Bro-sis relationship very unrealistic

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Posted: 12 years ago
I am sick of this track. It is very artificial. Doesnt suit Maan's character at all. That girl is seriously irritating.
Posted: 12 years ago
completely agree, just read the updates and its so so never racking and that too in a bad way
Posted: 12 years ago
pata nahi CV aur kitne bhai behen aur maan ke bache leke aayege as we all know he is yet hiding Sameera secret from her that wiill be to shock also
Posted: 12 years ago
i agree she is annoying and childish
who does she think she is finding faults in our
sherni? maan is not a brotherly brother
he's MSK it doesnt suit him or his personality
Posted: 12 years ago
I agree...hate her when she hugs Maan Angry
Posted: 12 years ago
yea.. and where was she all the time.. when everything else happened in their family..:| from that media revelation of Maan supporting Geet to her engagement..
and i thought that Maan didn't know how to interact with women from starting and all of sudden he needs her permission for HIS marriage:S:S:S 
wat is this yaarrrr
cvs sometimes forget the past story they wrote and start from scratch...forgetting the past reference points... 
and i dont know why this Anwesha girl seems kinda *fat* to fit into Maan's family.. 
dev is pretty dashing and fit and so is Maan ..pata nai kahaan kahaan se lekar aate hai ye logg..LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
I agreed to you . Pata nahi  kitna din anne ka drama dekhna parega . I am very disappointed  in   todays  episode .
Posted: 12 years ago
agree..dislike Anvesha more than any other character so far on Geet,I even find NT way better..and its not about the character.,,its all to do with the girl who is playing it!Angry..CVs plz replace it..and I agree even the bro-sis relationship seems very unrealistic,,they have brought Maan's sister out of nowhere..I mean they NEVER talked about her at all till now..and now suddenly she is Maan's pampered sister whom he or anyone at house for that matter of fact was not shown talking to in all these months..on top of that Maan was always shown to only care about 1 lady in his life till Geet entered and that was Dadi..he even said that quite a times..WHY..oh am I gonna survive this Drashti so hardly any Maaneet scenes(starting from today)and on top of that this AnveshaAngry..I am so sadUnhappy..CVs at least have some mercy on me..plz dont show Maan hugging or pampering her..its so HARD to take all this at one go! Edited by Bul3 - 12 years ago

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