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okkk now here are the DO's & DON'Ts of this JuNcTiOn ...  :
Star This FFJ is ONLY for mythological shows... plzzz dont post the ff's of other shows in which Mytho show actors have worked or are working.
Star There is no restriction on the length of FF's ..
u can also include pics in ur FF's ..
Star Please keep chatting to a  bare minimum. You may comment on the FF's you like, and also discuss the writing skillsof the FF author, but please do not start chatting freely about OTHER topics like it is a discussion thread.
Star Do NOT quote entire FF, however, u can always qoute ur fav. lines for further discussion on the FF.
Star ONLY pictures of mythos are allowed. Please do not post pics from other shows of actors who've acted in mythos.
Star Also, we can have Talking pictures here .. its like relating random pics of mytho show(s) with some theme .. hope it'll be fun ..
For ex. Taking pics of diff characters n based on the expression of the face ... creating a chat ...eheheee
I hope the rules are pretty simple to follow??
so lets start !!
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Great idea Deeps! This is a great way to keep up with all the FF Hug
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Okkk .. frnds .. i watched some bachpan ki videos of both NDTV Ramayan as well as RS Ramayan ..
and have prepared a Fan-Fic... thnks a ton Lola for giving me the pics ... love u !! Hug
Hope u like it .. feel free to criticise if u dont like anythng .. as dis is my first ever try !! WinkWink
Its another lovely day in Ayodhya...all the three Momies are donewith their morning prayers..
and.. they come to the chambers of Little boys - Ram, Bharat, Lakshman & Shatrughan..
to wake them up...
Kaushalya Mata : Ram !! Dear son.. wake up..
wake up son ..!!
 look our Surya Devta has appeared @ ur window.. on his super glowing chariot..
Come on ! Hurry up... u & ur brothers have to do Surya vandana..
Go.. n get ready Son !!Big smile
Ram :  Pranaam Maa !! I hope m not late for the morning prayers?? Shocked
Kaushalya Mata : No... No.. my dear ... u are on time ..
u r never late !! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Ram & his little brothers perform their daily prayers well in time..
Shatrughan (very excited) : Hey... Come on !! Lets go to the Garden in front of our mahal..
I saw some very juicy and delicious mangoes on the trees there, yesterday ..
Lets go and try our shooting skills..
I am sure Bharat bhaiya will get maximum mangoes.. he has improved alot !!
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
Lakshman (angrily) : huhhhh.. no Shatrughan.. No doubt Bharat bhaiya is very good with
bow and arrow .. but only Ram bhaiya will get maximum mangoes... Do u undersatnd?? Angry
Bharat : Heyyy guyzzz ... chill... Do not fight please .. !! Shatrughan .. Lakshman is right .. Ram bhaiya is incomparable .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Shatrughan (interrupting) : But brother.. !! I know ur skills.. Disapprove
Lakshman : And i know Ram bhaiya's caliber..Thumbs Up
Ram (in very serene tone) : Okk.. okk.. Brothers ...please dont fight...we have to go to father's chamber to seek his blessings.. right??
And Guru Vashishth ji says that when we pray or seek blessings from someone ..
we should do it with a happy heart and relaxed mind .. we should not have any negative vibrations
around us... okk.. So just calm down u little angry boyz !!  Big smileBig smileBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Lakshman & Shatrughan : Okk bhaiya ..!! As u say .. Sorry bhaiya .. we won't fight again ! WinkSmile
Ram : Now that's like my Good brothers .. Come on.. !! Lets go and meet dad !!SmileSmile
They all go to the King, seek his blessings and head towards the royal garden ..
Its a lovely garden ... with thousands of different types of sweet smelling flowers...
ponds with crystal clear water .. lush green grass and lots of birds chirruping here and there ..
The boys stand near the mango trees ..
Ready to shoot the mangoes ..
GO !!!
Lakshman : Oh my God !! I was targetting that mango right infront of me .. and look ..
my arrow went on the apple tree behind the mango tree... Ermm
Oh no.. !! I think I have to work really hard .. need hell lot of practice... Pinch
Shatrughan :Oh brother ! Atleast your arrow went somewhere ..
mine has landed just 5 steps ahead of me .. LOLLOLLOLLOL
Bharat and Ram didnt say anything ... they are just enjoying the convo of the duo ..
and smiling ..
Shatrughan (curiously) : Hey lets count the number of mangoes Ram bhaiya and Bharat Bhaiya shot.. StarStar
Lakshman(a bit excited too) : yeah... come .. lets find out..Wink
Shatrughan: Hey Lakshman bhaiya ... see i told you na.. Bharat bhaiya will shoot off maximum
mangoes... see thats Bharat bhaiya's arrow and there r so many mangoes here..1,2,3,4....Cool
Lakshman(a bit angry again) : No... this is Ram bhaiya's arrow ... see... see..
Shatrughan: No.. no... wrong !! Its Bharat bhaiya's arrow .. Angry
Lakshman (getting furious @ Shatrughan) : Lets ask Ram bhaiya ..  (Looks at Ram) What do you say bhaiya... I m right na ??? Smile
Ram : Lakshman... my dear brother... whatever is mine ... it belongs to u all as well... am i right?? Embarrassed
Lakshman (now very calm) : yeah but... Shocked
Ram : Is there any place for If's and But's among foru of us??? SmileEmbarrassed
Lakshman & Shatrughan (together) : No bhaiya .. Ermm
Ram : So does that matter whose arrow is it??? Smile
Lakshman & Shatrughan : No Bhaiya.. not at all...we are reallly sorry..
we fought again... please forgive us... SmileSmileSmile
All the three younger ones touched Ram's feet and hugged him and then collected the mangoes
lying on the ground and went back to the Rajmahal ..
Here in Rajmahal...the atmosphere is a bit tensed ... and sad .. Cry
Guru Vashishth has suggested Dashrath ji that Ram and his brothers must attain their education now..
and for this they must be sent to the Gurukul...
Parents are not able to prepare themselves for such a long separation  from their children..
But keeping in view the importance of education in life.. King has agreed with guruji's suggestion... and the boys are getting ready to leave for gurukul the very next day .....
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Res. for the 1st Talking pic. convo LOL
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Here I post the two FANFICs as given to me by dear Lola as a part of member of the week questions in CC5. Credit of pictures and translation goes to her only. She supported me with total enthusiasm without my request. Akaaran dayaalu meri behenaa. SmileSmile

