We Were Meant To Be#2 [Final upd Part 48: Pg. 87]

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Hello everyone! This is a FF based on Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee.

Link to Previous thread : We Were Meant To Be (Part 1 -37)


Pg. 1: Part 38
Pg. 11: Part 39
Pg. 19: Part 40
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Pg. 87: Part 48 - Final Part

Part 38

   Two and a half years passed since Maan and Geet got married. Everything was perfect. The business was doing better than ever. Geet was doing very well with her studies. Dev and Naintara were in jail. Naintara had been sentenced to jail for 20 years, while Dev was sentenced for 5. He was only punished for bigamy, but Naintara was punished for attempt to murder.

   Geet sat on the couch, with Maan's head on her lap. He lay on the couch, while Geet ran her fingers through his hair in a soothing motion. After a long day at work, they had finally made some time to relax together. One of Geet's hand rested on Maan's chest, he took that hand and kissed it. She gave him a soft smile.

There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?", Maan asked.

"Vicky.", came an answer.

"Come in.", Maan told him.

He didn't bother sitting up. By now he was comfortable with his public display of affection in front of Vicky. Its not like they were making out or something. Geet was his wife and he was only resting his head on her lap. Vicky walked in.

"Bhai, did you hear? We're invited to Mr. Mehra's annual party.", Vicky said sitting down on the bed.

"So? We're always invited.", Maan replied.

"I know. I thought you may have forgotten."

"Why is this Mehra party such a big deal all the time?", Geet asked.

"Because the biggest businessmen in Delhi come to this party.", Vicky answered.

"Is there a good reason for you to be here? Since your ruining my peace time.", Maan said.

"Maan! So what if he's here?!", Geet defended her devar.

"Alright'relax. I won't say anything to your precious devar.", Maan said.

"You know Bhabi, I feel like it was a miracle that you came in to my khadoos brothers life. Otherwise he would still have been the pathetic lonely soul that he was before." Vicky retorted.

"Yeah that's true. He's still a dusht danav isn't he?", Geet said joining Vicky's taunting session.

"What?!", Maan shouted sitting up. "You guys think your funny?"

"No, we're just stating facts.", Vicky replied with a smirk.

Maan stomped off. Vicky and Geet laughed.

"We shouldn't always do that to him. Its not good for his temper.", Geet said.

"He deserved it.", Vicky snickered.

"Easy for you to say. I'm the one who has to calm him down."

"Just chill'he's not going to stay mad at you for long. You're the only person beside Dadi that can cool him down."

"But you know its difficult. Oh well. I'll go talk to him now. He probably venting his anger with some tai chi.", Geet said getting up.

   She was exactly right. Maan was in the exercise room, doing his martial arts. He had his shirt off. She watched the fluent movements of his muscles for a bit. His bare torso was very smooth. It seemed as if someone had crafted his body like art. It was perfection.

   Geet stopped ogling, when Maan turned around to see her. He gave her a furious glare. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. He stood there frozen instead. His arms itched to hug her back, but he attempted to keep his anger intact.

"I'm sorry. We were only joking around.", Geet said.

"I don't care.", Maan replied.

"Yes you do. That's why you just walked off like that."

He moved away from her, "Leave me alone."

"No.", Geet said taking a step towards him.

"Geeet! I said leave me alone."

"No.", she took another step towards him.

"Geet'", he said warningly. He walked over to where he put his shirt.

"I'm going to follow you round until you calm down.", Geet said approaching him.

   At this point Maan could no longer take it. He turned around, grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her to the wall. She gasped in alarm. His body was pressed against hers. She could feel the his breath on her lips.

"I'm still a dusht danav, huh?", he whispered.

"Yes'", her breathing became heavy.

   He gave her a smirk and tickled the skin on her neck with his lips. He glided kisses down her neck that made her knee's buckle. She arched her back making her body press closer to him.

"Maan'", she sighed.

"Am I still a dusht danav?", he said.

"Yes'", she murmured.

