Ram's 'Eka Patnivrat' vs. Krishna's 16,108 wives

Posted: 2010-11-10T16:09:56Z
Now, don't start throwing tomatoes at me guys, because I assure you, I LOVE both Ramji and Krishnaji - a lotLOL, but this doubt has been playing in my mind for awhile now and I wanted to know your reasoning behind it.Embarrassed   I don't think there is any 'correct' answer for it, but the explanations you all think to be true may clear my doubt.
I am basically confused about one thing. Lord Ram demonstrated in his Ram Avatar, that the ideal for every man must be "one word, one wife", meaning that a man should never lie in his lifetime and he should also stay devoted to one woman. Ramji considered both these ideals to be most important, because for the sake of honoring his father's word, he went on 14 year Vanvaas and even when he sent Sitaji on exile in Uttar Kand, he had a golden statue of Sita Ma made instead of remarrying someone else for the Ashvamedh Yagna, even when the praja wanted him to remarry.
Ramji set this ideal for a reason, right? It is because he wanted everyone to follow this ideal and attain moksha.
If Ramji set such a strict ideal, why did Lord Krishna go contradictory to that ideal and marry 16,108 Princesses?
Like I wrote above, I love Lord Krishna a lot and I do not condemn his actions at all, but am just confused.
Both Ram and Krishna are equally important Avatars, and people follow the example of both Avatars.
But a genuinely confused man would be stumped once he gets to the wife part, wouldn't he? Ram said 'one wife' alone gives a man eternal glory, Krishna married more than one wife...so what do people follow? Would it be right for a man to marry more than one wife by taking Krishna as an example? After all, Krishna is also God.
I have a theory playing in my mind about this, but want to hear your explanations first.Embarrassed
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:23:47Z
Hmm...I don't know krishnaji's reasoning w/ all those wives..but i do remember something like he wanted everyone to feel happy as all the women wanted him as their husband...
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:28:27Z
Originally posted by desigrl05

Hmm...I don't know krishnaji's reasoning w/ all those wives..but i do remember something like he wanted everyone to feel happy as all the women wanted him as their husband...
Yeah, I know the stories behind his marrying so many. 16,000 of them were sages/sages wives from the Ram Avatar who wanted Ram as their husband in their next life, and the supreme 8 wives were all parts of Goddess Lakshmis.
But my question isn't that. I just want to know how a normal man would reason behind keeping one wife or marrying more than once, by taking either Ram or Krishna as example.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:48:17Z
he would get a slap across his face if my husband tried to do that.. rofl.. bhagvaan ki baat alag hai.. they did set examples but i think more so the motive behind krishna was to tell ppl to be pious.. i personally think polygamy is wrong but i am no one to question the scripts but i guess i am somehwere shortenned in interepreting them :S
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Posted: 2010-11-10T16:58:59Z
Great topic Jaanu. My answer soonn =)
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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:16:07Z
But... Krishna did a LOT of things that wouldn't make good examples for others to follow. He stole the gopis clothes as a kid, remember? And he bent the truth sometimes... he really isn't supposed to be an example for others to follow. That's what Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram was for. Krishna was supposed to be God on earth, not God as man on earth. There's a saying in Hindi, "Krishna ki kehni, Ram ki karni". Do as Krishna said, do as Ram did. When you see a woman in trouble, you're not going to be able to magically appear and extend her sari. But you can put in as much effort as it takes to get her rescued Embarrassed Most things that Krishna did are in fact things  humans can't do, so the intention really isn't to follow his example. Metaphysically speaking, Lord Vishnu is supposed to have 16 kalas - full-fledged Vishnu has 16/16 potencies. When he came down as Shri Ram, he had 12/16, so he was the perfect man. But as Krishna he brought down all 16 - he wasn't bound by the rules of nature or society, and he wasn't gonna pretend to be. His avtaar was meant to inspire awe and love and devotion - not set an example.

Did that do it Embarrassed
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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:20:30Z
lola... you are so wise lol. im serious though..your interpretation of the scripts is really good
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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:28:53Z
Awww.... could you repeat that like 10 or 12 times, and maybe even in front of my Hindu Phil teacher ROFL I'm blushing real hard right now, you da best Jhanz Hug But wait until you meet Shivang Bhaiya... Professor Sahab, the human encyclopedia LOL
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