1) convo between Lakshman and Vibhishan soon after the latter joins Shri Ram's camp, in which they discuss the differences in their brotherly relationships and cultivate understanding, respect, and friendship for each other

Treta Yug's battle of good and evil is just around the corner - and one blessed devotee has just signed up for the winning team. The captain Shri Ram has accepted Vibhishan whole-heartedly, and the rest of the team is quickly beginning to realize that he's one of their own. Tonight, as they were camped at the seashore figuring out how to get across, it was Lakshman's turn to get to know the real him.


Vibhishan: Pranaam Lakshman bhaiya! Kya aap vishram nahi karoge?

Vibhishan: Pranaam, Lakshman bhaiya. Big smile Don't you want to get some rest?

Lakshman: Pranaam! Nahin Vibhishanji, mujhe to jagne ki aadat si hai. Mujhe neend nahi aati aur thakaan bhi nahi hoti. Mera sharir kai raat jaagne ke liye purna roop se taiyaar hai. Mujhe mere bhaiya ke aashirwad se ye yog sahaj hai. Waise bhi ek yoddha aur peheredaar ke liye ye aavashyak bhi hai.

Lakshman: Pranaam... not really. I'm used to staying awake. I don't get sleepy or tired, actually. I'm just made for this kind of responsibility, I guess. With bhaiya's blessings, it comes easy to stay disciplined and carry out my duties as a servant and a warrior and a man on patrolling. 

Vibhishan: Jee chaahata hai mai bhi Prabhu ka dwaarpaal ban jaun. Maano wahi mera kaam hai. Aapke bhraatruprem aur bhakti ke baare me to pehele maine bahut suna hai, parantu dekhne ka suavasar aaj prapt hua hai. Sansaar ke samast sukhon aur anya samast sambandhon se upar aapne jo aapka bhraatruprem aur aadarsh chhote bhai ka dharm nibhaya hai, wo aashcharya ki seemaon se bhi pare hai aur param vandaneeya hai.

Vibhishan (amazed): I feel as if my natural duty also should be to become the gatekeeper of Lord. I've heard so much about your legendary brotherly love and devotion, but today I'm finally getting a chance to witness it. It's just beyond amazing, how you could put your brotherly love and duty as an ideal brother above all the other pleasures and bonds in the world and stand by it so faithfully. It's worth worshipping.

Lakshman: Nahi Vibhishanji. Isme mera 'Aadarsh chhota bhai' hone jaisa kuchh bhi nahi. Mere liye bhaiya Ram hi mere Bhagwan hain. Janm se le kar aaj tak mere mata pita guru, sab kuchh wahi hain. Wohi sarva shaktiman hai. Wohi poornagyani hai. Un shantaakaar ki sheetal chhaya me reh kar hi mujhe sada prerana milti hai, shanti milti hai; meri bhavanaaon ke aaveg ko sahi disha milti hai; gyan milta hai. Jeevan me maine jo kuchh bhi sikha hai, unse hi sikha hai. To mera to sab se bada sukh bhi unhi ki sewa karne me hai aur mere unke atirikt jinse bhi naate hain wo unhi ki dori se hai. Unke hi kaaran hai. Mera har koi se nata hai wo keval isliye hai kyun ki un sabka mere bhaiya se hi prem ka janam janam ka nata hai. Yadi unka nata bhaiya Ram se na hota, to mera bhi unse koi nata nahi hota. Aisa mera manna hai. Mera janm to jaise bhaiya ke charno me rehene ke liye hi hua hai aisa meri antaraatmaa ne janm se hi pehechaan liya hai. Aur unke bina to mera jeevan jaise bina jal ki machhli ki bhaanti hai. Aur yadi aisa na hota to mai moodh jeev jeevit rehkar bhi unke gyan ke ankoosh aur aachaaron ke aadarsh ke bina apne swabhav vash krodh aur ahankaar me kho gaya hota. Aur jis bhraatrudharma aur bhraatruprem ki aap baat kar rahe hain usi vishay me mai kahunga ki mere hi bade bhaiya Bharat jo mere bhaiya hi nahi parantu Rambhaiya ke mahaan bhakt hain, unke prati bhi mere mann me shanka aur heen bhavana aa gaye the. Ye to mere swami ke hi Shree charano ka prataap hai.

