shaadi bhagvaan se?

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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:20:01Z
hey guys, just wanted to get your opinions on something
what did you guys think about meera?
We all know her as bhakt meerabai and knwo that she was an ardent follower of krishnaji and his teachings.  But we hardly look at her as meera who married krishnaji...we know when she was little she was married off to her 'gudda' for play sake from her parents but she took it spiritually
in today's day and age do you think anyone would be so willing to do such a thing? Meerabai is obviously an exception because she is a saint.  but aaj kal ke zamane mein what do you think would happen if someone was to do such a thing? wouldn't they be termed upon as 'jogan' ? like forget krishnaji, what if tommorrow i wanted to marry ramji would one take the steps forward in doing such and living a life knowing your husband is God?
I feel bhakti is when your devote yourself to bhagvaan and give your entire being up...i feel shaadi is just a procession we've come up with...if you're really dedicated to God, I feel tapasya is the way to go or just pooja.  I feel like love for God is unbounded by things like not saying what meerabai did was wrong, that was her way of doing things but she never used her marriage as a way to worship krishnaji, she did it out of her will..she would've been krishnaji's bhakt no matter what
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:53:41Z
you're on a roll!
I can't keep up with all of your threads, but I still wanna put my two cents in. Very Very interesting topic, I was actually reading a book a while back and basically it talks about this one shlok from Geets. can't recall the shlok. ughh. Basically, it talks about all these qualities. You need to inculcate these qualities into yourself. It basically talks about how if you consider God to be your husband then you would consider this world as your own and all of the creations as your own because god has created everything.

It goes really into a lot of details talking about each quality can't really remember how many there are. But I can PM you the details of it...if you're interested.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:54:41Z
What you're talking about Jhanvi comes under, how do I put, the various, let's say....'bhav' you have towards god.
Like there is Gopi bhav....but in that bhav too, there were Gopis who used to think of Lord Krishna as their husband, some as their brother, some loved him as their son and so on.....
And God takes all of the bhavs equally and in the way they are :) You'll find various examples in Shrimad Bhagvad ji...
I did put down more but the things is I need to brush up what I knewEmbarrassedTongue To write without the proper and correct story, I may write something that's why I don't want
However, in today's day and age...if someone does it, the normal world would call them stupid, silly etc. but for that woman, it is her own bhav, bhakti and love for God. To reach that stage of devotion, she would have done a lot of bhajan and now that she has reached that stage, she would not care about this world. Cause she would understand, for her, this world is silly. And for her, her devotion is all that it would mean.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:55:11Z
Great question!Clap
You know, I think the main reason Meerabai harbored romantic feelings for Krishna is because she was the avatar of Lalitha from Shri Krishna Leela, the best friend of Radharani who secretly loved Krishna a lot and always wished she could marry him. So to satisfy her wishes, Krishna Bhagawan had her be reborn as Meerabai.
In my opinion, it is not wrong wishing to marry God, but in today's day and age, getting God as your husband is very hard. Also, they say one's husband is equal to God, so if you devote yourself to him, it is like marrying God himself and you will attain moskha.Big smile
Also, those who married God in historical and puranic stories all had 'past stories' which were the reason they were reborn to marry God. They were not your everyday guy or girl who suddenly had an inspiration to marry God and set forth to do that. They were all literally saints, or of divine origin. Lalitha was of divine origin, so that is why Meerabai is also of divine origin. Some texts say that Lalitha was an amsa of Bhudevi, so that makes Meerabai also an amsa of Bhudevi, right?
For people like us, the closest we can get to 'marrying God' is by devoting ourselves to our spouses, whether we are guy or girl. Being devoted and faithful to one's husband or wife in my opinion is the same as marrying God and being devoted to him/her. Because true undying devotion to one's spouse brings one moksha.Big smile
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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:16:03Z

@anchal: lol..when it comes to bhakti..i think the topics are endless! yes, do send me a pm :)

I agree..its the certain feeling you have towards the lord which makes your tapasya different from anyone else's.. good point

hmm.. i don't know about worshipping  your husband (woh aur bhi upar urdega rofl) but i do feel respecting and udnerstanding your spouse is highly imp. like i admire my nana-nani for this nani got married when she was 14 *thats called child trafficing in america rofl* and my nanaji was 18ish? ..well my nani always told me that my nanaji was a bit of the serious type so they started out their relationship by just understanding each others needs/habits then became friends then husband-wife..then at the very late ages became friends again..

i feel being i guess.. dil se pyar do kissiko then w/o fail they'll feel it..

same goes w/ bhakti..if you dil se pooj bhagvaan w/o fail they'll aknowledge it..

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Posted: 2010-11-10T19:31:11Z
Lolz @ hubby ko aur upar udaana LOL

I think that if the bhaav of loving God as a husband is as practical today as it was when Meera dwelled in it, as long as it's as pure as hers was. As per the Bhagavat Puraan and the various bhakti texts derived from it (Bhakti Sandharba, Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, Preeti Sandharba, etc.), devotion to God in one of those most intimate relationships - considering him your own lover (madhurya ras) or your child (vaatsalya ras) is devotion at its best. The problem arises when that feeling is tainted with possessiveness and jealousy and egotism, and those exist in quite a surplus nowadays. Blame it on the paapi serials, I guess LOL j/k... but yeah - having that shortcoming in your loving feeling towards God makes you unable to "share Him" with the rest of the world, even though he IS the rest of the world.  If you start going, God is MY husband dammit, he can't help you with your troubles! He's only MINE!", then your feelings are not going to allow you to be a well functioning human being Embarrassed Like, say, Shurpnakha - she got attracted to Ram and wanted him as her husband, but her feelings were totally selfish and impure and egotistical in every way - she thought she was the only one pretty enough to deserve him, that her powerful family background just had to mean she was entitled to him, etc.  If within yourself you consider God your husband and love him with that single-mindedness and that depth, you can do that in any era. But if you - like those elitist "pandits" who bar "lower castes" and "foreigners" from entering their temples because God is only yours and only you are good enough for him, what kind of a bhakt are you, really.... I think I didn't answer the question at all but was continuing to get my dil ki bhadaas out after having heard about yet another one of these elitist temples so... just bear with me LOL

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Posted: 2010-11-24T11:28:31Z
Interesting topic. Well I think that Meerabai was an exceptional bhakt and she was totally in love with Krishna as to give up her enter world for him. If one is that in love with God, and are unselfish enough to maintain that, then there is nothing wrong with them marrying that deity. I mean, we talk about concepts like soul mates and stuff in the modern world. But really, Krishna is our only soul mate, not anyone else, he IS Paramatma and we are Jivatmas! So who else would be as perfect for everyone? Everyone loves him in different ways, whether it be as a son, a father, a friend, a brother, a teacher, or a husband.
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