{~*BHPH 2nd Newsletter - Confessions*~}

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Posted: 12 years ago

Hello BHPHians!
The NL Team brings to you the 2nd edition of our newsletter:
From confessing love to each other to confessing the
truth to the family; we saw it all last week.
We hope you will like it and appreciate all the hard work
and time that has been dedicated into creating it.


by: jahnvi.angel10

Shravan and Sanchi confess their love to each other and take new wedding vows. Shravan burns a Japanese contract thinking of it to be their marriage contract through which Pratap and the whole family finds out the truth regarding their marriage. Both families are deeply shaken; thus, Pratap asks Sanchi & Shravan to end their marriaged and get divorced. Both don't want to so Shravan is challanged by Pratap to earn 1 lakh rupees in 10 days to prove that he can indeed take care of Sanchi.

by: jahnvi.angel10

The best scene of the week was when Shravan and Sanchi renewed their wedding vows. What were they? Check out "dialogue of the week below"!

by: jahnvi.angel10

Nov 29
Video: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/1551848
Written: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/1551456
Dec 1
Video: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/1552517

by: xxSheilaxx

(renewal of wedding vows)

Shravan: Saachi aao, hum phir se saath phere lenge. Apne nayi jeewan ke shurwaat karne se pehle.

(Flashback) Shravan: Pehla vachan,hamare yeh bandhan saat janmoke nahin, sirf chhe mahinney ka hoga.

(Present time) Shravan: Hamara yeh rishtaa saat janmo ka hoga. Hameshaa, hameshaa ke liye.

Saachi: Hamara yeh rishtaa saat janmo ka hoga. Hameshaa, hameshaa ke liye.

(Flashback) Shravan: Dusra vachan, hum pati-patni ki tarha rahenge, magar sirf dunya ki nazron mein.

(Present time) Shravan: Hum pati-patni, dost, ek dusre ka sahara, jeevan saathi, dunya ki nazron mein hi nahin, apni nazron mein bhi.

Saachi: Hum pati-patni, dost, jeevan saathi, ek dusre ka sahara hai. Sirf dunya ki nazron mein hi nahin, khud ki nazron mein bhi.

(Flashback) Shravan: Teesra vachan.

(Flashback) Saachi: Hum kabhi ek dusre ki kareeb aane ki koshish nahin karenge.

 (Present time) Shravan: Hum kabhi ek dusre se door jaane ke koshish bhi nahin karenge.

Saachi: Hum kabhi ek dusre se door jaane ki koshish bhi nahin karenge.

(Flashback) Shravan: Choutha vachan. Jis tarha maine apna vachan nibhaaya hai, tum bhi apna vachan nibaoonge. Jab main kahhon rishtaa khatam, to khatam.

(Present time) Shravan: Yeh rishta kabhi khatam nahin ho sakta. Na hamare kehne se, aur na kisi aur ki.

Saachi: Hum yeh vachan, aur ek dusre ko diya har vachan, nibhaayenge.

 (Flashback) Shravan: Paachva vachan.

(Flashback) Saachi: Hum dono mein se koi bhi ek dusre par is rishte ka haq nahin djataayenge.

(Present time) Shravan: Hum dono ek dusre pe apna haq maanenge. Lekin ek dusre ko taqleef dene ke liye nahin, ek dusre ko khushi dene ke liye.

 (Flashback) Shravan: Chhata vachan, hum samaadj, aur apne parivaar ko, apne rishte ke is sachaai se anjaan rakhenge.

(Present time) Saachi: Hamara yeh rishtaa kabhi kisi se chhupa nahin rahenga.

(Flashback) Shravan: Saathva vachan, hum dono ek dusre ko kabhi pyaar nahin karenge.

(Present time) Shravan: Hum dono, ek dusre ko sirf pyaar karenge.

