SNS NL: Tentative List of Section n NOTE PG#5

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hello My Dearest SNS Frnds......

I was thinking of "SNS News Letter" for last so many weeks but due to my office hours (there also m always on forum only... Wink) could not open the thread to ask ur inputs regarding News Letter.

So its just a small effort by me to know what u all think abt the idea of News Letter....and if you liked my idea then m looking forward to following inputs from you all....
1. Your suggestions for the name of the News Letter.
2. The categories or Sections that can be included into the News Letter.
3. Volunteers for the News Letter Team (as i cant do everything all alone...mera bechara Office kaha jayega...LOL)

Let me know if you have any other suggestions as well.....

And even if you do not like the idea.....then also let me know....

SNS Dev Team
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Posted: 12 years ago
My Ideas for the Sections

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Posted: 12 years ago have covered most of it Sadhli....

How about
1.  'Most Active Male of the week' - A competition between Modi men.
2. Kanhaji Count of the week- Number of times Gopi says 'kanhaji' in a week.
3. Ghoonghat count - No. of times Gopi put her ghoonghat seeing Ahem.
Confused Not too good suggestions....I'l think of something else.
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Posted: 12 years ago
thanx mona......m w8ing for ur ideas...
Posted: 12 years ago
ill think and let u knw asap sadhli
Posted: 12 years ago

If you are interested to write abt any sections mentioned above just reply in this thread with section name.

I'l do GoHam Dreamland
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by Sillyweegirl22

ill think and let u knw asap sadhli

thanx aayesha
Posted: 12 years ago
Something like how many times Ahem says Gopi's name.... ! He hardly USED to call her but things HAVE changed!So goos going on count!

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