Lakshman: It's not really like that Vibhishanji. I didn't have to choose him over all the other relationships and pleasures, because for me, he himself IS all of them, so nothing like being 'ideal younger brother'. Since birth, I've considered him my mother, my father, my teacher, my God. He's all-powerful and all-knowing. It's under the his peace-giving shadow that I get all my knowledge and inspiration, my emotions get channeled away from evil and towards good. Everything I've learned, I've learned from him. All my joy comes from serving him and all my other relations exist because of him. They are who they are because they love him, and so in loving him only we are joined as we are. If they didn't love him, then they wouldn't have anything to do with me, I believe. I was born to serve him and learn from him; without him I'm a fish without water. Quite literally actually, because my nature without the influence of his grace and wisdom would turn me into a beast. For example, that brotherly duty you speak of was not demonstrated by me when it came to my other elder brother Bharat bhaiya ' great devotee of Rambhaiya - and he of all people was once the subject of my suspicious and angry nature! That I got out of that is nothing but Shri Ram's grace.

Vibhishan: Nishchay hi Shaantaakaar ko apni anant seva ki sej pe sulaane wale hi ye keh sakte the. Mujhe reh reh kar Brahmaji ki kahi hui baat yad aa rahi hai aur mann atyant aanandit ho raha hai. Mujh par Brahmaji aur Hanumanji ne badi kripa ki hai. Yadi mera aapse bhi nata jud jaaye to mai samjhunga ki aapne mujhe Shri Ram ki bhakti ke yogya maan liya. Aapne jo bhi kaha bada hi sundar kaha Lakshman bhaiya! Kya mai aapko isi naam se bula sakta hun na? Mujhe aapse ye puchhte hue sankoch hota hai kyun ki mai swayam ek bhai kehelaane ke yogya ab nahi raha.

Vibhishan: Without a doubt, only he who serves the Blissful One eternally can speak such words.  It reminds me of what Brahmaji had told us a long time ago, the promise he made me... and seeing it fulfilled in front of my eyes gives me unspeakable joy. He and Hanumanji were so merciful unto me, and if only I can share that bond with you also then I will be ever so grateful. I'll know for sure then, that you've thought me worthy of being a fellow servant of the lord. You spoke so beautifully and inspiringly, Lakshman bhaiya! Can I call you that, please? I'm hesitating a little as I ask because I've lost the right to use that term so recently. 

Lakshman: Nisankoch aap mujhe koi bhi naam se bula sakte hain Vibhishanji. Itne sevakon ki bheed me aap mujhe keval bhaiya ka ek chhota sa daas hi samajhiye. Aapki bhakti ko mere pramaan ki koi aavashyakta nahi. Hanumanji se hamne aapki dharmparaayantaa aur bhakti ke baare me sab kuchh jaan liya tha. Aapka bhaiya se milan ka suyog vidhi ka vidhaan hai. Aap to swayam bhi ye jaante hain. Aapko unki sahaj bhakti vardan me praapt hui hai. Aur bhaiya ko swayam is baat ka gyan avashya hoga jab aap unki sharan me aaye the. Warna mai to sab ki hi bhaanti yuddhniti ki drishti se hi shankaalu tha ki aap kaise apne sahodar bhai se is sankat ki ghadi me alag ho kar shatru paksha ke paas aa gaye the! Aap ko ye antahprerana kaise hui?

Lakshman: Of course, you can call me whatever you want, Vibhishanji! I'm but a servant among a crowd of worthier ones, you don't even need your pure devotion to be certified by me. Hanumanji himself has told us of your honorable and dedicated devotion. Your meeting with Ram bhaiya was divined by destiny; even you know that from before, it was your own wish come true. Bhaiya must've known this too, even before you joined us. The rest of us only had doubts because of standar war ethics, we were just confused as to why you would leave your brother and join his enemy at a time like this. Now we know better, but you obviously knew better to begin with. What was your inspiration?

Vibhishan: Mere mantrion ka mat tha. Parantu meri mata ke aadesh se mera karmpath swachchha aur nirdhaarit ho gaya. Maine apni ore se jeevan ko pura daav par laga kar bhaiya Ravan ko samjhaane ka prayatna kiya parantu mai nishphal raha.Unhappy Unke krodh se bhi Prabhu ne hi meri raksha ki Mandodari bhabhi ke roop me bhi aa kar aur mere apne logon ke beech ek bhraatrudrohi, kuldrohi aur deshdrohi ki sangyaa abhi se paa chuka hunga phir bhi aaj mai yahan par jeevit hun aur utsaahit hun. Ghor nirasha aur apne saamaajik dharm me nishphalta ke boj ke baad bhi chaaron ore aashaa ka hi prakaash maano abhi umad raha hai. Shri Ram ke mujhe Lankesh ghoshit karne ke bin maange anugrah ke kya mai yogya tha? Kya ye prakaash mera bhram hai ki sachmuch mere andar satva sanchaar ho raha hai? Jee karta hai apna sab kuchh Shri Ram ko samarpit kar dun.

