Not Understand why Arjun doesn't recognize Amrit!

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Posted: 12 years ago
Does Arjun not know of Bebo's past? Was he not the one
who altered the Bebo Amrit photos to Arjun-Bebo photos?

I haven't seen the episodes but just been reading the updates. 
When Amrit saves Arjun, and they meet...

Why is there no big deal? Is there something i'm missin?

Amrit is supposed to be dead for everyone but Viju so what's going on?

Explanations appreciated! Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
CVs even I want an answer to this question
Posted: 12 years ago
awww.. so it's a blooper.. i was hoping the updater just forgot to mention 
arjun recognizing amrit but then maybe viju makes something up.. like .. he looks like amrit but is not... 

i was hoping one of you could explain it.. 

see the hope i have for the serial... 

if this is a blooper.. it's a let down :(
Posted: 12 years ago
i think that when arjun supposedlu killed ambo in that accident ... he didnt see what amrit looked like maybe thats y he dint recognise him and vij introduced amrit as some one else
Posted: 12 years ago
well according to viju, arjun never met or saw amrit, so viju was saying that arjun have never seen amrit, he never met him or saw him anywhere, i never knew this will be really helpful for me. so i guess arjun never saw or met amrit before. this is the first time he is seeing her.
and about the picture i have no clue how did that happened, maybe viju is the only one who did all this without telling arjun about this.
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Posted: 12 years ago
viju mentions that arjun has not seen amrit
in the 1st dec epi viju says:
arjun hai jo amrit ko pechaan tha bhi nahin hai

Posted: 12 years ago

Teddysweety as Afee already told that Viju thinks to himself that Arjun hasn't seen Amrit before.

Although both brothers n the family was involved in this plan but it was only Viju who was directly dealing with the issue ( as we remember from the scenes when Viju used to sit in the mysterious dark room seeing the pics of the Narangs). So may be that is why only Viju has seen Amrit.

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