   This time he kissed her along her jaw line. He moved to her lips. His tongue traced their curves. She rested her hands on his chest. She lightly bit his bottom lip. Their tongues played around in their mouths. His hands slipped under her sari to feel the smooth curves of her stomach. They stood there kissing for so long, it seemed as if they were lost in eternity.

After they became breathless, they pulled their lips apart.

"Am I still a dusht danav?", he repeated for the third time.

"Yes, but you'll always be my dusht danav.", she beamed.

"hmmm'good answer."

She laughed, "Now are you done trying to seduce me? I have things to do."

"No'but I'll let you go for now.", he smirked.

   Geet woke up the next morning and felt very queasy. Maan got up and went for his morning workout. He gave Geet a long kiss before he went. Geet drank a lot of water to cool her stomach, then suddenly she covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom. She stood over the toilet and began to vomit. This was so random. Why was she vomiting? Was she'pregnant? It wasn't impossible. She forgot to take her pill once. But then she remembered she had that food from the stalls out side last night and her stomach had been hurting since then. Maan was right, when he told her not to eat from the stalls. If she told Maan she was feeling sick form it, he would definitely give her a scolding and wouldn't buy her gol gappe's anymore.

   That night it was the Mr. Mehra's party. Geet as usual dressed herself in an elegant pink sari. Maan wore a grey Armani suit. He looked very suave. Geet looked at him from head to toe and gave him a smile.

"What?", he asked.

She went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "You look very handsome."

He tangled his arms around her slim waist. "I want another one.", he said looking at her lips.

   She wound her arms about his neck and kissed him. Then there was a knock on the door. Vicky walked in and they instantly took a step back from each other before he saw what they were doing. Maan rolled his eyes at him.

"What do you want Vicky?", he asked gruffly.

"We're getting late. Are you two done yet or what?", Vicky said.

"Yeah we'll be down in a minute.", Geet answered.

"Okay.", Vicky said.

"He always has to come at the wrong time.", Maan told Geet after Vicky left the room.

"That's what brothers are for.", she said giggling. "Now, lets go."

Maan sighed but stole a kiss from her before leaving.

   They arrived at the party. It was a glamorous event. Everything was very modern and sophisticated. The huge hall was buzzing with people. Many guest had glasses of champagne in their hands. Some sat at the bar, drinking, some stood in random places talking, while others were dancing on the dance floor.

   Maan walked in with holding Geet's hand. When they entered a pair of eyes darted towards them. The eyes looked at Geet standing next to Maan holding his hand. She inspected the girl in the pink sari from head to toe. Maan Singh Khurana coming in with a women, this was interesting. She looked at Geet's forehead and saw the red sindoor sprinkled on. Now she understood. She smiled to herself.

Mr. Mehra walked up to Maan, "Good evening Mr. Khurana. Thank you for coming."

"Of course. It's my pleasure.", Maan said shaking his hand.

"I see you've brought the beautiful Mrs. Khurana and your brother."

Geet gave a soft smile and Vicky shook Mr. Mehra's hand. Mr. Mehra told them to enjoy the party while he attended to the rest of the guest.

Vicky turned to Maan and Geet, "Okay you two do whatever you want, but there are tons of girls here I could dance with. So see ya."

"Vicky! You have a girlfriend.", Geet said.

"So, that doesn't mean I can't look. I'm only going to dance with them not marry them.", Vicky replied.

"Grow up Vicky.", Maan told him.

"Oh please'like if you weren't married you wouldn't have done the same. Wait, no you wouldn't. You would scare the girls away.", Vicky laughed then he walked away before Maan could answer.

Geet laughed, "Maan relax. He's only joking."

"He's an idiot.", Maan said.

   They roamed around the party hall and mingled with people. Geet was already familiar with many of the businessmen there. Everyone complimented what a beautiful wife Maan had. Later Maan got in to a long conversation with one of his acquaintances and Geet became bored. She told him that she'd be back in a bit. She saw some familiar faces and went to talk to them instead.

"Sonakshi, how are you?", Geet said. Sonakshi was the wife of Jay Malhotra. Sonakshi and Geet talked often, usually about the experience of being the wives of big business tycoons.

