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Posted: 12 years ago

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you soo much Shubba Akka for the fast update Big smile

    So sad about Deepa.It was really very sad to see Deepa crying sitting in the college campus saying that she wish to sit for one last time in the campus to which she entered with lots of dreams.It is nice that Thuls lent her hands to help Smile.Thuls as a nice friend will help her friend which is obvious and that is nice too to see somehow Deepa's problem to get solved.I wish nothing trageic happens,that will be unbearable Cry.

   Then namma Tamizh again proves to be a serious terrible unthiruthable fellow.He is a adhi bayangaramaana unthiruthable even than his fans,we.Manasula rombaaaaaaaa nallavarnu neppo?ConfusedNeenga nallavarnu othukrom adhukaaga andha Cheating family-a Lunchku invite panni "Naan nallavan naan nallavan naan nallavan paathukonga enna nalaa paathukonga"nu kaata theva illa...board maataama vittadhu daan kurai...this is too much really....podhum podhum...thaangala

   Today namma heroku apdiye perumai thaangala when Nitish said that his sithapaa would have given a thaali in Niteesh's hands to tie...LOL that wasn't funny,I liked it.Just dum katti dialogues opichuttu pogaama expressing emotions is really good....many people would cry but that is boring,I am saying only about this sort of expressions.This is always done but mentioned just an example by which I wanted to point out Smile.

   This  Tamizh's mom is another thollai,again started her drama.When she told that it is only Lavanya's wish which counts,I was laughing out loud like anything.She is saying as if we don't  know anything about her.Tamizh didn't say about his love but even after Lavanya told about her love this lady was standing in her grounds and now is acting as if she always considered her children's wish first in the world.Aarghhh totally irritated with her Angry.


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Posted: 12 years ago
Thaks for super fast update shubbaSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Shubba for the super fast update!Smile

looks like kanagu is going to pay Deepa's college fee..... TA will get his job back but i guess there will be at least 2-3weeks of dragging from today....cause we all know about Mr.K....i love the advice that TA's mom gave to Lav...its u who is going to get married....who cares about puvi & sudha...lol this lady should go to kasi or somewhere and analyze her dialogs that she said to TA/T and others...and realize how stupid is she.....all she know is money money money....i am sure she would have praised thulasi if she is equal or more richer than charu....

so tomorrow 1st part is charu/TA's mom...and charu's advice to accept TA/T most probably.....but if she try to convince TA's mom on accepting TA only.....she can go hit her head on wall for thinking TA will come or dance to his mom's emotional blackmail.......i cant wait to see charu's face when doctor says yes to marry her...i am sure both marriage will happen at once along with charu's plans to stop her wedding....because Mr.K is too cheap to rent wedding hall twice.....LOL..so i am confident on this part!....

Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you for the nice update Shubba..!!!
There was nothing special for the first anniversary!!!

It was really a touching scene with Deepa..!!! I really love the friendship between Thulasi and Deepa..!!! Thulasi was so nice to her and i really cried seeing the first part... Cry

TA is so cool even now..!! So, they are going to drag the bank issue again..!!Confused

TA's mom and Charu... I cannot stand both of them..OMG..!!! Tommorow there will be some more drama by Charu and TA's mom will believe her and Praise her.. Abba Thaanga mudile pa!!!

Waiting to see T&T scene...!!!Day Dreaming

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Posted: 12 years ago

Thanks Subba for a very quick update! Clap

The first part was so nice. Very touching. When Deepa cried, it was heart wrenching. The way how Thulz ran to Deepa and said that "I will make you study. Don't worry!" was so classy. Clap Such a good friendship.
Again director started to drag the bank issueConfused. It will take another 2 weeks or so to get this problem solved I think.
Nice to see TA in both part 2 and part 3. As usual, TA mom talking all crap. Does she even care for anybody??Dead I don't think this Lav marriage will go that smoothly. Lets c.
Again the evil knocks at the door. Trying to bring TA back to his mom and kick away Thulz and take her place?? She can nicely day dreamDay Dreaming. I feel that they are going to get again nicely from TA.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Akka for the fast and super update HugBig smile!

This madame talks too much. How could she assume herself something on her student and blame her for nothing, was not a decent behaviour from a teacher. Deepa's situation is really so sad CryCryAhhhh....how much she dreamed about studying and also her father Varada, the poor soul. This is the payback time for Thulasi. But the time she wants to help her friend, TA has not solved his bank problem yet. This is really sad Unhappy.

Like you Akka said, TA is still so cool, hmmm, he should get a little but serious now as Thulasi promised to help Deepa, he has more responsibilities now, but still i like his cool attitude LOL. TA serious aana, appuram athu Thamizharasu ve illai, just he should be like that but he should solve the problem too.

Ok, tomorrow Charu the great moru and her lovey-dovey convo or romance with her athai. I don't want to watch that part, already irritated to think of that Angry.

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Posted: 12 years ago

Thanks for the fast Update Shubba akka!!

Second year first episode ku Charu vaaralam but T&T romace illlaya???

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