Wahi Winget dance together on Indian Telly Awards!

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Posted: 12 years ago
great news guys, wahi winget are performing together on ITA! karan has blogged about him and jenny doing a dance sequence together :)
damn excited!

Anil Wanvari

Now to get to the post prod of the The Telly Awards and come up with kick ass edit of the show for telecast on 19 December on colors..

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Posted: 12 years ago
Oh wow....the JeRan fan left in me is happy...there is no doubt these two rock together...

JeRan fans are LUCKY man...I hope the song is hot but I am not expecting much...awards have weird choreography sometimes...

EEE can't wait to see it...when are the awards?
Posted: 12 years ago
I dont know but I am super happy!! I hope its a catchy song..but lets see indian telly usually puts out ajeeb ajeeb songs..nonetheless vm'ers like me and u can fix thsi ;)
Posted: 12 years ago
Awesome news!!!!!

Issssshhhhh......I so wanted to see JeRan perform....and finally it's happening....I really hope its a romantic yet rocking song....no matter what it is I'm sure JeRan gonna rock it with their sizzling and hot chemistry....!!!!!

Eagerly waiting to see it now.....hope we get a glimpse of it in either SBB or SBS!!!!

and Thnx a lot for sharing Jhanvi Hug
Posted: 12 years ago
Jhanvi now that we know this...our mind is just gonna keep trying to make up performances.. this is exciting and surprising!

I hope telly awards give us something really good since JeRan never really got their due properly but they should get it!

I shall be awaiting your mix on themWink My mixing habits are bad so maybe I will make one or maybe notLOL
Posted: 12 years ago

and its great b/c wahi is a dman good dancer and jenny is alright as well... can't wait to see what they come up w/!! eekkk...! now i def can't wait till the video is out..but they usually telecast late na.

Posted: 12 years ago
Jenni is fine and if not than Wahi can handle her...she did fine with her other co-stars for couple performances...Wahi is superb...i hope he fully got the chance to show his dancing skills...
Posted: 12 years ago
YAYYYYYYYYYYY Dancing... i am soo happy. thanx jhanvi. everywhere our jeran is togetherDay Dreaming

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