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Posted: 2010-11-11T14:29:00Z
So guys, we theists are always questioned and sometimes even mocked @ one thing...
HOW do we know God is there? We have never seen him etc. etc. is what is usually told to us. Atheists have this one easy argument to put forward. And well, they in any case have easy arguments only cuz they say the 'burden of proof' lies on US, the believers. Which I totally don't agree with. Because we don't have to prove anything to them. It's our wish. If we want to, we will. If not, then who cares. We don't HAVE to prove it.
But still, if you would like to put forward some arguments as a theist then what would those be? Smile Let's discuss Smile And I am very happy to discuss and make this topic here bcoz over here atleast, I won't lose my temper. Right Jaanu? LOL
Okayy, over to you all...My answers later. I got lazy after writing this much only ROFL
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Posted: 2010-11-11T14:47:21Z

Hmm..well for me up until recently I was pretty close to being atheist..not really like that but apathetic towards god etc... i always questioned the truth of the ramayan and if it actually happened etc..

but for me, I kind of take religion on a spirtiual basis.  I feel it is the only thing that will keep your sanity when times are tough and its good to have your heart set on something when you know all things are not going well. 
Atheists can think what they want to think...we are not forcing religion on them, nor should they force their beliefs on us.  I do not feel that atheists are bad people but just have a different view of life thats all. 
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Posted: 2010-11-11T14:51:25Z
Nono Jhanvi...u haven't come across those kind of atheists. Trust me, they can be very rude X_X I have friends who aren't really believers either but they are not those kinds. Like the ones me and even Jaanu witnessed some months back LOL
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Posted: 2010-11-11T15:07:16Z

well i guess in that case, those atheist seem to be unsettled by their own thoughts which is why they would question others... this is the only reason to their actions I can think of :S

I feel if one is insecure about what they posess they start to point fingers and try to find the bad in what others have... like I dont know but I never question an atheist why they are the way they are..and thats because I respect their views and I have my own...if we were to get into a discussion about religion..i would not expect them to agree about anything that i say and at the same time i they snever say something to offend them.. but if they start to say stuff like that then its obvious they do not have respect for not only the other person's views but for themselves as well for conducting themselves in such a bad manner. 

People can ask many questions as they can and they can speculate as much as they want but at the end its up to your own heart and soul to believe what you want to believe and if your bhakti is true no amount of power/questions/force will be able to shake your foundation... hence the ppl who ask questions rudely to others already seem to have a crumbling foundation..

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Posted: 2010-11-11T15:14:34Z
Your right. Like even my own brother...even though our family is highly religious and spiritual but my brother, not really. He even speaks crap sometimes but I just ignore. Cuz his views. His opinion. I just keep my mouth shout. But if someone talks in a disrespectful manner then that does irk me. 

So noww I know what to do the next time I face such people. Copy pasted and saved Jhanvi's answer in my notepad and also in my brain. Next time if I meet a rude atheist, I ll be ready with this answer :D

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Posted: 2010-11-11T18:04:43Z
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Posted: 2010-11-11T19:42:18Z
I agree 100% with Jhanvi - those who get rude and nasty and disrespectful about others' beliefs are most likely uncomfortable with their own. That itself is the proof we have, Anku - the sense of peace and security our beliefs give us, the strength we derive from them in times of trial and difficulty - if that warmth and comfort is not God, than what is it?

And Anchal, I actually am very interested in that Swadhyay Trikaal Sandhya you mentioned, please do tell us more!!!
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Posted: 2010-11-11T21:09:44Z
Was wondering when you would create this topic, Anku.Wink I totally saw it coming.LOL Haha, only teasing you. ;)
RESERVED for a decent post tomorrow, as I'm sooooo tired right now.Sleepy
But let me just say, I've met my fair share of both nice and rude atheists, and I'll write my experiences with them.
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