"Geet! I'm good. You look so beautiful tonight.", Sonakshi said giving her a hug.

"Thanks. So how is everything?"

"Amazing. I have good news, I'm having a baby."

"Wow! Congratulations.", Geet said.

"Thanks. Jay and I are so happy. I'm very excited, we're going to be parents.", Sonakshi said jubilantly.

"How many months along are you?", Geet asked.

"Only two months. By the way, when will you and Maan grow your family?"

"I don't know. Maybe after I finish my masters.", Geet replied.

"When are you graduating?", Sonakshi said.

"Next month.", Geet told her.

Then Sonakshi's phone rang and she excused herself. Geet then began to walk around. She bumped in to a women who looked like she was a super model. She wore a short dress, that exposed her long slender legs. Her wavy hair fell down to her shoulders on either side. She had blue eyes that had a playful tint to them.

"I'm sorry.", Geet apologized.

"It's okay.", the women replied.

Geet smiled and began to walk away but the women said, "Wait, your Maan Singh Khurana's wife right?"

"Umm'yes. How do you know Maan?", Geet asked.

"Oh we go way back. Plus, who doesn't know Maan Singh Khurana? He's one of the biggest businessmen in Delhi."


"I'm Sam by the way.", the women said extending her hand.

"I'm Geet.", she said shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you Geet. So how does it feel to be married to the Maan Singh Khurana?"

Geet thought this was a weird question from someone she just met, "Its great.", she answered.

"Is that so? You must be really lucky to have him.", Sam said.

"Yes I am.", Geet responded. "I'm sorry, will you excuse me?", Geet said.

   Geet began to walk as fast as she could. Everything around her was spinning. She wanted to find Maan. Her walking became unstable. Her eyes started to lose focus. Suddenly, she couldn't take another step. Her legs gave in and her body was collapsing. Then she fainted.

A pair of strong arms took hold of her before she could hit the ground.

"Geet!...Geet!", Maan said in panic.

Vicky ran to them, "What happened?"

"I don't know, she just fainted. We have to get her to the hospital now!", Maan picked her up and carried her out the door.

   A fear rose in the pit of his stomach. What if someone was trying to hurt her again? Vicky was driving the car, while Maan sat in the back with Geet. He told Vicky to speed it up. At that moment his heart was pacing very loudly. He didn't understand what went wrong, Geet was alright jus a few minutes ago. He looked at her innocent face, and felt like his heart would tear out if anything happened to her.

   As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Maan carried Geet inside. The doctors took her on a gurney to the emergency ward. Maan paced back and forth across the hall in worry and impatience.

"Bhai'sit down. I'm sure she's okay.", Vicky said.

"No! The last time I brought her to the hospital she was poisoned and we lost our baby. Now today out of no where she faints. If anything happens to her'", Maan stopped in mid sentence as he saw the doctor coming.

"Mr. Khurana, your wife is awake now. We're just running a few test on her and then we'll know what went wrong. Now she is alright.", the doctor informed her.

"Are you sure?", Maan asked.

"Yes, very sure. Don't worry.", the doctor said.

"Can I see her?", he said.

"Not yet. Let us finish doing the test first.", the doctor replied.

   Maan took a deep breath and sat down. Vicky put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Half an hour later the doctor came out of the room.

"Mr. Khurana your wife would like to see you now.", the doctor said with a smile.

   Maan walked in to the room and saw Geet sitting on the hospital bed. She looked at him, there was something in her eyes but he couldn't place what it was. He instantly went to her side and kissed her on the forehead.

"Geet'are you okay?", he asked scanning her whole body to make sure she was not hurting.

"Maan, I'm fine.", she answered with a tender smile.

"What do you mean your fine? You fainted and the doctors still haven't figured out what happened."

"I know what happened.", Geet said.

"You do?...I don't understand'", Maan began, but Geet put a hand over his mouth.

   Then she took his hand and put it over her stomach. He gave her a confused look.

She pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "Your going to be a papa."

It seemed like Maan was frozen in his position. Then he backed away and took a good look at Geet.

"Are you serious?", He asked.

