Phreaming CC #18 (UC & IO)

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Posted: 12 years ago

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Welcome to our 18th home Party, PHreaming home is a Place where you can PHream ,PHrool with the Same species as you 24/7LOLOur Phriendship Bond is strong as our Couple. We cry together,laugh together,make fun together,Fight together and play
 "kiska banega prem pati?"LOL.
Ahh thats our
favorite game With No winner at the end OuchLOL.We are crazy and
insane and guess what?ErmmWe Feel proudabout it CoolShockedLOL.

Members of our PHreaming Home are part of our PHreaming Gang.So here we go with the Updated Member list.Smile
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Posted: 12 years ago

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If Gandi ji had 3 Bandars we have Two BhonduzLOL.
Borra mat sunno means Harshad never hear a word from your New-co-starLOL.
Borra mat dekho  means Additi Never watch a Romantic moment in Tere liyeLOL,
and Borra mat kaho means Additi ki ilawa kisse aur ki tareef mat karro LOL.

We Know that Our PHreamers are very disciplined but still!!
*.Prem par no borre nazar,Already Reserved by Pari and Sia Approve
*. No Spamming (really?Ouch)
*. No fights but a little masti is aloud
*.Before inviting any new member Inform the CC members.
*.You should press the "Like" button of the member to whom you are chatting
*. NO Emo PostsShocked (i dont like this rule so it doesnt exist in this CCWink)
*. PHreaming Gang mai kekta ki shows  ki tareef karna Qanoon Apraad hai LOL
(i am serious)
hope i dont get into trouble for changing the rules!Confused

Our CC was free from all this "Beware buisness"

But what can I do?

If you are not a TRUE PHreamer you may NOT enter under any circumstances

as we hate people eaves dropping on our conversations

if you dont like it then please do not come!

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Party smilePrincess Happy Birthday Sia Di!!

 What can i say about you Di? I cant describe it, your beyond words....

Ill try to say something though...
tears are filling my eyes while saying this
I met you only afew days before you said that you were going to leave
I instantly took you as a really close friend,sister and so much more...
Its quite weird,you'd never think that someone who you meet over the internet can become so close to you...
You told me to proof check ur last message and i made me really sad
i feel so special when you call me ur princess
anyway...your more active now so no sadness only partyingDancingParty,right?Wink
so if you were here you would have got egged,sugared,floured and so on...
i would love to do that to youEvil Smile stop giving me those evils.....Im only joking!LOL
ok,overall....... Sia Di!!
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I'm very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!
Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"







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13 December 1984

07 July 1990

Pari (Neha)
30 June 1993

26 May 1990

27 February 1989

11 September 1988

10 April 1988

10 March 1994

19 January 1992

14 February 1991

30 January 1994

17 July 1995

25 November 1994

17 July 1995

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Im Really Sorry, Meeshti Cryi

I think i hurt you, angered you and upset you

Please dont feel bad
I'm extremely sorry
I didnt mean to do it
it happened unintentionally
Please dont leave usUnhappy
Dont punish the rest of the PHreamers because of meOuch
Its only been afew days since you returned after your long break
I feel really guilty
if possible please forgive meCry


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Posted: 12 years ago
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Hey my PHreamers .. Hug

How u Joined CC

HHhhMmm..i First met all my lovely Friends on Chatties Desh..Talking day and Nigth!! Voting For Members...Kis ka Prem game..and Kis ki Heer!!

 we finished almost 10 CCs in a month ..after that i went on leave

 When i came back i received PM..yeah MY Dear Friends had Made our Own CC!!I was soo Much Excited..and Happy!! Proud t be Deshian and PHreamer!!

They Made that on CC Forum..Before that i didnt even knew that any CC forum exist on this site

Then i joined them!! Like this i became part of PHreaming CC

why you love coming there?

Offcourse Bca of Premeer..harshiti...and Kis desh!!

After its ending ..i visit bcz of my Yadein here!! and Bcz of MY all Lovely..Cute..Adorable Friends!!

your favorite memory of the CC or PHreamers

HHHhhMMmm Favorite Memory..there are Many..cant choose Best one..soo keep it secret

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how you joined the CC?

I was invited bye noor My Paktakha friend 

and i m thankful her for inviting me 

why you love coming there?

