anmol the angry/action hero...

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Posted: 12 years ago

We have discussed his romantic side..emotional side a father to tammy..his praise of his ragini..

Today how about anmol the angry /action hero..Smile

Beginning  of show we watched anmol all sweet..caring for all his family and will do anything to protect them..

Then one day we got to watch our anmolji all in action/angry…sakshi surrounded by goons and anmol reached on time to save her..the punch he wanted to give that goon and his my my angry look made them all ran away..first time we saw anmol as the angry guy…

Next ragini doubts about sakshi and how he found ajay and the action afterwards with anmol hurt and we got a caring ragini nursing his wounds..

He unmasked tarun In the engagement ceremony using his brain ..anmol was nearly losing his control and wanted to give a good beating to tarun how ragini was always by his side as if protecting him…Smile

This one was so heart touching and how he did not thought twice to save his he went on the roof so daringly and got in time to save so cleverly he used his brain and divert alekh's attention from commiting suicide..

Last how can we forget how he saved his kids life from tarun.

With shivani it was a total blast to watch anmol in all his angry mode..the one I loved most when shivani told him about tammy not being his daughter..second when she said ragini a stupid both scenes it was with great difficulty he controlled his anger or else shivani would have got it from anmol..two persons he loved most and shivani talking nonsense about them and the angry killing look of anmol..i was all in awe.Day Dreaming

Anmol did promise he will protect his family and he proved it so many a time..

He would not think twice or even fearing he will get hurt etc but anytime anything for his family and esp for ragini..

do add your take and your fav scene for anmol the angry/action hero....Smile

Posted: 12 years ago
One of my best moods of Anmol !! Smile

yep the angry young man steals the  show Smile

I have always seen immense balance in Anmol's character, and one of the shades of his angry / frustrated  look seem to  show out  his mood of volcano inside him

First time he  was all angry was when he went to pick up Saakshi and the goons were bothering her as you mentioned..

The angry was more of protecting someone who was being harassed and as a good  human being and knowing a concerned person he showed his angerand came all out to protect Saakshi..

Protecting his family was his utmost concern and he would go all out to perform the necessary actions to make sure that no harm was done to Rajvansh parivaar,
The way he tackled getting hold of Ajay was one of the times when he got injured and he still never bothered abt his injury and what angered him more was that inspite of that the trio Saakshi, Tarun and Ajay were successful in getting away from the crime.

Engagement time was another classic example as you put depecting Anmol's anger..
he traced the reasons of Ragini's concern of suspecting Tarun and held him red handed.. He was already to punch him when Saakshi stopped him to let him go as their plan seemed incomplete.
Anmol's anger was well modulated and shown when needed.

Over the years living with a family he seem to have had high controll over it  as we do not know his temper  before he join this family.

His anger was well peaked when he saw Shivani. That was the peak of his threashold when he was just getting on in his life and the blast from the past came and disrupted his life..

He was so heartbroken when Shivani left him at the time when he needed her and his anger was so justified as he had lost from all coners..

I loved one scene where he is not to happy to have shivani over and he goes to Sholkh's room and tells him to ask the guest to go away which he really wanted and this was Ragini's idea and when she is happy abt the plan Anmol shows mized respenses mostly of angry as he  did'nt want to bare teh sight of Shivani..

And the next minute when Anmol indicates how Tammana is related to him and he says she is her daughter and then takes leave from the room his anger is so justified with the way Shivani came back to distrupt his life..

Another instant which is really funny but Anmol's anger is mindblowing was at teh resturnat where Anmol emphasizes that he likes Indian food much to the dislike of Shivani and appreciating Ragini and then Shivani acts as of she got a call from Shlok and the angry look Anmol gave as if to emphasize that your tricks won't work shivani was a command by itself.

Over all I feel he has such a balance of emotions and actions and anger were what made him a super hero !! Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
@shanti..anmol would do anything to protect his family esp from it at first as sakshi was going to be related to the rajvansh or in the end from tarun kidnapping the kids..anmol angry mood was a must watch..
when shivani entered the rajvansh that was something you said it anmol was not at all happy to see this shadow of his past coming to destroy his happiness..
anmol anger towards shivani was reasonable as  her presence brought him back to his past and a very painful one..after saying about tammy being his daughter to shivani we could feel how much he was not happy of her presence in RH and his anger towards her..then in thoughts entering his bedroom and when he saw tammy sleeping on the bed the calm was clearly shown on his face as his angel was like a soothing effect on him.same goes for ragini....
he could not bear her presence as he knew she was going to destroy HIS own family that is ragini/tammy...he had to protect them from her and we got the car scene..where he clearly mentioned to shivani how much he loved ragini and his good fortune to have her as his wife..
he had a level of control of his anger in the presence of the family but outside he blasted her left/right/center..
definitely this angry mood of anmol  was a plus point which added more flavor to his character and yes made him the super hero..
Posted: 12 years ago
anmol blasting vasu,anmol blasting a tiny bit ragini and finally blasting shivani..specially when he says how dare u speak like that about my wife.....
anmol my dashing apu is best in his angry avtaar...missing him a lot
Posted: 12 years ago

apoorva in angry avatar for sure he made us glued to the screen..

with shivani's entry we got a good dose of his anger and no complaint as all were must watch scenes..
on the breakfast table how he controlled his anger when shivani deliberately dropped that glass to divert anmol's attention from ragini.
in the car shivani brought out his so much controlled anger as it was about his darling daughter she was talking ,.the way he pointed his finger to her and last how he opened the car door and told her that tammy always sit with him  in the front seat my anmol was just superb..
i think the best of his angry scene the office one..shivani telling him about his relationship with  ragini..he was listening to her nonsense keping his cool but the stupid housewife word did it..the "just shut up""haan yeh sach ke mein nein aapna saccha pyar pehechan liya"" aur yeh bhi saach hein ke mein sirf aur sirf ragini se pyaar kartaa houn"and you mean nothing to me"..
next the "getout" wow i was totally in awe with this acting of apoorva.he always gives his best performances in every scene on screen  but  in these kind of scenes he is absolutely a delight to watch....
apoorva just rock in these angry mood ...Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
was he ever mad at ragini and why?
Posted: 12 years ago
The only time he was angry at ragini was when he was  not gien any support during gunni's trip and he walked out
and when he came back she told him that he should'nt have gone like that and he said everyone has their space and no one is super Human
Daam I wished he got angry at Ragini
He did'nt have that much of Haq

These are things we need to see in season two, i mean with human emotions everyone has their side of anger even to display on dear ones which is so needed !!

Posted: 12 years ago
For me Anmol's and Shivani's scenes are the best of AnmolClap as an angry manClap.I just loved his acting in those scenes SmilewhIch was in contrast to sweet and loving husband of Ragini.Wink
Few ones are the car sceneClap and the office scene where Anmol asks her to JUST GET OUTClap.I just loved angry Anmol as equal as romantic AnmolClap/Apoorva excelled in bothWink.Simply FANTASTIC.Clap

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