thought that they wud get afarid by those spiders and again sit back..ROFL..anyways they finally caught a glimpse of arjuhi..Shocked...but here once again monster gives chakma..LOLLOL..and they get nothing but an admirer of hot mangiraam..-shefaliWink......she is a smart girl i am loving her..i wonder where chikoo is??Ermm....hope he doesnt say anything LOLLOL.....
back to convo btw arjuhi must say they r magical!!..arjun is attracted but not fully actually its his subconcious mind which has already made a place for arohi but his  don mind is not accepting it..!!never mind it will be interesting to watch how he falls for arohi and confesses his love..EmbarrassedLOL...our miss bakbak..was too good..she was  back to her form in teasing and jalaying arjun..LOLLOL.bechara arjun goli khae utha nahi ki bato ki goli khani par rahi hai..LOLLOL....
finally the kabab mein haddis made a entry in form of billu's thin hand...ROFL..must say he looks cute and very young..LOL..aro gets afraid and calls arjun..arjun again tensed as if anything happened to his unconsious love.LOL....
finally we get to see arjun doing sauda with arohi about trust..well it has  meanings..
1 .now that arohi has promised she is in for a huge shock not now but later....
2..arjun has learnt to trust something which he never does on sumone..till yesterday..he is partly changed..Embarrassed
..ok done with my crap analysis pls bear with it..LOLLOL..we all know that arjun's not gonna kill arohi and also that his indetitty is not gonna revealed..Wink..bt they wud be going to hill station or police station ?Confused..confues cant wait to watch todays epi!!LOL
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Posted: 12 years ago
Guys, I gonna write part by part- i follow it online on www.kmh2.co.cc
I was sure it should be awesome! I am myself on my own dreamland. I am awe to see how D'Ish that is real one is so related to our fictitious ArJuhi. lolz. Hayiiiii Hayiiii! Before writing I will like to add a stanza on the halat of my dil before watching the scene and then another one after watching!
Before watching the scene:
Song: Tere Ishq Mein by Rekha Bhardwaj(link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh79HzXqplo)
Tere ishq mein...baadal dhuney..mausam buney...tere ishq mein..

Tere ishq mein...haaye haaye...
Tere ishq mein...tere ishq mein...tere ishq mein...tere ishq mein...
I was actually coming to share what I just realised today and then wanted to situate it with Arjuhi and part 1 suits it!
Guys,those who are lovers too, I think you will agree on me if I tell you lovers,what a world,love is,mates! Bhukhaal to hui thi aur ek flying kiss aur wink se thik hogaye! Hayiiiiiii ;)
And I realised that lovers do not need any medication because they are going to be healt by 4 things:
(1) touch (bachewali,lolz)
(2) wink (hayiiiiiii)
(3) kiss (bachewali aur flyingkiss,lolz)
(4) eye lock
I wanted to see how our Arjun to be healt today and part one that I watched how Arohi overcome her fear and removed the bullet. Her hand touches in his heart....hayiiiiii aur she then prayed for him......(basically here,I had to hold my heart,lolz) and then hold his hand and be really close to him for him to feel the warmth and sleep!
Haye haye haye and this makes my heart be like this:

pyaar ka signal..
dikha de signal..

pyaar ka signal..
dikha de signal..

falak pe jaa ke main
sitaare le aaun
haseen us
jannat ke
nazaare le aaun

o meri mehbooba
agar tu haan keh de

jump in the air
jump in the air
jump jump
jump in the air

Lolz! Btw I like the background music as there was not the violin theme,there was the feel of the intensity of passion and bravery.
Then my part one ends with the bg tune of teri saason and the smile and closeness of Arohi to Arjun....I just love itttt guys! I am myself in my dreamland and when Arohi gives me such a scene,it is like double shot! Well Part 1,specially the end part,I will really like to applaud Kritz on her performance! After the restlessness,when she said Arjun outho,we can feel again her bubbly bachiwali innocence in her!
Now I gonna watch part 2 and will then write back!
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Posted: 12 years ago
 what an awesome episode ClapEmbarrassed
arohi successfully removes the bullet, loved the scene here is happy that he is fine, but scared when he wont wake up, happy when he does well done arohi  Clap

