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Posted: 12 years ago
On completing a year succesful year and we wish the entire Thendral team all the success & happiness in the coming years!

Thendral came to our living rooms on 7th December 2009, and captured the hearts of many viewers.

So to CELEBRATE this special day, we are asking all the members to share their personal journey with THENDRAL- how they started watching watching THENDRALand how they landed upon our wonderful section? Also, don't forget to add in your favourite and memorable scenes?

This is also a
GREAT time for all the silent members to come forward and tell us your journey and your favourite scenes. (We're a very welcoming bunch! ;))

On a final note, thanks to the
THENDRAL DEV. TEAMfor making this all possible and the UPDATERS for their fantastic contribution and all the members for their valuable comments. Thank you sooo much for all the support.

Thendral Dev. Team

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Sri for the awesome celeb thread!

To talk about my experience, I've never really been a fan of serials, cos I always had the thought that it was an old people's thing.. to sit and watch serials the whole day, and see the women always either RKOing, KPOing and ICOing LOL

But I was jobless one day and realised Deepak was in this serial. I've always liked Deepak for his humour in JN1 and so decided to catch a few episodes. I think it was slightly before Vel-Thuls wedding time, and it was sooo exciting, with alot of suspense! and of course NR as the villain, he's soo classy and funny! I think that is the first time I actually enjoyed a villain's acting, he performed sooo well! ClapClap And so I went back to watch the older episodes, and officially got hooked onto it! Tongue

As u can see, Thendral really changed my impression of a serial.. definitely cos it appeals to a lot of young ppl, like me. It's quite different from the traditional serial format that other serialmakers adopt, such that so many people from around the world are addicted to it. Big smile

Firstly, the crew, and a young director Tongue and of course a superb cinematographer... his camera angles are amazing, esp in the park scene when Thuls hugged TA! I dunno, the whole scene was just soo artistic, with the BGM starting exactly when her feet touches the park! Me being a camera angle fanatic, reallyyy loved it! and the way the camera went in a circle, showcasing their expressions soo well!!! ClapClapClap This episode was also the time, I used to go maddd discussing Thendral with my dearest sisters, and realised all of us were mad beyond recovery and declared ourselves the "Thendral mental sisters" LOLLOL and also the time when they suggested I shd join IF.. and I'm having a wonderful time here, discussing, laughing and arguing with members... Big smile

And the music director and assistants.. they deserve a round of applause for the superbbbb music. The BGMs and songs are sooo beautifully done, not soo jarring like other serials, so apt for the situation, and reflects the emotions and the mood of the situation soo well! ClapClapClap I'm personally a Thendral BGM addict, keep listening to the BGMs every now and then. And not forgetting the lyricist, with the awesome lines.. the lines really made me go mad the first time i heard them... "mazhaye pon mazhaithuliye en iru vizhiyil nee irukuriye........" kudos to the lyricist!! ClapClap

Without the actors, the show is nothing! Hats off to the main 2, Deepak and Shruthi, for bringing out such trueee emotions, their body language and expressions are amazingggg!!! ClapClapClapClap Esp in the romantic scenes, they share a superbbbbbb chemistry! I think all of u will agree with me on this... Their eyes speak volumes!! Esp in the candle light scene, when he said she was too pretty and she got shy... omg priceless! ClapClapClap It was sooo true, I could feel the vibes. And their marriage scene, was yet another scene where I cud rly feel it. The court scene was yet another scintillating one. If I write my most fav scenes, my post will go up to 2 pages, there are just tooo many!!! LOLLOL Every scene with Deepak and Sruthi is a pleasure to watch, no doubt!!! ClapClap Of course, the other actors like NR (Vel), Sudhakar (MM), Sadhana (Padma), Shanthi Williams (TA's mum), Neelima (Lav), Srividya (Charu), Hema (Deepa), Iyappan (Mohan), SN Lakshmi (Paati) and the rest (too long a list to mention..), everyone has done their best, they have proven that noone is inferior to another! All of them are too goood... Hats off to all the actors!! ClapClapClapClapClapClap