Vibhishan: It was my ministers' opinion, and then my mother's orders made the path of duty even clearer for me. On my own, I put my life at stake to try and make Ravan bhaiya understand what was right, but was unsuccessful. Even from his anger, the Lord saved me in the form of Mandodari bhabhi. Though among my own people it's gotten me titles like traitor and backstabber, I'm here, alive and hopeful, by His grace alone. Despite the deep despair of rejection and the burden of failure in my social duties, it seems that hope is shining all around now that I'm here. I didn't even ask for the Lord to name me king of Lanka and still know that I'm unworthy of it; so, is this light of hope an illusion, or is you guys' righteousness already rubbing off on me? I feel as if I give my everything in return for this grace of Shri Ram.

Lakshman: Nahi Maharaj Vibhishanji. Aasha ke is prakash ko apna saubhagya maan kar samet lijiye. Aapne apne bhai ko nahi tyaga hai. Aapne to apna mugut bhi uske charno me rakh diya tha. Wo abhaga aap jaise apne heere ko parakh nahi paya hai. Mai to chhote bhai ka dharm apne Prabhu ke sevak ke roop me saahajikta se nibha paya hun. Aapne to apna chhote bhai ka saamaajik dharm bhi poorna roop se nibha diya aur phir itne apne bhakti me adig mann se us bade bhai ka aur apne jeevan ka moh bhi tyag kar apni praja aur apne Bhagwan ke liye apna sab kuchh tyag diya. Aap ke liye to apne saamaajik, naagrik aur sevak dharm sabhi ka paalan ek sath me karna bahut kathin tha jin sab ka hi aapne paalan kar ke dikhaya hai. Aapki sthir bhakti aur buddhi vandaneeya hai. Ye mere liye bhi samajh pana aashcharya ki seema se pare hai ki kis prakaar aap us vaataavaran me itne samay se reh pate honge!!!!

Lakshman: Don't doubt yourself, Vibhishanji, the light was always a part of you. Now that you're aware of it, accept it as His blessings and bask in it. You didn't ever give up on your brother and even went upto put your crown at his feet; it was his misfortune that he couldn't recognize a diamond like you sitting in his own home. I followed my brotherly duty as a servant, and though it was difficult, you followed yours just as loyally by encouraging him to join you in the superior duty of devotion - you put this duty even above your life! It must've been so hard to follow your duty as a brother, a servant, a citizen, and a devotee all at once - and still you managed to balance them out with your wisdom and devotion so beautifully! It's beyond my imagination, how you were able to survive that tenuous environment for so long. 

Vibhishan: Jaise daanton ke beech jihva rehti hai. Mahabali Hanumanji to meri ye paristhiti dekh hi chuke hain. Parantu mujh ko bachpan se hi ye aadat ban chuki thi. Mai apni bhakti me mast reheta tha. Ham teen bhai ke swabhav bahut hi alag the. Bhaiya Ravan ko to mera bartaav kabhi nahi bhaya. Wo sada mujh se chidhte rehete the. Parantu Kumbhkarna bhaiya mujhe bahut sneh karte the aur sada hi mujhe bhaiya Ravan ke krodh se bacha liya karte the. Dhire dhire sab ye samajh gaye ki mai jaisa hun waisa hi rahunga aur mujhe wo log nahi badal paayenge; jaise mai unke liye nirasha aur dukh se samajh gaya tha ki mai unhe badal nahi paunga; aur mere vichaaron ka parihaas bana kar log apna manoranjan karne lag gaye aur mujhe isi bahaane us parihaas ke paatra ke roop me swatantrata mil gayee. Maine sada hi ye chaaha ki mere swajan dharm, sadbuddhi aur bhakti ki raah par aa jaay parantu ahankaar par kisi ka vash nahi. Prakruti badi prabal hai. Mujhe pehele is baat ka bahut hi adhik dukh hota tha parantu dhire dhire maine prakruti ke aage matha nama diya aur jitna mere vash me tha utna mere raja ko dharm ke maarg par rakhne ka prayatna karta gaya. Parantu mera mantri hone ka koi prabhaav athva arth hi nahi tha kyun ki unko mere vichaaron ke prati koi aadar nahi tha. Phir bhi apne shaastra gyan ke kaaran meri shaastron ke hi pramaan roop niti ki baat naanaaji ke rehete kabhi kabhi Maharaj maan liya karte the yadi unko lage ki meri us salaah ke kaaran unki veertaa ki keerti badhegi. Thoda bahut mai bhi raajnaitik buddhimani aur daavpech kar leta tha unko chaturai se apni baat manvaane ke liye. Parantu Mata Sita ke apaharan ka ghor paap karte hue mai unko rok nahi paya.Unhappy

