Posted: 12 years ago
yes this topic is going to get closed soon but blah! 

You know as I was feeling kind and went to the KHJJS topic to pay my condolences for the failure of it, I got attack by saying how my favorite celebrity is a flop queen and it's quite ironic that I am the one laughing at them.  I wasn't even laughing.  I seriously felt bad.  

But I have a problem you see.  This forums is obv. maintained by gangs and every time I come here, I only see everyone calling my favorite a flop queen.   Ok fine, her first two movies were a flop but her other two did quite that's like what?  A 50% ratio compared to someone else's 3/8 ratio?  Isn't that someone else a flop queen as well than?

Let's talk about some numbers.  Math is slowly becoming my favorite subject.

A few interesting figures concerning my flop queen's two successful films:  firstly IHLS ,which did 43,68,00,000CR NETT at the Indian BO as compared to Padu's BKB with the same hero which might not even touch the 20cr mark and will probably finish at around 18-19. Also KHJJS in which Padu stars opposite Abhi, according to early estimates might not even have a 1.25 cr first day and a lifetime business of 15 cr while Flop Queens' D6 did a first day of 4.80cr and a lifetime of 31 cr.  While Flop Queen's Aisha a solo heroine film did a first day of just over 3 cr and a lifetime of 18 so that means her solo heroine film did around the same numbers BKB might do but MORE THEN what KHJJS will do.  Padu's only hit films have come opp SRK and SAK AND Akshay who are A LIST STARS. Let's see how much Flop Queen's films with these same actors collect.

Lastly Im hate getting into numbers (cause I lied, Math is no where close to being my favorite subject) but when you talk about star power, one has to see that KCK LP BKB AND KHJJS ARE 4 FLOPS IN ONE YEAR!  Not to mention CC2C earlier and BAH doing average (thanks to RK and Bipasha by the way).  Flop Queen has 4 films out of which one was an outright flop and one failed due to it's price while the other two were clean successes, and 2010 has seen two successful releases for Flop Queen and 4 flops and only one hit for Padu which was opp Akshay. 

There, those are some facts.  Now if we are talking about WORLDWIDE fame, please go see my post in the KHJJS topic.  That is all.
Posted: 12 years ago
Hmm okay....deepika padukone is the new flop queen of bollwood.
Happy?Big smile

Lily, can u please take off  the "flop" queen tag from sonam's head and put it on deepika's? i mean u started it :D why dont u do the honors here as well?!LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
I don't care what title Padu gets, as long as my favorite doesn't get a tag she doesn't deserve.  :-) 
Posted: 12 years ago
No no its padu can get that tag :D :D

 LILYYYYYYYYY....come here youAngry...put the "flop taj" on padu's headApprove.

Posted: 12 years ago
Shall we have a ceremony with tea and pound cake?  I'll go wear my best ball gown.
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by Farikina

Shall we have a ceremony with tea and pound cake?  I'll go wear my best ball gown.

oh yeeah lets do thaTonguet
Big smilebut hey...its just us...LILY is not showing up and other crazens..well you know..dont visit anymore!Wink
 its such a huge day for me as a crazen..Embarrassedmy padu getting a tajEmbarrassed

can we have icecream cake?Embarrassed and for tea..i like green teaBig smile
u tell?so which cake do u want?Big smile

Posted: 12 years ago
I do enjoy Pineapple ice Cream.  And yes, you can't fight the facts and nobody is behind you when you are going down.  True story.
Edited by Farikina - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
I agree, have stated the facts in your posts. . i totally agree...

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