Of course namma hero as TA, is one of the main reasons I'm still watching this serial. His character is soo well etched, the perfect hubby - for Thuls, the way he takes care of her like a delicate flower,  the perfect loverboy, the perfect friend - his helping tendency and care for his friends, the perfect son - who loved his mum soo much and didn't wanna a drop of tear from her eyes (till his mum took advantage of that), the perfect bro - who wanted the best for his sis and cared so much for her... And the way he can't shut once he starts talking, and keeps talking sense but nonsense, reallyyy loveee it! ClapClapWink

And this serial has the perfect combis, TA - Vel (hero - villain), TA - Charu (hero - Villi), TA - Thuls (perfect hubby and wife), TA - Lav (used to be the perfect bro and sis, they were soo good, like real life siblings), Thuls - Deepa, Kalyani & TA - Kanagu, Joseph (the perfect friends, who stand by your side thru think and thin..), Deepa- Varada (the perfect dad who's soo selfless and cares so much for his daughters), Thuls-Padma (the perfect evil stepmother), Thuls-Paati ( the perfect grandma who was with her granddaughter thru all her sorrow and happiness) and also Thuls-MM (of how a dad changed to be a one she really deserved..) .. Also, Thendral showcases and has a perfect balance of romance, comedy, friendship and serious stuff - like the main theme education, even though they digress from it quite often, I'm sure they will look into it and Thuls will graduate in flying colors ClapBig smileWink

So, all in all, the collective effort of the whole team is super good! If they keep up this work, Thendral will surely bag this year's sun TV awards in all the categories, I'm pretty sure, and all my votes will go to Thendral!! So all the best to the whole team and congratulations on your first year anniversary, keep up the awesome work so far! Clap and I'm sure we, the viewers are gonna tune in to more exciting episodes in the future, all the very very besttttt!!! ClapBig smile

Also, thanks a million to all the updaters who have updated the serial from the start, really enjoyed reading all ur updates, banked so much on them when I couldnt watch the episode, esp during my exams, all of you are doing a great great job and let's await another year of updating!! ClapClapClap
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thendral serial has become favorite now in everyone's house...First seeing 7 episode i thought it is so boring seeing the sorrows and hindrance of thulasi....and i thought of stop watching it...Then came our hero Deepak...Mainly the way he entered the scene when thulasi grandmother told one saviour ll come  and save u...deepak as tamizharasan entered the scene and no one can forget it...

Then a very awesome bgm of the thendral serial for the tamizh-thulasi is the other key success for this serial...The introduction of tamizh - thulasi scene just love it...After so many hindrance mainly the park scene and as every one told beautiful bgm and a lover who is in deep love is able to sense her through her foot..what a love both has...especially when thulasi proposed him the expression in tamizh face...what a surprise , happiness and satisfaction...He just forgets everything and started their love journey...Tamizh's helping nature and fond of friendship is other key factor for thendral serial...And especially after marriage what a love he has for his beloved wife...Especially in court scene i can never forget it...

Other wonderful characers are Deepa...the best friendship for thulasi ..Deepa character done by hemalatha is awesome...Then lakshmi amma as thulasi grandmother is potrayed so nicely and muthumanikam as thulasi father also does justice to the character...Then kanagu so wonderful friendship he has for tamizh...

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Posted: 12 years ago
                                          "CONGRATULATIONS THENDRAL TEAM"

I started watching this serial after Kolangal serial ended and the promo was shown for Thendral tat time..Thendral serial is rocking after it replaced the dragging Kolangal serial in the 9pm slot...

This was the only serial which was interesting from the first episode..

And i loved all the scenes of Tamil and Thulasi...

Great acting by Deepak and Shruthi... Both Deepak and Shruthi are awesome in their acting in their respective roles...they both are such an awesome best romantic onscreen pair in the serials i saw..

Brilliant work by director Kumaran..

But later in middle of the serial where all worst things happened i hated this serial... but there is no serial without bad things... 

Later i got to see many transformation in this serial tat is whenever bad things are shown simultaneously more lovely good scenes were shown... I liked tat pattern of thought from the director... 

Mainly the romantic BGM song in this serial is great and such an romantic song.. wow awesome voice of the singers...

