KMH2- 6th December 2010 Written Update

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Posted: 12 years ago
Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2
6th December Written Update
The episode starts with Kali asking where is Arjun and Arohi says i dont know. Kali tells her to shoot for him or else you'll lose your life. Arohi screams Arjun's name and Arjun enters the cottage breaking the window with a gun point  to kali. Kali tells him to put the gun down or else the girl will die. Arjun puts the gun on the floor and says that this is between you and me let her go. Kali says i'll let her go but first let me kill you. Arjun says that if you'll her go after killing me then what are you waiting for. Then tells him to shoot and that he's standing right here. Kali shoots and it hits Arjun's shoulder.
Kartar singh hears the gun shot and tells everyone to hurry up. While they are moving towards the gun shot chikku comes in front of them. Rajbir asks him how come he's here. Chikku says that Arohi is in danger and that they will kill her. kartar asks him who will kill her and chikku says that we have no time to talk i'll take you there and they start to go towards the cottage.
In the cottage Arjun is fighting with Kali and Arohi looks scared. Kali picks up Arjun's gun and he's about to shoot but Markand comes from behind and shoots him. Arjun picks him up and throws him out the window. Then he comes back to Arohi and hugs her asking if she's okay and if she got hurt. Arohi says you got shot and Arjun says nothing happened to you and if something did then i wouldnt have been able to forgive myself and hugs Arohi tightly. Shefali, Billu and Markand are all smiling looking at Arjuhi hug.
They both stay in that hug for few minutes untill shefali comes to Arohi and asks her if she's alright. Arjun pulls away from her and leaves. Shefali tells Arohi that Arjun risked his life for you. Arohi says i know, Chikku ran away but Arjun didnt. Then she thinks about when she said that the person that loves the thing the most comes to save that.
Markand asks Arjun if its hurting a lot. Arjun tells them to take Shefali and he'll take Arohi. They go inside and take shefali outside. Arjun tells Shefali that we dont have much time and kidnappers will be here any minute. Shefali tells him not to lie and that she knows that he kidnapped them. Arjun asks her that if she knows then why didnt she tell Arohi. Shefali says i was going to but after you saved her i know that a person who can save someone can never take someone's life. Shefali says that i know your truth but i also know that you wont hurt Arohi. Arjun tells her thanks and then tells his friends to leave her at a safe place.
Arohi comes there and Arjun tells her that Billu and Markand will take shefali to a safe place and you'll come with me. Arohi says that i wont let Shefali go anywhere. Shefali tells Arohi that listen to what Arjun is saying and that they will take me to a safe place. Arohi hugs Shefali while looking at Arjun. Arohi thinking of what just happened inside the cottage and closes her eyes tightly. Arjun tells them that they dont have anymor time and Billu,markand and Shefali leave. Arohi asks Arjun how is he going to walk in this condition and Arjun tells her that i'll walk and that we dont have much time. They both stare at each other and remember the mask party night. Arjun puts his hand out and Arohi holds it and they both start to walk.
Chikku comes with all the police officers and tells dadu that this is the place. Kartar says that even after coming this close we lost him. Then sasys lets go find him and the local guy tells Kartar that its too dark and you cant find your way through the jungle. Kartar says if Arjun can then why cant we and the guy tells him i dont know that but i dont know the way in the dark.
Chikku is walking and he trips and sees Kali's body and starts to scream. Kartar and Rajbir go to him and say what happened and Chikku tells him that this is the guy that was going to kill Arohi. Rajbir turns him and sees Kali and says that he kills people by getting money. Kartar says that i know that but i want to know who did he come to shoot and who send him. Kali says i wont say anything and Kartar says what did you say i didnt hear you and then tells Rajbir to tell him to speak up. Rajbir goes down and puts a gun on his head and tells him to talk but he doesnt so Rajbir puts the gun point on his wound and he tells them that he was send to kill Arjun. Rajbir asks him who send him and he tells them that Mickhal did and they're shocked. Kali dies and Kartar says that a difference in Rudra's family now lets watch how this effects.
Arohi and arjun are walking through the jungle and Arjun leans on a tree. Arohi asks him if it hurts a lot and he tells her that there is a well up ahead and that we can stay there. They walk few more steps and Arjun points in one direction but faints. Arohi looks around and then sees Arohi sees him on the floor and sits next to him trying to wake him up.
Kartar tells Rajbir that tomorrow is Arjun's last day for the deadline and we still didnt catch him yet. Then he says that why isnt it morning yet and that as the night is going on Arohi is getting farther from us. Rajbir tells him that i dont think they will go far and plus he has all the blames on him expect murder and i dont think he'll do that. Kartar tells him no and then says that he's made of something else and he can do anything for his family especially for Rudra. Then he says that he lives for Rudra and there hasnt been a weakness of his so far.
Arohi is supporting Arjun on her shoulders and takes him to the well. She sits next to him and remembers when Arjun told her to face her fear. Arjun asks her if she ever saw a doctor operate and Arohi says no and then Arjun says while now you can when the bullet comes out. Arohi asks how can he remove it in this condition and Arjun tells her that im not taking it out you are and Arohi says i cant. Arjun tells her that the poison will spread if the bullet stays in any longer and Arohi tells him how can she take it out. Arjun sees her bag and tells her to open the bag and tells her to take a knife and a lighter and a bottle. Then he tells her to gather some sticks and light a fire. Then make the knife hot and take the bullet out. Arjun asks her if she's scared and then he tells her to find something thats bigger that her fear. Arjun faints and Arohi gets water from the well and sprinkles it on his face trying to wake him up and arohi is shocked.
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I hope you all like it.
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Posted: 12 years ago
im waiting yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Posted: 12 years ago
luv u sooo much for ur hard work
thanks a ton
Posted: 12 years ago
thank you clownyy for the update
omggshooo cuteeeeeee
arjuhii is soo adorableeee
Posted: 12 years ago
I missed the episode today. Stupid exams.
& OMG! I always miss watching the best episodes! Urghh.
Anyway, thanks for the update Rosh, you rock it everytime i miss the episode. Thanks a ton.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for finishing the update pretty quick.
What happened to Arjun?
How comes Arohi was shocked?
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanx fr d wonderful updateSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks so muchhh.....oh god...m lovin this by every minute....mwahh to arjuhi...

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