Vibhishan: Like the tongue lives between teeth, dear brother Unhappy The Great Hanuman got a glimpse of what my situation was like when he came. But I kind of got used to it since childhood. We three brothers were all drastically different in nature. I would be lost in my devotion. Ravan bhaiya couldn't stand that behavior, he would always pick fights with me because of it. But Kumbhkarn bhaiya was really loving, he always protected me from Ravan bhaiya's anger  Gradually everyone understood that I would always be as I am, they couldn't beat the devotion out of me as hard as they tried; like I also had understood that I wouldn't succeed in bringing them to devotion & nobility... so I just became a laughing stock and they let me live as their comic relief. I always wanted my near and dear ones to take to righteousness and devotion, but their pride always got in their way. Nature's a pretty strong force. It used to bother me so much before, but now I've come to accept it as Nature's way and curb my expectations. To whatever extent I could, I still encouraged him to take the right path as a king, albeit without the authority or respect of a true minister in his eyes. But still, dubbing my book knowledge proof of 'ethics', grandsire sometimes convinced the king to hear me out as long as I was presenting the right road as one that led to greater glory for him. It took some political cleverness, and sometimes it worked. But unfortunately when it came to Sita Maa's abduction, it didn't. Unhappy

Lakshman: (Shouting) Wo aap isliye nahi rok paaye kyun ki uska ant ab aa chuka hai. Angry Apne paapon ka ghada bharne ke kaaran wo apna karmphal swayam hi bhugatega. Uske aur uske kaal ke beech ab keval 100 jojan ka hi antar reh gaya hai. Shri Ram ke virodhi ka uddhaar ab keval Shri Ram ke hi hath me hai. Wo is dharti par ab rehene yogya nahi. Aap apne mann par se boj nikaal dijiye. Prabhu ke anugrah ko prasaad samajh kar grahan kar lijiye.


Lakshman (shouting): Angry It didn't, because his end has come! It was about time for his quota of sin to be filled, so that he can face the fruits of his own deeds! Only the hundred leagues of this ocean stand between him and his destruction now... Shri Ram's got his fate at his fingertips! He's no longer worthy of remaining on this earth. Rest assured and cast away this burden of guilt; the Lord's grace is upon you and justifiedly so, accept it with joy.

Vibhishan: Kaash mere bhai ko sadbuddhi aa jaati. Lakshman bhaiya!! Aaj mai bahut khush hun. Shri Ram prabhu ne hi keval mujhe apna mitra nahi banaya, parantu unke bhakton ne sabne mujh par pura vishwas kar ke apna liya. Aap se baat kar ke mai bahut hi raahat ki saans le paa raha hun; maano dharti ka pura bhaar uthaane wale ne mere mann par se bhi bhaar utha liya.

Vibhishan: If only my brother could realize this and share in it too. Lakshman bhaiya, I'm overjoyed today. Not only did Shri Ram call me his friend, his devotees also accepted me in full faith and made me one of their own HugAfter speaking to you I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as if the the bearer of the whole earth's burdens has taken my load upon himself too. Day Dreaming

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2) Childhood story of Devaki and Kans by which we get a glimpse of their differing personalities  (Question - task assignment by Lola)

Fanfic - Again the credit of translation and picture goes to Lola.Smile

It's a bright afternoon in Dwaapar Yug. The royal family of Mathura has finished up with lunch and moved on to the rest of the day's work. Maharaj Ugrasen is planning a feast for the poor, the ministers are discussing the young prince's training, the prince himself (a 14-15 year old Kans) is laughing at their plans with his cunning and devious friends, and the sweet, gentle princess Devaki (about 8-10 years old)... what was she up to?


Kans: Kya hua meri laadli behen? Kyun ro rahi ho?

Kans: What happened to my darling little sister? Why are you crying? (sits down beside her)

Devaki: Bhaiya!! Mai apni sakhion ke sath khel rahi thi tab meri ek sakhi ne mera gudda apna samajh kar le liya. Ham dono hi ko wo bahut priya hai.

Devaki: Bhaiya!! (amidst sniffles Unhappy) See, my friends and I were playing with our dolls, and one of them... she accidently went home with mine. We both love him so much!

Kans: Phir kya hua?

Kans: Mm hmm, and then?

Devaki: Mujhe wo mera beta gudda abhi tak wapis nahi mila. Usi ki yaad me roye ja rahi hun. Mujhe aaj hi diya gaya tha usi samay aur maine to use thik se dekha bhi nahi tha phir bhi mujhe wohi chaahiye tha isliye mujhe wo bina thik se dekhe bhi pyara tha.

Devaki: I didn't get him back yet, just missed him got a little worried for him so I started crying. I just got him today, and I didn't even get a good look at him Unhappy but still loved it even without properly looking at it as I wanted the very same.

Kans: Meri behen ko rulanewale ke aansoo sukh jaaye utna mai usko rulaunga. Kaun thi wo tumhari sakhi mujhe bataao.

Kans: (angrily) Angry: Which friend was this? She made my sister cry, I'll make her cry until she has no tears left!!

