dont call me bha.......rahul

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Posted: 12 years ago
guys i dont want khanak to call rahul bha
 i want her to call him just rahul ya phir aap ke kar pukaro cause i want shaan to get the same pinch wich khanak had to go through wid shaan sam hugsLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

 i would love a jealous intene shaan it would  b a treat to watch him like that

 a gd healthy bond between rahull khanak is also most welcomeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
nice post karishma......
mujhe nahi lagta ki khanak will call rahul bha.....bha sirf duck hehe.....
even i love to watch shaan being jealous of rahul khanak bonding.....Smile

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Posted: 12 years ago
I know....When she said Duck Bha today....I was like..."Oh here we go again..." But thats ok....Duck is worthy of being called Bha....
Me and Souma were just discussing on the phone....No Bha for Rahul plzzz......That way Shaan can say...U call everyone Bha...why arent you calling him Bha....! LOL !! That'd be cool !! LOL !!
And I'd love Shaan to get Jealous without any reason....I mean I just want Shaan to feel insecure naturally....There neednt be any attempt on the part of Rahul or Khanak to knowingly try to make him insecure...Just like it happened in Khanak's case...she was insecure without a reason...The same thing I want for Shaan..!
I cant wait for Rahul-Khanak scene...The knight in shining armour...I wonder where the Gunda type ppl  came from and why in the world were they calling Khanak gareeb....?? Hey this is the same woman who paid almost 20,000 bucks for a piece of Black Forest cake last week....Hahahahahha...Gareeb?? LOL !!
Point of weirdness...They are showing Duck and Khanak talking about each other...But we havent been shown their intro...That day Duck said to Shaan that he hasnt even met Khanak....And today Khanak said Duck Bha...!! She calls ppl Bha without even knowing them....Oh you mad little girl !!
Posted: 12 years ago
vandu duck n khanak rahul n khanak scenes will b the highlight fr the coming weeks that y they r keeping it fr the future
 im sure they r gonna b really interesting to watch thats y tehy havent shown thenm yet
Posted: 12 years ago
ha...yaarv khanak...pls no bha 4 rahul.....liked all of ur'll be fun....and ha...why r they calling her gareeb...
Posted: 12 years ago
khanak can start calling rahul bha the day sam starts calling shaan bhaiya!ROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahah zeen way to go grl i loved it

 yes sam calls shaan bha n that day i happily accpet khanak calling rahul bhaROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by zennnn

khanak can start calling rahul bha the day sam starts calling shaan bhaiya!ROFL

hehe its never going to happen.....Smile

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