Why always the street, and rain?

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Posted: 12 years ago
I donot understand why the creatives have selected the STREET to be the place of all the major happenings for Taani and Onu's life?  Cant this couple get some privacy?  Or is it that in Kolkata this is the style (my experience doesnot say that).
And the  rain - it is December, and again the rain ??????????????????????
I hope the creatives, and be a bit more creative in thinking about some private sites for the couple, where their love, frustration ... can also be expressed may be in a more powerful way.
But please not the STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 12 years ago
I guess it's cos Rain is the symbol of their pure love.
Posted: 12 years ago
well it rained in kolkata on monday!
 hence the rain in TaAnu sceneROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
me too wished that it was not the streets
confession of love such a big thing in the show on streets ShockedShocked
while robbie confessed his love in a nice serene place with moonlight ,pond ,beautiful bridge surrounded with all the trees & flowers
wish ANURAG & TAANIS confession was also picturized at such a place !!
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Posted: 12 years ago

well guya robi n moli's situation is diff than TaAnu's......

rain is best symbol wich can bring all emotions......

th abt street....

i dont think that the 3 magical words come if thre moonlight or any spcl place...it doesnt depent upon the place but the situation mind to say......

street ho yah banglaw pyaar toh pyaar hotha hain.........ryt..?

well this is my opinion........

Posted: 12 years ago
I think it is their symbol of love
Posted: 12 years ago
rains was just awesome in this confession scene its def their symbol of love & as Anurag said that God wud b so happy thats why its raining
but i wish instead of street some nice place was there then it wud hv looked much beautiful after all it was the most hyped & awaited scene of the show
Posted: 12 years ago
Its a symbol of their love, I agree but I wish they had shown something different from the streets.. But even on the streets, Im so happy there was noone else.. Subodh left early, yeh bahut achcha kaam kiya usneLOL

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