Whenever i came here i forgot my all tensions. So i came here n enjoy talking to my frndz


your favorite memory of the CC or PHreamers

all memories are my favorite  


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hey momy !!!!

i m the CC member from the begining!!!

i onli knew sia di , aisho and u coz of the ffs 

then i met waqas bhai coz he makes very beautiful siggies

teh when i started reading mehak , aashi n greeshu di's ff 

i got to know them too..

den wen i m back , i met nahiba n sukrutha too !!!

these guys rockzz the CC 

i love them all but not more them my momyy

i love cuming there cozz of al of u guys !!!!!!!!

my shweet shwweeet frendz , momy , bua , ol r dree


the sweet memory is of the fight wen ol were behind u mom

 i want u to write my description!!  

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hmmmmmmmmmm long story... 

 there was some argument regarding another CC... i was not part of that CC, but some members from phreamers were... i talked to Sia Dii about it... and in that Round Table Conference we decided to make our own CC, Phreaming CC 
 that was short intro...
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how you joined the CC

I was invited into the cc and those chindi fellow member I mean my sautan phreamers {neha} , nanad phreamers{kavya} , friend phreamers{every phreamer here specially meethi } , teasing phreamer { waqas}etc etc etc dragged me here ehhehehehe

My first IF friend was the one who commented a page for my ff , she was sia , I think it was her idea to drag me here , so we met at my ff thread , then it was neha{parisa} I cant take enough of her work I was mad about her works and we started convesing and became friends , then I luv sigies of waqas and his and mine first meet wasn't tht gud we all girls kind of teased him and pulled his leg and he shied away hehehehe , then there was haris , then came meethi , we are quite same in age so became gud friends, there was sukrutha , noor my buddies they are always there, then kavya accidently became my nanad when they tried teasing me about choota prem

So all in all it was due to PREM JUNEJA we all became friends { I hope}

why you love coming there?

Hhaha m lazy this days and as I don't get to span anymore nor pari aunty will kill me that's why I m not so active but the best thing about coming here is tht we can phream without rok tok
I can be prems wife here , neha can be my sautan , kavya can be my nanad , meethi can be nehas student
So we all can play roles here without people thinking us mads heheheh
your favorite memory of the CC or PHreamers
okk this was when they wrote about me as a villain I mean vamp who does judaai for premeer , I was so mad hehehe
there was another when neha wasn't ready to give his prem to me but sweet kavya accepted me as bhabhi
another time they were teasing me with sum baby premu hehehehe I was angry then
then it was sia di pulling mine and waqass leg sayinggg al blah blah blah and from tht day I swear to call him bhai which I didn't want to hehehe no offense lol waqas bhai don't worry aapko jaise additi ke siwaye koi nahi dikhta mujhe prem ke siwaaye koi nahi dikhta but flirting allowed right
I have many memories how many do u wanna know ??

your own description of yourself

ok m innocent , gud , obedient NOT
if I say this I must eb flattering you all
I have lots of attitude for my age which is 15 , m gud at studies and tht gives some arrogance in me
I hate girls talking shit at my back
I love painting , dancing , reading novels
I love isolation and loneliness
I have few issues with my parents but they are my life
I m mad about someone but I cant spill out my emotions
Its just m different as everyone is, I have gud and bad side sof mine and I loose temper easily but I am not that bad in heart as people think about me , I play fairly and if someone needs to talk about me they should say that on face
There was a time I have grown hatred towards lots of things but its just human mind
The only thing I find very interesting in life is kids , I love small sweethearts near me and they are my life , even I luv puppies and the only time I cry is when they die
Yes m a big cruel thing I about killed 8 fishes , 2 puppies and I got one of my puppies stolen and I cried like hell
To know me is not so easy but when you do you will find a different peace with me { that's what my friend say}'.

Signs off

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first of all..i dint even know that something called CC existed..
1 day pari invited me to this i joined in here...
and made many friends...who are very much  similar to me...

i love to come here cuz i can share everything with my friends...


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I  amm Additi Sinha... 

Initially i was a very silent reader..i used to ead all d ffz, os ss, n each and every post made by the members.

After Kis Desh ended.. I was feeling very bad..I used to mot resist without watching a single scene atleast everyday..Even though I had exam..I used to watch atleast 1 scene per day...(infacteven now missing n watching too)

Slowly I started becoming active..I added many Friends..One day I had a chat with Noor.

My frnd Noor was the one who introduced me to PHreaming!!

Thank you so so so much Noor. .

When I entered CC,  I met many new friendz...Noor, Nahiba, Sukruta, Kavya, Parisa, Natasha, sfn, Sia, (Sorry If i ve missed any, I ll inform u later)


Everyday chatting, I feel very great..


U ppl are the BEST!!

PHreaming CC ROCKS!!


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Posted: 12 years ago

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