And even all the characters acting in villain roles and character roles were simply superb... 

Sudhakar as Muthumanikam, Hemalatha as Deepa, lakshmi paati, Nizhalgal Ravi as Velayudham and Sadhana as Padma, Unni as Mohan and Srividya as Charulatha all the characters are so interesting and next year this serial wil fetch more awards in Sun Awards i feel...

Kumaran director is giving the audience more surprises and thrills in every episode.. let this serial go in this same progress and must not drag long... 

All the best to the Thendral team..

Now i wish all the best to Thendral team for Celebrating First Aniversary tomorrow 7th Dec...

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thank You Sri for opening up the thread.....
First of all......
Many Many Congrats!!! to Thendral and teamClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap............
Happy First Anniversary!!!!!!!!PartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyParty
All the best for your second yearThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up.......We expect the same treat next year too......Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
I joined IF lonnnnggggg back......my first forum was bandham, u can guess why i became a member..........the chemistry of deepak and preethi was awesome and i started watching for the same and was not an active member half way through bcos of my commitments.......
Then it was TMS, which brought me here, i used to read updates rather watching it.....
And now u all know........thendral,thendral......i have never been mad at any of the show.........the complete composition of all things in equal proportions makes the show completeThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up...............and my curiosity level of everyday show increases......
I was not watching thendral from the begining, accidentally i noticed deepak one day, the episode where TA and Lavanya would come in search of thulasi , but would miss her.....and then it started...i was rushing to IF to read all the Archive copies from the beginging......LOLLOLLOLLOL............Thanks to the updaters.............and i would watch if any episode was interesting......
The first impressive episode was VEL-TA confrontation, and the most impressive episode rather week of all VEL-Thuls wedding and TA-T park scenes was the best..........and from then on, it turned me mad....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Inspite of some irritating episodes inbetween, the thrill did not reduce......
another reason is the discussion here in the forum , our predictions and finally our predictions turning out to be just opposite creates more curiousity......thats the success of the show......
Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
we are even curious for the promo.....TongueTongueTongueTongue
On the first anniversary of Thendral......I would like to congratulate the main leads...
Deepak and Sruthi.....their awesome chemistry, screen sharing , expressions are wonderful.....not only in romantic scenes........any scene they are together its cool....
And our Classy Villian.....Mr. NR, Muthumanikkam, TA amma, Padma, Pati, Deepa, Varadharajan sir, Charu, Charu's periappa, Nitish, Lavanya,kanagu, joseph.and so and so and so......OMG....list continues......Congratulations!!!1 Hats of to u all for your hard work for giving us a good treat with your acting and making the show successful......
Each and everyone needs to be appreaciated........ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
On the whole......I would like to congratulate, Vikatan Televistas team, Mr.Kumaran, Script writers, Dialogue writer, screenplay writer, camera man, ARTISTS, and each and everyone fo the team...KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
The Best episode was the court scene on 11/11/2010.....and to add up my treat...i did the update......a double treat for me TongueTongueTongueTongueTongue......One Man  Show of TA......
So let us all continue our discussions and suggesstions in the forum to make it more lively.......ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
The discussions with my sweet young lil sissies,new friends,mods,updaters here makes me more thrilled about the show and i enjoy their comments and suggesstions thereby making the forum more lively........
Thanks to IF.....Big smile
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for this celeb thread sri!!Smile
First of all,Happy First Anniversary Thendral!!!IClapPartyI guess that thendral is one of the first few serials that i know of which has its birthday being so lovingly celebrated.HugSo congrats thendral team!!!ClapClap
I have not been really addicted to any serial and i used to watch serials before just for the sake of passing my leisure time.I was never very serious about any serial.But thendral was something fresh,something unique and special and not following the conventional plot line of the lead character being all good and helping everyone.TongueThe first epi of thendral which i watched was the epi where thuls's photo got confused with lav's photo.I first started watching this serial as I realised that deepak was the hero and I have always seen as deepak as a funny and jovial host in JN1 and i thought it would be different to see him in the lead roleBig smile.But later i lost touch with thendral and the next epi i caught was when thuls insulted ta in the bank.I realised that thulasi,the heroine was not like any conventional female lead in the sense that she also had negative sides to her which was her gullibility.I should say that thendral was nice then but I was not addicted to the serial yet...