   Geet nodded enthusiastically. A very wide smile etched across Maan's face. He put a hand on her stomach, but didn't know what to say. Then he gave Geet a kiss on the lips.

"Geet'I'I'", Maan stuttered.

"I know'I'm happy too.", she said. She hugged him an tears of joy filled her eyes.

They sat there for a long time in each others embrace. Neither could describe the happiness they felt. It felt so different than anything they have experienced before. Their love had given life to a new being. Now there was one more thing that bound them together forever.

A while later there was a knock on the door. Vicky came in.

"The doctor just told me. Congratulations, both of you! I'm going to be an uncle!", Vicky said giving his brother a forceful pat on the back.

"The doctor told you and not me?", Maan said.

"Yeah'I told the doctor I wanted to tell you myself.", Geet answered.

"awww'.so much love.", Vicky said sarcastically.

Maan ignored him and gave Geet a smile.

"Which one of you are planning on telling Dadima? I'm sure she'll start planning a party right away.", Vicky said laughing.

"Yeah in that case, we'll tell her when we get home. That way I'll have the situation under control. I'm going to talk to the doctor now.", Maan said.

The doctor allowed Geet to go home. She told Maan to take her to a obstetrician as soon as possible. Geet was only four weeks along. The doctor advised him to just make sure she eats right and doesn't stress.

When they got home and gave Dadima the news, the first thing she said was, "I'm so happy. We have to throw a party!"

Maan and Geet yelled, "No!"

"Dadima please, we don't want a party. Leave it.", Maan said sternly.

Savitri Dev rolled her eyes, "Fine, but I'm calling everyone and telling them."

"Dadima'", Maan said, but Geet interrupted him.

"You can call who ever you want Dadima.", Geet said.

"Thank you bahu rani. At least you understand me.", She gave Geet a hug and walked off to make her phone calls.

   Maan and Geet went to their room and changed their clothes and lied down for bed. Geet rested her head on his chest. They both fell a sleep anticipating the arrival of their child.

The next morning Maan went to work. But he was in a very good mood and did not yell at anyone so far. He called Geet many times to check that she was okay. She kept reassuring him that she was, but his concern didn't waver. The memory of what happened last time was still fresh in his mind. This time everything was going to be perfect and nothing would happen to their baby. He would make sure of it.

Maan sat at his desk doing his usual tedious work. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in.", he said without looking up. He heard the door open

"Hello, Maan Singh Khurana.", a familiar voice spoke.

Maan looked up. She stood there tall and slim. Wearing a short dress that clung to her body tightly. It appeared as if she had just come out of a fashion magazine.

Maan got off his seat, "Sameera?!"

She gave him a wicked grin. "Its been a long time."

Next Part: Geet meets the ex.

Hello my lovelies. I'm back after a long time. Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Thanks for being patient. I had to start a new thread since the other one was a 150 pages over.This is by far my longest update. So what did you all think of this part? Please LEAVE COMMENTS. Big smile
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Thats Awesome Dear
Loved it
OMG Im so Happy that Maaneet are going to become Parents......
Eagerly waiting for the nex part
Pls Update Sooooooon
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Posted: 2010-09-16T02:32:44Z
this by far is perhaps ur best update................................Update the nxt soon.
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Posted: 2010-09-16T02:34:19Z
wow after a long time ann it pleasure reading ur update tat too with a gud news hidden for us. i nw dont care abt Maan's past
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Posted: 2010-09-16T02:50:55Z
You finally updated....
Thank you!

You brought in a baby too Smile
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Posted: 2010-09-16T02:54:18Z
Fab update!!
the evil ones are rotting in jail ..
everyone else is enjoying life to the full ..
and now a mini Geet or Maan jr is on the way!!
how sweet!!
Uzma xx
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Posted: 2010-09-16T02:54:19Z
dear ann
thank you for your beautiful ffClap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Clap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
i t was lovely and i like the fact that maan near geet cant be angry for longWink ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
their love for each other is adorable Hug
i am happy for them ,little maneet is comingTongue ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
best wishes

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Posted: 2010-09-16T03:00:49Z
the part was wow! please do continue soon!
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