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Posted: 2010-11-26T10:55:12Z
Hey guys,
I am back with a new FF titled Soulmates- Lives Entwined. It's the story of 8 individuals and how their lives got entwined in a way they never thought possible. It's about 8 individuals whose lives change forever after one tragic incident. It's about finding your true soulmate in situations you never thought possible.

All eight characters are human here, no supernatural elements please. LOL

Character Sketch

1. Mayank Sharma- A young, talented actor. He is a silent and reserved person. Acting was NOT what he wanted to do, but situations in his life made him take up the job. He is an honest and straightforward individual. To him there are no shortcuts to success, hard-work is the only way. He is popular and famous, and actually genuinely loves his fans, conducts meet-and-greet so that he can make them happy.

2. Nupur Bhushan- An aspiring actor who moved into Mumbai city to pursue her dream. She is bubbly, talkative, dramatic and erratic. She is full of life and loves people knowing her. Even when she is nervous or sad, she hides it behind her cheerful disposition. She is histrionic and full of nautanki. But when there is an emergency she is relatively calm, composed and takes care of the situation immediately.

3. Misha Sharma- The younger sister of Mayank. She is a talkative tomboy. She hates glitz and glamor, being girly or dressing up in anything relatively feminine. She hates attending her brother's parties and meet and greets with her brother. She is into sports and actions. For her the best way to fight injustice is to get even. She shares a great rapport with her brother and loves him immensely despite their fights.

4. Siddhart Kapadia- He is a brooding loner and doesn't get along with anyone. He also hates the glitz and glamor. To any woman he seems like a complete charmer, but that isn't true. Very rarely does he strike a rapport with anyone. He is the right person to be around in case of an emergency, as he completely takes the situation under control.

5. Pia Jaiswal- A young and beautiful girl who loves to live a simple. Her parents are her life and she loves them more than she can express. She is the kind of girl who loves playing with butterflies and is content with the small happiness' in life. She is very protective of those she loves and can go to any extent to protect them.

6. Abhay Raichand- A budding industrialist. He runs the West Wing in the Raichand Industries. He is a die hard romantic and treats his fiancee with utmost love and respect. He showers her with gifts. He is, the kind of guy any girl would want to fall in love with. The ideal boyfriend, fiance and husband material.

7. Panchi Dobrial- A feminist who works in an NGO against woman abuse. She is kind of suffering from OCD. LOL But she fights against injustice, protects against anything wrong without a care for the world. She is a doting mother to her daughter Tina and a caring wife to her husband Vikas.

8. Danish Singh Rathore- The owner of a popular restaurant in one of the biggest malls in Mumbai. He is a sweet and kind guy. The one who can't even harm a fly.

Side/Supporting Characters
1. Dia Bhushan [Nupur's Twin Sister]
2. Shilpa Sharma [Mayank's and Misha's mother]
3. Tina Dobrial [Panchi's Daughter]
4. Vikas Dobrial [Panchi's Husband]
5. Mr. and Mrs. Jaiswal [Pia's parents]
6. Maithli Kapoor [Abhay's Fiancee]

Okay guys that's it with the character sketch. LOL
The story is about MayUr, SidSha, AbhIa & DaChi. Ooh and yeah, their characters individually. :)

Do comment,
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Posted: 2010-11-26T11:09:44Z the 1st to comment........awesome cs dear...............cant wait to  read more...pls continue soon...............................
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Posted: 2010-11-26T11:56:37Z
Wow!! So you finally started your fanfic! Looks interesting. They are all leading such separate lives oblivious of each other's existence. I wonder how their lives will intertwine! And of course it has my two two favourite couples MayUr and AbhIya and my two favourite chicks Misha and Panchi too!! Please add me to your PM list! Its going to be a rather unique FF!

P.S. Best part: Danish is positive!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2010-11-27T22:06:26Z
i wud like to read this one....but make sure that u do continue this one......
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Posted: 2010-11-28T04:22:27Z
I never watched PKYEK as I dont have starone in my cable anymore..
But I am in for this story as long as MN is there :) Please add me in PM list
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Posted: 2011-01-03T17:17:31Z
 I am so looking forward to this !!!
It sound amazing !!! 
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Posted: 2011-07-10T02:48:40Z
Please continue...Would love to read the fanfic
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Posted: 2011-08-21T19:46:44Z
woweee add to pm list pleeaaseee :)
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