Ram or Shyam? Pick one!

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Whom do you love better? ;)

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Shri Ram
Shri Krishna
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Posted: 2010-11-28T13:32:28Z
I know you all are prob about to throw tomatoes at me right now for not putting the option 'both' ROFL, but if you HAD to pick one, who would you?WinkWink
Come on guys, I'm sure you all love one a teensy weensy bit more, so since they are both Lord Vishnu, do not feel so shy and just tell me which Avatar you love more.WinkWink
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Posted: 2010-11-28T15:36:22Z
First of all, great topic! Big smile 
I do love both avatars.
But In general, I think I have a teensy-weensy bit more of affection for Shri Krishna.
Why?? Well...
I adore his bal-roop and leela as a baby and child. Sometimes I wonder what it would've been like to have a younger brother. I really wish I had one. In that sense, I have a personal connection to Lord Shri Krishna and see him as a younger brother. If I had one, I wish he would've been like Bal Krishna--cute, loveable, a little mischievious, but good-natured and pure at heart. He also supported his brother Balram in his endeavours and did all he could for his wellbeing and to keep him from becoming egoistical.
But then again, I'm in a dilemma...Shri Ram was such a good brother! He was selfless and willing to even give his kingdom to his brother, Bharat. He cared for Lakshman like a father and loved all his brothers equally. I also see an ideal sibling in him.
This is how it is with God...you want to pick one form, but then you see both sides of the story and see that there are positive attributes in both LOL 
I love Shri Krishna a lot too for teaching us so much through his roles in the Mahabharat, his stories in the Bhagvat Puran, and his imparting of the Gita.
Also, Shri Krishna has so many forms--Ranchhod, Shrinathji, BalKrishna, etc.
More to come Big smile
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Posted: 2010-11-28T20:55:53Z

What about you Janaki di? Smile

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Posted: 2010-11-29T04:37:38Z
Where can I find tomatoes images on internet Janaki? They are really needed right now. ROFL j/k. Well done.Smile

Well for me both Ram and Shyam are same but since I know the intention of this thread is to choose compulsorily one form of the same person, I will have to write Krishna then because he didn't do his actions keeping himself restricted in human boundaries. His incarnation was beyond the boundaries of dharma but for dharma. And he was also beyond social attachments. Ramji's actions of crying on Dashrathji's death, crying for Lakshman when he was unconscious, Sitavirah, memories of Kaushalya when he was in vanvas all set greatest of social ideals of people having bondages of love and are woven in a common thread of love. But for a devotee, Krishna sets the greatest of ideals beyond social attachments. He would smile at social attachments and worries of physical safeties. The only thing to worry about is our virtues, devotion and liberation. He can be worshiped in any form and is approachable by all equally. Any woman can see her husband in him. Though I have written much more on my thoughts on Lord Krishna on Orkut and in my 'Member of the week' questions to Gunia in CC5 and in 'Ekpatni vrat vs 16008 queens' thread of this forum, I think I better keep it upto this much only here because it also side by side leads to the comparison of approaches of Ram & Krishna. I am present devotee of Krishna since the age of 19. But I am the devotee of Ram since my childhood when old Ramayan was first aired. And childhood emotions are always the strongest. So I haven't voted in the poll but just writing in comment that had it been a forced tickmark, it would have been Krishna. 
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Posted: 2010-11-29T05:03:23Z
not fair  yaar !!Ouch btwn Shri Ram and Shri Krishna Confused

well said Shivang !! Clap

voted for Shri Krishna
reason is not technical/logical  ... its just i c roop of Shri Krishna in my  little nephew.Heart

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Posted: 2010-11-29T06:45:32Z
Omg! !!!! Wat a topic di..
Really tough one to ans. ... Dont worry i wont post tomatoes eheheheeeeeee....well my explaination has two parts...

If i think on the super natural level.. Keeping this thng in mind that everybody on this earth is actually a part of the supreme God n will at some point of time merge into him..and attain Moksha... Then my ans wud be Lord Krishna...as this avatar is the puran avatar with 16kalas of Vishnu ji...

