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Posted: 12 years ago

                                 Krishna is confused.Pratigya is in agony.Krishna can not explain Arushi,s  arrogance.Arushi want respect from Pratigya.She want her PRONAM.It was  a vulgar gesture.Krishna want his Babu,s happiness.He want a permanent solution.He tries hard.He tries his best.He has no answer.He asks Pratigya.Pratigya gives him answer.Kriya take a resolution.It makes them resilient.They get 3 priorities----

   1.Keep a safe distance b|w arushi & shaktu.

    2.Gain arushi,s faith back.

    3.(Separate Arushi& shakti.divorce)

                              Krshina takes a decisive role.Every night he engages Shakti in his Daru.Shakti starts from a nip.HE is a boozer.He needs more.He wants more.Then he fall in trap.He drinks more&more&more.He losses his consciousness.It continues night after night.

                              Priority 1is achieved.


  On 1st day Kriya go to Aman.They take sorry for their did.They take mafi from I.G & his family.Aman is little skeptic.I.G & co are proud .Arushi is happy with this marriage.Shakti is more happy than Arushi.Kriya also tell this to Aman & his family.Arushi wants name& fame .She get this.Aman get this message.His doubts are less.

                         Aman does not need any cover.He has no problem from Pratigya.So he become less alert.He stops his planning.It is Kriya,s PL-2,PART-1.

  O n 2nd day they recruit three people.They choose them in this order.Fristly, they select a detective.                                                                                                                 

He Collects information in the form of picture,c.d containing their intimate moments,marriage registration certificate etc. Secodly, they recruit a lawyer.He takes these evidences.He takes time to assure about these.He also involves Aman in Annu,s brother & father case.Aman  is busy.

Third, a police officer.He gives all necessary information about ANNUs brother & father(aman,s wife or GIRL-FRIEND).PL-2.PART-2

            On  3rd day they get more get positive feedback from three employee.They enjoy a good time.They watch cinema.They eat pani-puri,pop-corn.They spend all day in a happy note.We want for .We want them in all

Situation.PL-2.PART-3(BY C.V)

         On 4th, 5th, ….7th day they spend like 3rd day.Pratigya do not spend any time in T.N.So,Arushi get no opportunity to abuse her.She want revenge.It is like a fire.She is burning in her own fire.She  sees Kesar 

   Closely.She feels Kesar,s agony.She want respite for Kesar.She starts to protest Ammaji&co.Ammaji

               Blames her for Kesar,s fate.Arushi is silent.Truth is rude.Kesar did not broke her marriage.Arushi puts the last pin to Kesar,s coffin.She kills Kesar,s present & future.She is guilty.All these makes her cripple.She want relief.PL-2,LAST -4

          On 8th day Pratigya is ready.The lawyer files a cheating case against Aman.He is shocked.He tries with his all effort..The noose is tightening with  around his neck with every passing day.Arushi slowly  understand Pratigya is right.She want Pratigya,s help.Aman get,s punishment from law.Arushi get,s punishment for her disbelief on Pratigya.She get belief back.PL-2.COMPLETE.


Pratigya want divorce .Krishna don,t.Pratigya put her thinking cap .She tried to reason by force.She fails.She tries by CHUMMI.She fails.She tries by showing that she is unhappy.She fails .Krishna becomes angry.She put 3 questions& an ultimatum to Krishna .She want yes for these questions .Her condition is easy.If there is any no She will follow the ultimatum religiously.

Qu 1; Is shakti bhai loves Arushi?

Qu 2;Is it legal?


Qu3;Is Arushi loves Shakti bhai?

Qu 4; If Adarsh does another marriage do you accept it?

Qu  5;Does komal accept her sawton ?(put Krishna in place of Adarsh,put me on komal I will give my life)….Here I deliberately put this words on Prat,s mouth.Here COURT –KACHARI can not teach Krishna.Prat is invaluable to Krishna.Pratigys knows it.So she uses this trick in a chaep way but for better cause.

Krishna is as usual confused.IT IS LIKE A BHASAAN TO HIM.

If all answer are yes.You do not love me.Why should I live here?Who IS mine?I  want to go to in my papa,s house.Your love is only for show.It is not love.Krishna is possessive about his love.This IS KNOWN TO PRATIGYA.so.she uses it as ultimatum.


KRISHNA GET HIS APPROVAL .Prat replied with a "chummy."

Plan-3 in next part


Posted: 12 years ago
gr8 work dr!!!!!!!!!
thanx for bringing a smile on my face......
Posted: 12 years ago
omg yer whole post is kinda similar to my topic 'possibility leading Pratigya Niwas' although U have covered many points whereas my post is a bit summurized, well other than the caughting aman part I fully agree with kriya part I sumhow feel that prats may leave krishna jus to make him realise of the truth n then Pratigya Niwas will come into being.. Smile

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