GOTW and DOTW Schedule Up for October' 10

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Posted: 2010-09-26T21:18:41Z

How are you all doing?  Embarrassed  Hope you all had a great weekend!
With the month of October around the cornor, we are looking out for volunteers to help out with weekly GOTW (Game of the Week) and DOTW (Discussion of the Week) for October' 2010
So friends, if you are interested in helping out, please sign up for the following, here on this thread!
Schedule for Octover' 2010
~list completed~
DOTW for October 4, 2010 - UMA (Ammoos)
GOTW for October 4, 2010 - UMA (Ammoos)
DOTW for October 11, 2010 - Daisy (Honeydaisy)
GOTW for October 11, 2010 - Daisy (Honeydaisy)
DOTW for October 18, 2010 - Supercool
GOTW for October 18, 2010 - Malluangel
DOTW for October 25, 2010 - Supercool
GOTW for October 25, 2010 - Thamizhan (Sri)
Thanks to all those who had volunteered for this month Hug! 
We are looking forward to seeing a great sign up list Star!
Thank you,
~ Sensational South Dev Team~
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Posted: 2010-09-27T15:58:43Z

ok soooo..

I can do the DOTW for the weeks of October 18 and October 25 Big smile
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Posted: 2010-09-27T22:43:00Z
I can do these twoBig smile
DOTW for October 4, 2010
GOTW for October 4, 2010
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Posted: 2010-09-28T00:09:40Z
i can help ...
DOTW for October 11, 2010
GOTW for October 11, 2010
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Posted: 2010-09-28T20:01:05Z
i can do one of the dates... either one i dont care
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Posted: 2010-09-28T20:08:14Z
Originally posted by malluangel

i can do one of the dates... either one i dont care
Hi Angel, thanks so much hun.  As of now, we only have the GOTW for 18th and 25th remaining.. which of the two do you prefer hun?
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Posted: 2010-09-29T07:10:41Z
I'll take the left out GOTW. Approve
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Posted: 2010-09-29T17:55:51Z
All, Wuz up?
It's that time of the year..
Let us party hard, since a series of birthday celebration will be kicked off soon !
So who is the star of the night?
in 2011, she described herself as
 Immature, Lazy and an ABCD!
 She gets "freak attacks" upon seeing bees and flies!
 Doesn't know the difference between ceiling and roof!
Does that ring a bell?
 A Crazy Creative
 A Bollycurry Buzzer
 A Viewbie
moderating Twillight, Fanfiction, The Vampire Diaries, and the Big Boss!
Please Welcome the Birthday Baby of November 8, 2012
IFians: Haaiii, Jot!  Happy Burday HugHugHugHug!  We are so excited to have you here! 
IFians: Oh No Shocked, what happened?
Jot:  mommyyy !!!! 
IFians: Oh baby, why Cry ShockedShocked... we promise we wont hurt you! 
Jot:  Ok!  I won't, but promise you guys will give me cookie !
IFians: Oh don't you worry, we've got much more than that for you Tongue!
Jot:  Oh Thank you Kindly!  You know, I haven't had anything to eat  ! I just have been suffering from a fever !
IFians: What! Our baby is suffering from a Fever ShockedShocked!
Jot: HEY GUYS  stop calling me your Baby !  I'm ONLY ONE MAN'S baby and he is the sole reason for my fever...  the bieber fever
Bieber, As long as you love me..
...flashback ends...
IFians: awww, that is so cute!  I can't believe you are suffering from loveria!  Can you tell us how you fell in love? Embarrassed
Jot: hmmm ...
Well its a very very unique love story you see!  During our school days, I used to dance a LOT, i mean LIKE A LOT Stern Smile
So much that I started winning awards for my dancing skills, like
 -  Spin-O-Rama
 - Shake-a-tail-baby
 - Shake-to-the-side
I literally became an overnight star at the school!  I didn't even have to buy food, as all those around me bought food!  Like THE ATTENTION WAS ON ME .  Till one day, a guy joined our school and he started entertaining the students with his singing skills!  I thought he was a little kid who couldn't beat me!  So i went into the talent competition for our school   and DAMN.. for the first time someone beat me . I cried .. CRIED... AND CRIED .  The others laughed at me .  I told myself that I NEED NOT shed crocodile tears and instead confront him!  And so I DID !
The moment I saw him...
I fell in LOVE with him!  I found he was a foodie, so I try to make him
Samosas and Bajji every day, but he became WORLD FAMOU and I couldn't reach to him .
Then ONE DAY I saw him... and SO DID HE!  OHHH My...
The best eye lock ever.. !!!! 
Yet the next minute, I saw HER WITH HIM !
I couldn't believe he didn't fall for my samosas or bajji's I had for him
Since then, I've been suffering from Bieber Fever and have become a Lady Devdas !  But OH well.. I will continue my one sided love..  

oh feber come .. no no .. vampy bieber

You see I never thought fangs can survive fire
I never thought I could take a garlic
I never knew I can shine so brighter
Until I reached the point of being a boss
oh feber come .. no no .. vampy bieber
And you can always walk in sunshine
Knowing you crave blood
I will rip through you
'cause I'm the big boss!
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