Radha or Rukmini?

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Whom do you admire/love more?

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Rukmini Devi
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Posted: 2010-11-29T20:43:53Z
I know it's like asking you to choose betwen two sides of the same coinROFL, since both are Mahalakshmi only, but story-wise, whom do you love/admire more?Wink
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Posted: 2010-11-30T03:34:39Z
undoubtedly  RADHA
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Posted: 2010-11-30T05:17:57Z
I love both Radha and Rukmini a looooot, but ever since I was young I've always felt a strong connection to Rukmini Devi.Big smile Her character reminds of Devi Sita: pure, steadfast in her devotion, softhearted, undoubting, etc, and she never showed any bitterness towards any one of Shri Krishna's wives, and she was never insecure about her place in his life as well, unlike some of the other wives.
My favorite story with her is undoubtedly Shri Krishna Tulaabharam, she really proved herself to be the most devoted of all of Krishna's wives.
I generally do not make any Rukmini Devi sigs, because I don't really like the actress who played Rukmini in BRC's MB, and since I never saw many epis of Pinky as Rukmini in RS's SK (also cause I do not like seeing SDM as Krishna in the second half of SK, lol), I don't know the actress enough to be a dan. But I love the character of Rukmini.Smile
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Posted: 2010-11-30T10:10:04Z
One went with Krishna where he was and left her own place and relations through her strength. One stayed at the place where she belonged and brought Krishna ever alive mentally where she was through her strength. So both are essentially the same with different approaches. 

But my answer is Rukminidevi to be a preferred form of Lakshmiji to look to.

I would like Sitaji with Ramji and not in separation from Ramji. We don't know as much about and enthusiastic about Hanumanji's life before meeting Ramji. We like him more with Ramji. Rukminiji is devotee always with God - with the lover - and Radhaji is the personified devotion longing for God with mind ever engrossed in lover.
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Posted: 2010-11-30T10:28:47Z
I also think both are the same only, but one suffered eternal separation from Krishna (Radhaji)Cry while the other was with him all the time (Rukminiji)Heart. In personality and character also both are the same, but since I love stories with happy endings, being the girl I am, am voting for Rukmini mata.Big smile
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Posted: 2010-12-03T04:28:30Z
Radha for me.
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Posted: 2010-12-03T17:14:21Z
I love both characters. Both of them, through their devotion, earned to be with God. But I like Radha more as I have heard many stories about her and Krishna.
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Posted: 2010-12-04T20:31:09Z
Rukmini mata.
Will edit later.
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