Saachi: Hum dono, ek dusre se sirf pyaar karenge.

by: curledup

I have to let it out I think Pratap was really clever, in a good way. I think he wants to show Shravan that playing around isn't good anymore and love isn't just expressed in a few words it has to be shown and expressed not only responsibily but in a way correctly.

by: curledup

Shravan, he done a fantastic job, continuosly persisting, and I think this week he was amazing LOL Big smile ( no biased thoughts whatsoever)

by: curledup

Has to be 'I LOVE YOU' I heard this phrase for like ever and ever since then I have been hearing it and saying it. I've got the Shravan-sanchi love bug.

by: nycsweetie

December 6th ~ Sheila a.k.a xxSheilaxx
If You Were Born on December 6th: You are always searching for truths in this life time, and you to explore and learn. In fact, you are thirsty for knowledge. There is a flair for the dramatic in you, although you do come across as straightforward, personable, and frank. You make snap decisions. For the most part, you are able to complete what you start, and when you don't, it stems from over-estimating your human capabilities, not from lack of follow-through! You require intellectual stimulation in order to hold your interest in relationships, as you are restless and desirous of change.

 December 8th ~ Jyoti a.k.a chingpingming
If You Were Born on December 8th: You are an enthusiastic and determined person who has high ideals as well as very big plans and goals. A deep thinker, your morals are unusual yet strong, and your courage is great, particularly when it comes to standing up for a cause you believe in. You have a definite religious or philosophical bent. You are exceptionally attractive no matter what you look like. You are frequently devising new plots and challenges for yourself.

Celebrity Birthdays

December 7th ~ Shekhar Suman
December 8th ~ Dharmendra
December 9th ~ Shatrughan Sinha
December 10th ~ Rati Agnihotri
December 11th ~ Dilip Kumar
December 12th ~ Rajnikanth

by: Ramy25

and last but definitely not the least as this is what keeps this NL alive:

by: SaraPari

Big smileBig smile This week's Game is called  "Kis Ka dialouge Hai?" (whose dialogue?)
Sounds Easy Right ! Wink

Here's How we will play it

One Person will post a dialouge from the  show and next person will try to guess the person, like whose dialouge  . and they will type their name.. and post next dialouge. If someone can't guess the answer, they can say PASS and post another dialouge.. and yes if you think the dialouge is little difficult you can always post a hint Big smile

So what are we waiting for?

i will start Big smile

Tum ne sachi ko haath kyon lagaya LOL (2 possibilities)


A new addition: We will be announcing the winner of our Game/Contest of the week in every newsletter.

So, from last week's Game: the winner is Sash10

Link to first newsletter - Milan Dhun Lagi - click here!


--Hopefully all you guys liked our newsletter. Please post your coments.
You can PM your suggestions to me or directly write them here--

Banners are courtesy


Edited by -Nadii- - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Pratap and Mama...

Jhanu very well done ...and again Great work by you all guyz NL Team....

Here is My Dailogue " Hann Mast ho Jao "
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks Sandhya. check out a new addition below the game/contest section

to ur dialogue: Shravan

sab meri galti hai. maine hi usse bachpan mein frock pehnai thi
Edited by jahnvi.angel10 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Great work you  guys!Thumbs Up

ROFL Shravan's momROFL


Jaan jaaye par lachhan na jaaye (Come on! this is a gimme!)ROFLROFL

Posted: 12 years ago
By Madhura...

Saachi Mera Hone waali Bahu

Like this game very much Jhanu Dear..
Posted: 12 years ago
Sandhya - your dialogue was Shravan of course and Jahnvi - your dialogue was Shravan's mom - Madhura

Haan, mujhe to marne ka bahut shok hain
Posted: 12 years ago
@amy: Nani

@nandy: confusing! there are many possibilities. is it Nidhi?

sab ram ji ke haath par chhod do (c'mon guys.. )
Edited by jahnvi.angel10 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by Infofan

Haan, mujhe to marne ka bahut shok hain


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