A Ramayan couple which deserves more limelight?

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Which couple from Ramayan do you think is paid least attention?

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Lakshman and Urmila
Bharat and Mandavi
Shatrughan and Shrutkirti
Dashrath and Sumitra
Janakji and Sunaina Mata
Ravan and Mandodari
Meghnad and Sulochana
Kumbhakarna and Vajramala
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Posted: 2010-11-27T07:50:18Z
hiii friends, which couple in Ramayan do u think is talked about least out of all?Embarrassed Who do you think deserves more attention?
I think it is Shatrughan and Shrutkirti. Not only the books, but movies and serials also alwaysss ignore them.CryCryCry
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Posted: 2010-11-27T08:58:21Z
I vote Meghnaad and Suloachana, because Suloachana is said to be a pativrata naari, but we hardly know why. She is only mentioned once or twice.
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Posted: 2010-11-28T09:23:25Z
Lakshman and Urmila is my choice.

The information on the other couples is available - only they have not been shown or portrayed. But information on Lakshman and Urmila and their sacrifice for their elder siblings have not been written about and most of the times very childishly portrayed.
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Posted: 2010-11-28T13:14:17Z
I voted Maharaj Janak and Mata Sunaina... he was a rajrishi and had struck a perfect balance between living in the world and yet, in terms of spiritual knowledge, being above and beyond it... he was a householder, a king, and a detached/desireless sage all at once... so his marriage would probably be the perfect example how marital life should be.
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Posted: 2010-11-28T16:13:19Z
Shartrughna and Shrutakirti.
Lakshman and Urmila are talked about because of Urmila's sacrifice, and Bharat-Mandavi are also given attention because of the incidents involving Bharat and the raaj-gadi. Bharat took a vow to live the life of an ascetic for years and to live as Ram would in the forest. Mandavi didn't accompany him although she wanted to, and her sacrifice is also talked about, as I have seen in RS's Ramayan.
But Shatrughna and Shrutakirti are rarely given dialogues and portrayals, and very little about their characters is analyzed or taken into account...it's like they're just there.
^^ That's just individually. Nothing really is said about them as a couple.
I'm really interested in learning more about these two...wish I could just call them up and ask for an interview LOL LOL 
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Posted: 2010-11-30T10:03:02Z
My choice is Lakshman and Urmila.
Lakshman is known for his sacrifice and his for his devotion towards his elder brother and sister-in-law, but nothing is written about Urmila, that is why she is known as"kabye upekshita" ie, neglected in the epic.

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Posted: 2010-12-03T04:19:26Z
sure it is Laxman and Urmila.

they were the ideal couples who loved each other and needs more consideration.
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Posted: 2010-12-06T14:30:25Z

I voted Shatrughn and Shrutkirti bcos I feel they are given the least importance.

Lakshman and Urmila are recognized for the sacrifices they made even if it is on a small scale...but Shatrughn and Shrutkirti are not recognized at all. There's nothing about them as a couple...no scenes together in any of the serials. In RS's Ramayan I think Shrutkirti has no dialogue.Ouch

Like Anisha said they're just there!Unhappy

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