Divine Miracles

Posted: 2010-11-09T22:10:07Z
Hey guys,
I'm wondering it there's ever been a divine miracle in any of your lives Smile Maybe someone in your family was terminally ill, even the doctors had lost hope, and they got better, or your parent lost their job and things were bleak but then he/she got an even better one than they previously had, etc.
Divine miracles are an additional proof of God's existence and the fact he cares for us...having one occur to you makes you very lucky and if you have anything to share regarding this please do if you can Smile This topic is broad and I welcome discussions and replies Big smile 
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Posted: 2010-11-09T22:16:26Z
Beautiful topic Nishipie ClapClapClapClap Reserving this post for a story I'll share tomorrow, and looking forward to reading some goosebump-inducing responses by then!!
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Posted: 2010-11-09T22:21:50Z
Originally posted by lola610

Beautiful topic Nishipie ClapClapClapClap Reserving this post for a story I'll share tomorrow, and looking forward to reading some goosebump-inducing responses by then!!
Thank you Lola! Smile Hug 
Yayy, looking forward to reading it! Smile Big smile 
Although I haven't exactly experienced a divine miracle, there's been many incidents in my life where I've almost lost hope and my confidence in what i'm doing is sinking, but then God shows me the way, to believe in myself and in him and not heed the world or anything else...that's really helped me and I guess his guidance itself could be termed as a "miracle."
And every time I feel tired, I think of all the goals I've set for myself and decide to keep moving forward. That is all due to his grace and inspiration.
I have more to share and I also will do so tomorrow Smile 
Hope others share what they've experienced as well Big smile 
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Posted: 2010-11-10T04:44:16Z
When my mum went to the ICU 2yrs ago the docs said that she had a 50/50 chance but we somehow knew she'd be alright..we had kept a shankar bhagvaan photo taped to the ledge of her bed so if she woke up she could see it...  w/in a couple weeks she started to improve like mad..she went through rehab and did wonderful
she was my miracle
even though she is with God today I still feel she was soo sacchi in spirit that maybe she was meant to go early instead of facing the toils of this world.
and anytime i do good in school would be divine miracle :)
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Posted: 2010-11-10T05:17:22Z

great topic Anisha!

@jhanvi: I am sure that she must be very happy and proud to see the same spirit alive in you!Hug
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Posted: 2010-11-10T15:20:39Z

Beautiful topic! Jhanvi, amazing miracle. I'm sure that your mother must be extremely proud of you.

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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:22:03Z

My best divine miracle is def. related to my college life exams in the last 2 and a half years...see how guys...

First lets come to the preperation of exams....u know from the whole syllabus, I just prepare 8-9, max. 10 which is very rare if I get down to do 10 questions. Normally, its 8-9. And in our paper, we have to attempt 6 questions. And the questions that I do, I know 2-3 are def. coming from it...for the rest, from midnight wen I sit down to study for the exam(yea, just before the exam..lol) to the morning wen I am studying, I am always looking @ the god's photos around me and saying pleaseeee let the rest of the questions come from this, pleaseee, pleaseeee...LOLZ. And yea, the questions have always come from those. 90% of the times Embarrassed
Then the marks...LOL!
I would give internal tests of 20marks out of which in all subjects, I would get around 12 or below...
And in the rest 80 marks exams, we have to do 6 questions...
1 compulsoary 20 marks of 5 short notes and the rest 5 of ur choice from the remaining 9 options. And these 5 would be 12 marks each.
I would always always leave 1 question. Bcoz my handwriting is sooo slow. So I have never finished a full paper. And in the rest of the questions also the answers are just like so-so.
And even after leaving 1 question which meant 80-12 = 68 and if I take the maximum marks I would get in the rest of the questions then let's say if I got around 8 also in the 4 out of 5 questions thet 4*8=32(cuz 1 question I would always miss out on) + let's say 12 out of 20 in the short notes + 12 in internals, it equals to  54......
Going by that my average for 6 subjects should be around 55%...But, but still I manage first division that is 60% above.....I get around 62%, 65% and such :S Apart from this one time wen I got 58%.
And wen I would get the result, I would just look @ it, ho humm...and then keep it away...then one fine day after some time of the result, I would sit and have a look @ the marksheet again...and thats wen I go pondering about how the hell I got these many marks =| And then I know, its the blessings of God that are with me all the time around and the way I go pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeee pllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeee, make me pass. LOL.
Thank you God! Always! I dunno what good I have done cuz I dont remember any but I would thank them always for their blessings on me.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T17:23:11Z
More later :)
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