Devaki: Arre nahi bhaiya. Mujhe meri sakhi se koi shikayat nahi. Mujhe wo bahut pyari hai aur use bhi mera gudda bahut pyara lagne laga hai aur use hi wo apna maanne lagi hai. Ye to ham sab sakhiyan apne apne khilauno se khel rahi thi unme se use wo bha gaya. Use to ye bhi pata nahi ki wo mera gudda hai. Aur uski guddi wo swayam le kar nahi aayee thi meri hi tarah. Ham jab khel rahe the tabhi ham sab ko wo gudde guddiyan diye gaye the to usne bhi to apni swayam ki guddi hi dekhi nahi thi. Mujhe bhi baad me hi maalum pada. Maine ghar me sabse Vishnu ka gudda manga tha aur sab keh rahe hain ki Vishnu ka hi gudda bheja tha. To wo to meri wo sakhi ne dekh kar hi chhupa diya. Parantu is samay wo usko sath hi liye hogi? Mera gudda uske paas to hoga na?

Devaki: (shocked, her mouth dropped open) Shocked Oh no, bhaiya!! I don't have any complaints against my friend... I love her a lot, and she loves that doll too, as if it's her own! We all got our dolls at the same time, and not everyone knew which one is for whom, so we all played with each other's and that one turned out to be her favorite. I only knew because I've been asking mom and dad for a Vishnuji doll for awhile, and they said they got me one - so I knew He was mine. But she didn't know, and I didn't know until later that this cute girl dollie she left behind was actually hers. It's fine that He's with her, but... she's taking good care of Him, right? He's safe, right?

Kans: Ha ha ha ha ha. Arre Devaki. Tu ab badi ho rahi hai. Ye gudde guddion se khelane ki ab teri umar nahi hai. Waise wo gudda aisa to kaisa hai jo tujhe itna priya hai!!!!!!!

Kans (laughing loudly): ROFL SillyOh Devaki, you're getting too old for this doll stuff, silly! What was so special about that one anyway?

Devaki: Bhaiya. Wo Bhagwan Vishnu ka gudda hai.

Devaki (getting serious): Stern Smile Bhaiya, it was a Lord Vishnu doll!!

Kans: Vishnu ka gudda!!!! Us vishnu ko tu chhota sa bhola bhala baalak samajh rahi hai? Wo to bahut hi chhaliya hai.

Kans (mockingly): Silly A Vishnu doll!! You think he's a sweet, harmless little plaything... but don't you know that he's the meanest trickster around?

Devaki: Bhaiya. Aisa mat kaho mere Vishnuji ko. Taaushree aur pitashree kehete hain, we sarva shaktiman hain. Unko jo bhi sahaj lage us roop me aur us naate se prem karo. Bhakti karo. Unke prati kripaya aise virodh aur vyang ki vaani mat chalaao. Mai aapse binati karti hun.

Devaki (shocked again) Shocked Bhaiya, please don't say that about my Vishnuji! Dad and uncleji say that he's all-powerful and all-loving, and we have to think of him lovingly all the time in whatever form we like. We have to be devoted to him. Day Dreaming So please, please don't talk about him so hatefully. I"m begging you.

Kans: Ha ha ha ha. Vishnu se Prem??!!! Bhakti!!!!? Ye Bhakti kise kehete hain?

Kans (confused) Shocked: Lovingly to Vishnu? Devotion? What's all that crap?

Devaki: Satat nirantar mann se unka hi chintan karna hi bhakti hai.

Devaki (getting lost in the blissfulness of her own words): It's when you just... lose yourself, and think of Him all day and all night, longing for Him and nothing else...Day Dreaming  that's devotion.

Kans: Par tujhe to sada tere gudde guddion ka hi chintan hota hai.

Kans (smirking): But you only think about your dolls and dollies all the time, don't you?  ROFL

Devaki: Aur aapko sada apne shatruon ka. Smile Bhaiya! Kabhi Vishnu ki sarvoparita ka gyan apne andar jaga do phir jo bhi roop ka chintan sahaj bhav se kar sakte ho usi roop me unko dekho puri vinamrata aur sharnaagati se. Hanumanji ne jab Kalnaymi rakshas ko mara tha to usne Ram ka nam marte samay bola tha to uska Shri Ram ke sath bhakti ka nata jud gaya.

Devaki: and you, about your enemies Wink Bhaiya, if you just understood that He's above all, then any form of His you like and can lose yourself and your pride to is perfectly fine... even if it's Him as a cute little doll. Remember that story Gurudev told us about the monster Kaalnemi, the one who get's a chance to think of Shri Ram before Hanumanji kills him, and so he too became a devotee? It really works!

Kans: Arre Devaki. Ha ha ha ha. Shatruon ka chintan karna to mere liye bahut hi sahaj kaam hai. Ye tu sahi boli. Par tu bhi kya pitashree ki in bholi bhali baaton me aa gayee. Vishnu aalsi aur kaayaron ko chhal se jeeta deta hai. Devataaon ki kathaayen nahi sunati kya? Bina parishram ke unko sab vaibhav vilaas me kho jana hai. Koi shakti nahi isliye bhikhaarion ki tarah hath jod kar chaaplusi karne lag jate hain. Aur ye Vishnu ko apni stuti karnewale apne bhakt bade achchhe lagte hain jo kaayar hain. Devaki. Yadi tujhe gudda hi chaahiye to tujhe mai chakravarti samrat ka gudda dunga.

