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Chapter 1: Kabir and Piya go out on a date. Abhay hates.

"You promised Piya. You promised you'd go out to dinner with me tonight. And its your birthday, and I didn't even know, and I know you don't want a celebration, but please, please let me take you out to dinner" When Kabir made those puppy dog eyes, Piya melted.

"OK. Give me 20 minutes to change. And I get to choose where we go", she said.

"Whatever you say Ma'am. You're the boss." Kabir made a little mock bow, and Piya tapped him on the head playfully as she brushed past him.

She emerged exactly 20 minutes later wearing a baby pink churidar suit in a chiffony material with a pink lace dupatta. Her hair was tied back in a low ponytail, but a few loose strands had escaped and framed her face. Her eyes were lined with kohl, she had on a light pink lipstick and no other make-up. A tiny silver bindi glittered on her forehead. Her only jewelry was her mom's pendent. She looked fresh and pretty and radiant. Kabir let out a low whistle when he saw her.

"You look divine. I like you in this suit. I'm speechless. Floored by your beauty. "

"Au contraire. You've said plenty," Piya laughed.

"Shall we go Madam, your carriage awaits."

"By all means. And oh'I'd like to go to a temple first. Could you please take me to a temple?", Piya asked.

"Of course. There's a Ganesh temple close by. Lets go there", said Kabir.  

Abhay watched them drive away in Kabir's BMW. His eyes were brown now. They had a strange calm to them. Not now the black, stormy hooded eyes. They were almost smiling now'his hazel brown eyes. Smiling at the thought of how pretty Piya looked in pink. He'd been standing behind the bushes outside the girls' hostel watching them talk. Piya, in her pink suit had made his throat go dry. She looked so beautiful. And innocent. She was an innocent, he reminded himself. Just a young girl. Vibrant. Full of enthusiasm, and wanting to live life to the fullest. He had no business wanting her. She was out of his league. By a couple of species too, he grinned wryly. But want her he did. And he couldn't help it. When he was with her, he had to fight hard to control himself. When he wasn't with her directly, he was pulling a creeper and stalking her. "You're pathetic, Abhay Raichand," he told himself. "A girl'.a girl who's fully 187 years younger than you, to boot, has you tied in knots. Get a grip. Fool." And he proceeded to race them to the temple to spy on Piya further.

Piya pulled her dupatta over her head as she stepped into the temple. She closed her eyes, folded her hands and prayed. She prayed for happiness and good marks in the exams and for Misha to always be her friend. And then she found herself praying for Abhay. "Please God, make that sadu Abhay smile a little. I know he can. He has potential'he keeps saving my life..thats worth something. He might be a total jackass, but you can't let all that hotness go to waste, Ganpati bappa. Make him smile once'please." Piya grinned comically as she opened her eyes and realized what she'd been praying for. "Piya..YOU are the jackass. He's not worth your prayers," she grimaced. "He is rude, arrogant and hateful. You've said so yourself, plenty of times."

"What was that? Kabir asked.

"Nothing." "I'm done here. Lets go."

"OK. What would you like to eat? I know a great Japanese place", Kabir said.

"Japanese sounds good to me. I love sushi." Piya replied, as she pulled on her silver heels outside the temple.

Abhay hated the way Kabir always put his arm around Piya's waist when they were together. Get your hands OFF her, he thought. But Abhay's dire thoughts weren't having the desired effect. Kabir's hand was slowly climbing up Piya's waist to her shoulder. He pulled her close.

"I really like you Piya. I hope you know I'm serious," Kabir said.

"I think you're a great guy Kabir", said Piya pushing his hand off her shoulder as she walked towards the car.

That's my girl, thought Abhay. No. No. She's not your girl. Ctrl-alt-delete. You didn't just think that. Oh, you poor confused sod. No wonder you're always snapping at her. You don't even know how you feel about her. Ahhh. Crap.

"But?" asked Kabir

"But nothing. You're a great guy. I like you. This is our first date. Lets take it slow." Piya said.

First date. She's going out on a date with him. No. No. No. I'm going to make sure his fugu isn't properly cooked. He is not dating MY Piya. Nobody dates MY Piya. That is..nobody except me, Abhay told himself as he followed them silently to the restaurant.

The restaurant was even harder for Abhay, as he watched Kabir feed Piya his favorite kinds of sushi. She smiled and simpered and seemed to be enjoying herself thoroughly in Abhay's disgruntled view. He'd hidden himself behind a curtain directly opposite their table. It was torture to watch her tip her throat back as she laughed. Her eyes crinkled at the corners. Her whole face lit up. The little dimple in her right cheek, that he wanted to dip his tongue into. OK. That's it. Don't ogle her. Breathe, Abhay breathe. And don't get mad at Kabir. Get even. He proceeded to deflate all the 4 tyres of Kabir's car. Yes, it was juvenile. But he got a kick out of doing it. And then he thought of how she'd get back to the hostel. And he re-inflated them all. At least it took his mind off her dimple'among other things, he thought. He stood in the shadows silently. Waiting for them to emerge. One thing's for sure, thought Abhay. A meal of Sushi and wasabi is not conducive to kissing. So, there'd be no kissing tonight. Abhay had underestimated Kabir.

"I had a great time tonight. Thanks Kabir," Piya said.

"I'm glad. I had a good time too." Kabir leaned in to Piya's face for a kiss.

Piya turned her face away. "Its too soon for that" she said. But she planted a light peck on his cheek and danced off to her room. Kabir stood there with an idiotic grin on his face. One that turned to a look of horror when he turned to see all the 4 tires on his car magically deflated.

"Take that, you bas***d." Abhay smiled coldly as he walked away into the shadows. His eyes were black again.

To be continued...

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This was good... Update soon... :)
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that was nice loved it... add me to pm
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Hmm sounds gud do update soon
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tat was goood.. update soon and do PM me..
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Thanks for the kind feedback all! I'm kinda new here...so help a girl out. When you say PM me..do you mean PM you the entire chapter..or just direct you to the link every time I post something new. Thanks again:)
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Originally posted by madmaxine

Thanks for the kind feedback all! I'm kinda new here...so help a girl out. When you say PM me..do you mean PM you the entire chapter..or just direct you to the link every time I post something new. Thanks again:)

It means PM them the link.. (:

And... AWESOME story!! I can safely say..One of the best stories going around right now!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Loved it. Like.. really really LOVED it! Awesomee! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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