Posted: 12 years ago
helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos to all my beautiful ladies out here

2moro being my last day here fr abt 3 weeks so i want u guys to pls pls pls pls give in all yr suggestions fr gifts wishes n wat not fr yasharan

2moro i shall get the  address n time for my mettingWinkWinkWink

im damn scared  happy nervous n this is all because of swati........i a big  big big thnk u to u
 cause of her ill b going there

pls give in all yr love wishes gift dieas everything in this thread i shall really try my level best to take a few gifts of yasharanWink

Posted: 12 years ago
karish n all pl no need of thnx
n be ready 4 a bigger surprise
wont disclose
bt kt n yashu vl be soon very close to u.................
m trying hard.................
Posted: 12 years ago
karis...give 1 kiss frm me to both of them....u know i m very miser in giving kisss...Wink

Posted: 12 years ago

I hope you remmber me..I am Saaz,,,and my dear soon as I joined yu welcomed me with warm wishes and dissappeared ...something I did???Wink

Acha suno...on the gift thing....I don;t know if it is too late,...but I really think maybe it should be music CDs for KT and an ART kit of sorts for YM

CD for KT: Look out  for CONFLUENCE- it is a piano and santoor instrumental CD- Rahul Sharma and Richard C.

If you don't get this one....then look out for 'LETS TALK- THumris in an urban Landscape': THis is a fusion music CD...very very good...

Any ART kit for YM: fabric painting - ya even a book on pottery or glass painting.....

The reason I think you should do CDs and BOOKS-- is because you can actually write a dedication on the cover and they get it to keep it for long...

GOOD LUCK my dear and have a great time....

ANOTHER VERY CHEESY IDEA....for all the romantics here....TAKE a HUge long red ribbon...make KT and YM stand near each other and tie it around them and take a snap - its like their GIFT for all the Shanak lovers

Listen,...if you cannot do any of the above, worries,,,,just ahve a good time tahts most important

Posted: 12 years ago
swati pls pls pls tell us wat it is

 naveen dear will surely give a hug t both of them but i dont think kt will take a kiss from meLOL
Posted: 12 years ago
Have a great time Karishma....I am sure you will be able to express what we think about them, in you own words...Take care and miss youSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
agar aisa hain to ham ko besharmi wale post dalna band karna hoga varna kt aur yashu dar jayinge.............................tnx doc ur really gr8.
Posted: 12 years ago
omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg saaaaz dear yr l;ast idea is like the bestest thing i could do fr all shanak fans
 n nope dear havent frgotten u

 i love yr ideas really gd hope i can do wat u have said so

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