Kans: Well, you got one thing right - I do have an easy time thinking about enemies I'm going to crush. Evil Smile But I don't know how you fell for the rest of dad's naive and childish rant on devotion. Here's the real deal - Vishnu just pulls a bunch of magic tricks to make lazy cowards win. Don't you remember all the stories about the devas, the ones who get lost in luxuries without working for it, thanks to him? They don't have any strength of their own, so with hands folded like beggars, they line up at his doorstep and butter him up. And he also foolishly gets happy with their praises and does their work for them LOL Devaki, if you really like dolls then let me get you a cool one - one of a powerful emperor. Cool Yeah, I'll get you that one.

Devaki: Mere liye to sab sant aur rishi munion ke hriday ka samraat hi mera gudda hoga. Nahi bhaiya nahi. Aap aisa mat boliye. Aap ko paap lagega. Taaushree aur pitashree kehete hain ki jo paap karta hai wo paap karta hi jata hai aur yadi wo us chakra se bahaar nahi nikla to uska ant me vinash ho jata hai. Aur devata to sadguni hote hain. Vikaar to kisme nahi aa jaate. Aisa srushti ka koi bhi praani nahi hoga jiski buddhi moh ki jaal me phans nahi jaati.

Devaki (in blissful mode again): But... mine already is an emperor of emperors!! He rules over even the most detached sages' hearts. Heart Please stop saying these sinful things about Him bhaiya, it's not right. Dad and uncleji say that once you start on the downward spiral of sin, you just keep falling lower and lower to your own destruction. And the devas are nice too, bhaiya! Everyone falters once in awhile, that's a part of nature. But doesn't make them bad overall, there's something to love about everyone.Embarrassed

Kans: Ha ha ha ha ha. Vinash. Mera vinash. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aur wo tumhara Vishnu karega? Jo dunia ke nirbal aur shaktiheen logon ka Bhagwan bana baitha hai? Aur tujhe to un devataon ke guddon se bhi khelna chaahiye. Unki mata Aditi ban kar khelna chahiye. LOL Tujhe in rishi munion ke aashramo ki hawa lag gayee hai. Chal mai tere sath khelta hun. Ham shatranj khelte hain.

Kans (amidst loud evil laugh): You got me at destruction - that's hilarious! MUAHAHAHA!!!!Evil Smile ROFL And that too, by your Vishnu? The one that weaklings and cowards only have crowned as God? And the way you are advocating, you should also play with dolls of those devatas now. LOL These sages and their discourses have messed you up pretty badly. Come with me, we'll play chess.

Devaki: Mujhe aise marne maarne ka  aur chaalen chalne ka khel achchha nahi lagta bhaiya.

Devaki (shyly): But... I don't really like chess, bhaiya. Blushing All that plotting and deceiving and killing and defeating... it's not for me.

Kans: Pitashree ke aage aisa mat bolna. Wo yaadavon ke sardaaron ke sardaar hain. Ye kyun nahi keheti ki tu haar jaaye aisa khel sikhana hi nahi.

Kans: Hahaha... don't say that in front of dad, he's a powerful king, man! You're just afraid of playing something you'll lose, aren't you Wink

Devaki: Smile Nahi bhaiya. Mujhe pasand hi nahi. Khel khel me khilauno ko sipahi 

bana kar dharma ki sena me balidan karne ke liye khada karna alag baat hai. Yahan tak to mai kar sakti hun. Warna maine to aap sab ko khelte hue dekha hai. Agar koshish karun to kadachit kuchh pyaade maar bhi daalun par mere mann se ye ho nahi paaega. Aapse mera putra kabhi khelega aur aapko haraayega.

Devaki (smiling): Nope, that's not it, I really don't enjoy it Big smile It's different if they're fighting and making sacrifices for a good cause. That, I can be a part of. But it shouldn't just be fighting selfishly for no good reason. That way, I've seen you guys play often enough. If I tried, I'd manage just fine, might even win a few of your pieces, but no point because I wouldn't care enough to enjoy it. I'll jst wait until my boy grows up and let him play with you, beat you even Wink

Kans: Devaki. Kans kabhi nahi haartaa. Yuddh ke daavpech ho ya rajneeti ke. Jeetata wahi hai jiski bhujaon me bal ho. Tera putra bhi mujhse khelega to mera pehela hi pyada usse maat de dega. Mujh ko maat dene ki koi soch bhi nahi sakta. Mai kisi se bhi maat  sahen nahi karunga. Apne aap ko haarne se aur marne se bachaanaa praani ka dharm hai. Mai apne us dharma ka sada hi paalan karunga. Jo Kans ko chunauti dega uska bhagya samjho phoota hua hoga. Wo phir Kans ko dosh na de. Wo uski apni hi vidhna hogi jiske kaaran uska Kans ke haathon vinash hoga.