But if i think as a human being whose trapped in the maya jaal or the bondages then i vote for Ramji...he has set a standard for an ideal man on this earth.. N further also if i think on another level i.e. Being a woman. . Then also i would def. Want my life partner to be like Ramji..i knw thts too much to ask in todays world. .. But there's no harm in dreaming...lol..
Though there's nothng negative in my mind for Krishna ji in this context but still he being married to soooo many wives is wat i dont like... I know he gave equal imp to all the ranis... But he is god.. Its acceptable in his case...but i cant tolerate such things in my case... :-P :-P

So i vote fr Ramji while thinking accordibg to the second half of my ans.

Wat about u janu di...??
Waiting fr ur ans. Heheheee
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Posted: 2010-11-29T15:37:56Z
Wow, wonderful answers, guys!ClapClapClap Thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one!Big smile
Lols, I would throw tomatoes at myself if I could.WinkROFL I know how much unfairrr this poll is, but was just curious.WinkWinkWinkWink
I pretty much second what everyone said, that it is soooo hard to choose between Ram and Krishna, and that both avatars are mesmerizing and interesting in their own way.
But like Deeps said, as a woman in this society filled with imperfect relationships, where both husbands and wives cheat on each other, have affairs, do not value relationships, etc, my heart tends to pine for a life partner like Shri Ram, who gave most importance to marriage and his wife than anyone else.Embarrassed Yes, yes, it is impossible to have a husband like him since this is Kali Yug and all, and we would be lucky to get someone half way decent, but yeahhh, he is my dream man.WinkLOL
This is also because I view Shri Krishna in a more brotherly/child fashion while I view Shri Ram in a more life partner type fashion.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I love Krishnaji too, especially Bal Krishna. I think Bal Krishna is the cutest and mesmerizing of all Krishna's roops, just love reading Krishna Leela over and over.Day Dreaming
My favorite adult God is Lord Ram, and my favorite child God is hands down Krishna.Big smile
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Posted: 2010-11-29T20:04:26Z
Thanks Parina. Yours was also very good answer. Very sweet one. Now let's help Janaki in finding the tomatoes.ROFL

Lol. Very diplomatic answer Janaki and Deepika. Smile How did you vote then? So you wouldn't want husband like Shri Krishna. You people got lost in your own world of dreams of ideal husband for yourself, didn't you? He he he. Good good. LOL j/k 

Krishna was the husband any woman would die to have even despite sharing him with all the others and he would manage it still by pleasing them all Big smile - stealing the hearts and then purifying them dragging the jealousy/discrimination of self from other women out and pulling the devotion right out of them in action and teaching them that love is sacrifice and giving and sharing only. It is another issue that nobody other than Krishna is worth having that status such that people should feel proud that he is of all and not of one. God is of all and yet is of each one individually. Issue of actual mortal husband following monogamy is one thing and the liberty to see Krishna only as husband along with every other devotee like Meerabai is another devotional aspect. And beauty of Meerabai's involvement was that she was still feeling jealous with Radha (As if realizing the self to be the reincarnation of Gopi and living in that time only but still not totally realizing that she herself was Radha only).

Now for me it is very difficult to make out in which form I see him. I think I see both of them as God only and in no other social relation. If at all I see them as any relative of mine, I think it could be as friend probably you can say. Not sure though. I guess the relationship is solely of God-devotee or at social level you can put it as leader-follower. Or like the master-servant relation Hanumanji perceived. Like a fan of some national political leader or influential celebrity (I know the relation that I have chosen at social level also is the most far & difficult to approach compared to the choices of you people Wink). And also the funny thing is that I am hardly a crazy fan of any actual celebrity and I don't like modern politics also or don't know much about modern day leaders or even know hardly about religious leaders since I don't want to be a part of any particular sampraday but just want to be a independent devotee of Ram & Krishna.

I enjoy the Makhanchori leela part very much as a devotee and its subtle interpretation of dharmsansthapan and premleela of God but I am also inspired/thrilled/amazed most by Jarasandh wars, Indraprasth nirmaan, Udhyog parva and Geeta of Krishna and Aranya kand mainly of Ramayan. I feel the most that part of Ram and Krishna which is focusing the most on the AIM of their incarnation at explicit level and focusing on the destruction of evil. Still deeply as devotee willing to cry, all the meetings with devotees and all the scenes of sages in Treta and Dwapar are the best. Whether Ram or Krishna are physically present or not, I always feel them present when I see Shabri/Sharbhang waiting for them, Gargacharya talking to blind poet, Meerabai lost in bhajans. So while feeling one with them, in that experience, the difference of identities of Ram and Krishna completely vanishes.
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