highlight scene of the episode 'heartbeat daaye taraf nai baaye taraf chk karte hain' and the  signature kmh tune  that followed - brilliant  Thumbs Up  and then they walk together in the jungle Embarrassed mahiyaa sounds very soothing in this scene , kmh effect hai na Embarrassed,  loving the bubly arohi and her talk Clap so many good lines here  her pointing the gun at him    'tumhare hath trigger dabate huye kabhi na kampe'   another brilliant scene Clap  arohi was perfect here.  it doesnt stop here does it Embarrassed more beautiful scenes to come 'aur mein chahti ki woh hame kabhi na dhoond paye' and the again the signature kmh tune Clap and the fake smile he gives after that LOL before saying 'chale'  men are from mars, hai na Embarrassed

arohi was doubtful abt the billu makrand senario only for a few minutes comeon girl be alert get more suspicious observe closely u are missing the big clueOuch.  again brilliant lines from arjun here 'dar lagta hai ki kahi mein  kamzor na pad jaon' ofcouse she is becoming ur weakness man.

now comes the surprise,  I had least expected it, arjun using the trump card I trusted you
with my life do you trust me as much
? brilliant move I must say.  The whole convo was excellent. Thumbs UpClap 

police  Geek as soon as they found shefali they want to go back  sabke sab kamchor want to avoid the search as much as possibleThumbs Down and rajveer's sudden realisation 'waqt nai hai humare paas...ROFL

ultimatum given to kartar but arjun why did u lie in the end 'arohi ko maarte huye bilkul dukh nai hoga' really?? lets see whether or not your  hand shakes and your will weakens tomorrow. 

Brilliant acting, bg score, dialouges, voice and scenes ClapClapThumbs Up one of the best episodes .  yesterday I was thinking karan shld wear black now for the jungle scenes and he did todayaaay Tongue but not fair , for kritz no outfit change? Embarrassed anyways it didnot matter , they were both awesome. I want to mention specially again the bg score throughout the episode was perfect Thumbs Up
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Posted: 12 years ago
I too am dreaming like all u guys here..it was just magical today!!!will come back to talk about my version of kitani..hmmm


Wow the scene where Arohi is preparing for the operation goli removal in the jungle.Luved the way Arjun looked at her, Karan's eyes spoke volumes for this scene..looking at Arohi and saying yes, its allright, you can do it, you are brave..no dialogues, but Arohi looking into his eyes understanding all those communication and digging out the goli..awesome one and the bg score of Jhonka hawaaa ka aaj bhi zulfein udaatha hoga na from Hum Dil de chukey sanam…  I thot fitted too perfectly to match the moment.ClapThumbs Up


The next moment Arohi praying for her loved ones life, with all intense expression and tears rolling down her cheeks evident how much she is in love with him only to wake up in the morning to think when he is fast asleep that he is dead..luved Arohis expression of shock and denial and desperation..luved the KMH tune playing.

What a dialogue- when you are in fear think and find  something bigger than your fear and so very truly Arohi remembers those lines said by Arjun and repeats that she has found her Arjun who is much bigger..This is also one way of saying that we feel secure with the person we love…Security develops with love btw dont bother about this lecture of mine..ROFL.


Gosh best was when Arjun asks Arohi to check heart beat on the left side ….What a moment her hand on his heart both looking into each others eyes and KMH music playing …dil ka dhadakna to her pulseWink…loved it!!!


From this serious emotionally charged scene KMH takes us to now a lovely bubbly fudakthi Arohi jumping around, I am reminded of Kareena from Jab we met!!Kritika was just mindblowing making all kinds of faces at Arjun and loved the way Arjun looked at her lovingly and so caringly..


Karan back to reality thinking as a gangster but at the same time in kashmakash with this innocent loving lady love who only knows to trust and has taught him too to trust..Arjun's expressions of his feelings evident there when he says he has to kill her if Ahluwaalias do not give in and then daringly wanting to face them upfront and save his dad. But liked it when Arjun tells Billooo and Makrandh that he wants to tell the truth to Arohi and not lie, this shows that he has been made into a gangster rather than him being born a gangster…a man who has a heart to understand humans!!Karan portrayed this well.I luved the way he told the dialogues here emoting well too to convey his feelings.ClapClapClap


Arohi girlie in fulltoo romantic mode now imagining that Arjun is talking about his feelings for her with makrandh and billoo..Gosh!!! I don't want to think what will happen to Arohi when Arjun bhaadafodofies the truth..Okez now I will go to zzzzzzzland!!wondering and dreaming..sorry cant be up for long now.Cry

I will come back in the lunch time tommorrow to do more bak bak here and read all your posts yaaron..wanted to say luv readin kavya's, Dr. Basket gupta's and Eshu 11's analysis...Thanks!!good night and good day..bye. 
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