But when more of t&t scenes were shown like the college and park scenes with the wonderful bgm and all,I really got hooked on to the serial and from then,I should say that I have never missed even one day of thendral..Big smile.And i am proud to say that i am a t&t fan.StarBig smile
I think that what makes thendral unique from any other serial is the wonderful lead pair whom I agree have been the best onscreen chemistry to dateThumbs Up.Not every onscreen pair is compatible and nice to watch but i should say that I loved every t&t sceneSmile.Next would be its different plot line which shows the reality of life.Thendral is one of those few serials which captures the multiple facets of any character,both positive and negativeSmile.I also like its theme of women and their struggle to receive education.My personal fav scene of thendral is undoubtedly the court scene as it not only portrays the deep love and understanding of ta and thuls but also sets the young couple as a role model for today's young generation.Tongue
I would like to thank the thendral team for giving us such a wonderful serial of which I have enjoyed and cherished each and every moment.Firstly,I would like to thank Kumaran,the captain of the ship who has crafted this serial to perfection and excellence.We might have criticised many points in the serial but really I think that this is the best serial to date that I have watched.I should also appreciate him for appreciating and taking into account the ideas and feelings of viewers.So keep up the great work kumaran and wishing u more success in yr life!!!Star
Secondly,I would like to thank deepak and shruthi who have so dedicatedly given their best and portrayed the roles of thamizharasu and thulasi to perfection.ClapThey have made a great couple and every emotion and expression which they have shown have captured our hearts.I can see the effort behind each facial expression they do and I wish them more success and we are looking forward to seeing you both in more serials!!Star!Next the other leads,NR sir and Srividya have been wonderful villains and villis. Both your acting is top-notch and you have really been wonderful antagonists.ClapOther actors like Sudhakar sir,Hemalatha,Sadhana and S.N Lakshmi amma and every single actor and actress in the serial also deservse a round of applause for making this a wonderful serial.Clap
Next would be the music director Mr.Kiran who has composed wonderful bgms which have stole our hearts and even made us listen to them over and over again.Every note is magical and without you,our t&t scenes would not be as cativating!!!On the whole,thanks and congrats to every single member of the thendral team as I think that thendral's secret of success would definitely include its teamwork.ClapBig smileThumbs Up
Then would be our IF Thendral Dev Team, our mods Aahaana and Atina and also Aishu for wonderfully guiding this forum and making it more interesting each day.Thanks loads to our updaters who have set aside so much time and effort and present us with lovely updates which capture the essence of each epi so beautifully.Lastly,I would also like to thank the forum members for making this forum so lively and fun to be in!!!!This forum has definitely made thendral more special to me.ClapBig smileThumbs Up
I wish the Thendral Team many more happy anniversaries and this serial has been a wonderful one.Keep up the great work and continue rocking for many years to come!!!DancingThumbs Up
Thendral Thodharnthu Nammathu Vazhkaiyal Vesattum...
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Posted: 12 years ago


Thendral came to our houses  on 7th December 2009.it  finish one year tomorrow Monday  & they are  celebrated 1rst anniversary on 7th December 2010 so  Congratulations THENDRAL team.

Thendal is Best Romantic young Serial tamil in serial histoire . i started watching this serial from first episode .THENDRAL is My favaurate serial & It has lot of younger fans from abroad countries
Exellent Director KUMARAN
kumaran very tallent director .I thank  to kumaran beacause he is giving best romantic serial for us .
story main theme
Womens Education
* Deepak&Shruthi (TT) .they are giving best acting for this serial , they both are giving such a beautiful romantic scenes for their fans.both are very cute romanic pair on screen .i promise i have never watch like our TT jodi in small screen & they  have beautiful chemistry .I am madly fan our TT .
"Journey Of TT Love"




Nice BGM songs


Best Romantic Pair

Best Friendship

Best Villan & Villi


I thanked thendral Team For they give best romantic serial.

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Posted: 12 years ago

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