Kans (sternly) Stern Smile Devaki, Kans NEVER loses. Whether it's debates or actual fights, politics or war - might is always right. If your little doll tried to take me on, I'd knock it out with my first move. No one can even think about defeating ME. It's in fact my duty to keep that from happening, keep myself safe. I'll always put myself first, over and above everyone else. If anyone tries to get in the way of that and challenges me, it's their misfortune because I will crush them. Can't blame me, they put their fate in MY hands.

Devaki: Bhaiya. Krodh na karo. Mere putron ka bhagya bhi aap hi nirdhaarit kijiyega. Achchha. To ab mai chalti hun.

Devaki (rolling her eyes): Wacko Fine, fine, bhaiya. Calm down. You can decide fate for my babies too LOL Whatever. I'm going to step out now, see you later!

Kans: Kya hua? Is aayu me hi apne asal putra ki baat tak pahunch gayee aur apne us nakli gudde ko baaton baaton me hi bhool gayee.

Kans: Haha, you're still little, and you already switched your dolls for babies! Amidst all this talk of your babies you forgot about that doll you were crying for in the beginning?

Devaki: Nahi bhaiya. Mai baaten koi bhi karun, kisi ki bhi karun, wo gudda to mere mann ke andar sada ke liye basa hua hai. Meri hi kalpana ka chitra. Day Dreaming Bas mujhe lagta hai ki abhi wo jahan jiske paas hai wahin achchha hai. Wahin thik hai aur surakshit bhi hoga hi.

Devaki: Oh no, I can never forget about Him. No matter what I'm talking about or who I'm talking to, my heart is always with Him. He lives in it forever, he's been in it all along - even before I got Him  I just figured He's safe and happy wherever He is, so I'm relieved.

Kans: Tumne abhi bhi us sakhi ka naam hi nahi bataya.

Kans: You haven't even yet told me the friend's name.

Devaki: Mujhe pata hai ki aap sidha usse mera gudda maangne jaaoge. Aur yadi use malum pada to usko bahut dukh hoga. Usko ye chhota gudda hi achchha lagta hai. Mai phir kabhi usse bada gudda maang lungi. Ham sipahi sipahi ka khel bhi khelte hain na. Usme mere gudde ko mai dharma ki sena ka senapati athva saarathi banaungi. Tab mujhe wo chaahiye hoga.

Devaki: Because I know you'll go snatch Him back from her and make her sad, and I would never want that. She loves him for being little and cute, and I just love him, period. So I guess I can wait until I can get from her a bigger doll when I would need to use him when we play cops and robbers, he'll be the head cop or charioter in the army of truth.Wink

Kans: Achchha wo guddi jo tere gudde ke badle aa gayee hai, wo bhi to teri asli guddi ho sakti hai. Aur haan. Yadi tujhe putri hui to kya wo bhi mujhe haraa paayegi shatranj me? Ha ha ha ha.

Kans: Hahaha. And that dollie she left in his place, you can play with her until then too I guess. She can be yours for the time being. 

Devaki: Wo to aapki putravadhu banne yogya hogi na bhaiya. Wo tumse shatranj thodi khelegi. Aur maine ghar aa kar hi jo aapke haath me vastu di thi wohi wo guddi thi. Par tab aap kuchh chinta ya krodh me the aur rakh di. Parantu uske pashchaat wo mil hi nahi rahi. Maano Jagadamba ki tarah adrishya hi ho gayee. Mere rone ka ye bhi ek kaaran tha. Aapne aisa kyun kiya bhaiya? Aisi bhi kya apne aap ki itni chinta?

Devaki: But she would be to become your daughter in law, then how can she challenge you in Chess? In fact I brought the dollie to show you a little while ago, but you were in a bad mood and cast her aside. Since then, she's disappeared! Just like a fairy Godmother! Shocked In fact that's another reason I was crying. Why do you have to be in a bad mood all the time? All I wanted was for you to play with me and her, but you were so worried about yourself you didn't even care. Why are you like that sometimes? Unhappy 

Kans: Tu bahut bolne lag gayee hai Devaki. Tujh me itni himmat achaanak kahan se aa gayee? Ek din tera wo gudda bhi swayam hi dhundh kar laaunga aur usko bhi masal kar phenk dunga. Phir roti rehna jee bhar ke. Tere baki saare guddon ko bhi tere paas rehene nahi dunga.

Kans (getting really frustrated): Angry You talk way too much, Devaki, you're getting on my nerves! I'll find both the stupid dolls and when I do, I'll break them and give you. Then keep crying in your love and devotion.

Devaki was confused at her brother's mean streak, and was about to cry again Broken Heart... but then she remembered her Vishnu doll and how He was always with her, even when He wasn't... and she smiled. She knew that everything would be ok.Day Dreaming


(And he left and Devaki was very frightened.)

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wwwoooowwww gr8 FF's bhaiya ... ClapClapClapClapClap
both are fantabulous ..
but the second one is more lively LOL
though Lucky n Vibhs one is veryyy veryyy intellectual ...SmileEmbarrassed
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Greaaaat idea Deeps... now our little city has a library also LOL The talking pic idea sounds soooo cute, can't wait to see the first one Day Dreaming And You and Shivang bhaiya already know how I feel about those fanfics you both posted.... ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap times infinity LOL Looking forward to reading many many more!!!
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