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Posted: 2010-09-08T19:54:15Z

Yam's Creations - SHOP #1
Hello everyone, I finally decided to open up my own Creations Shop since all my dear friends have literally pushed me to open one ROFL . Well yeah okay my creations are alright, you guys need to judge them for yourself.
I want to say a HUGE thanks to Rags, Pari, Aish & Aisho for motivating me so much to make siggies, and of course to open my own shop. Thanks to Rags, Pari & Aish again for the awesome tutorials, they've always helped me throughout, and AISH..my PB, love you for teaching me blending, i really really cant thank you enough Hug Love you so so so so much! Hug
More or less my updates are always on Mayank & Nupur from MJHT & Sukirti! Love these three for life Day Dreaming A BIG thanks to all my MayUrians for motivating me so much, and always being by me, Thank you Nidz, Palak & Debo for the awesome support, love you guys SO much! Hug
I do take SIGGY requests but not icons since im not perfect with them, so here are a few rules you guys need to follow before requesting, please read them carefully :-
- I take ONLY Very HQ caps for siggys as i cannot work with Low quality ones, and if you request me for low quality ones, i will not make the siggy.
-Please provide me with 4-6 caps at a time, maximum 6, not more please.
-For texts, please provide me short texts and not essays please LOL
-Do NOT cut, copy and steal my work please, it requires time & effort, and do NOT modify or crop any of my work, please and thank you!
-Once your request is done, i will PM everyone about the shop update, please do NOT PM me about your request.
-My copyright is y a m i n i .
-I only take 3 requests at a time, and when i have more time in my hands, i would surely take more than 5 requests.
-My shop when open will say (O) and when closed it will say (C), so make sure you notice that before requesting.
-I do updates at leisure, but will keep everyone informed about my updates.
-Im always open for suggestions when my shop is openSmile
Updates :
MayUr|Arjun|Rati|Sukirti - Page 1
Arjun|Rati|Suku|ViSu|ShaNks|Anushka|Deepika - Page 14
 ArTi|MayUr|Suku|ViSu|REQS - Page 26
Request - Page 35
ArTi|MayUr|Suku|ViSu|AbhiYa|PKYEK|TVD - Page 40
ArTi|MN|Suku|Abhiya|DE|TVD - page 51
HUGE update - page 74
INDWC - page 97
IndWC|ArJuhi|DE - page 105
MN|AP|AnYa|AR - page 111
MN|Suku|AP|DE|PiaMish/GuNur|KaJen - page 124
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Posted: 2010-09-08T19:54:54Z

Here are a few creations by me :



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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:00:28Z

RES Did I come too soon? ROFL

Brace yourself Cool for the LONGEST thing in this universe ROFL Mere phamous essays ROFL

Okay I really don't know how long exactly this would go but like lol since this is on your first page I'm making it look all pretty. ROFL 

Okay first I'm SO excited..this is partially selfish ROFL But I'm SO happy to take 1st spot in my friend cum guide cum sister cum whatever else's shop ROFL You know you're one of those people here who's been with me since the VERY start. Embarrassed And I know you know how much this means to me...so I'll spare you this rambling, but there's always more ROFL

So where do I start..okay first..the obvious.


I love you HugI know you'll rock this shop and whatever you need, whenever you need help or anything..or just my essays ROFL I'm always there, remember that Embarrassed
More than happy to teach you anything else you want..you want any help, I'm the first in line ROFL Embarrassed 
Okay now...I love your work you know that too..am I writing ANYTHING new in here? ROFL I know i've been nagging you to open a shop for aaaggess..hope I wasn't too pushy ROFL (now I say this, after you've opened it ROFL) You just get better and better with every single sig you make, and that'll just continue to happen <33 I know it.
I know everything. ROFL
I remember the day we "met" ROFL I don't know if you do Ermm Btw I still think you should publish a book ROFL 
I remember when I was opening my shop I was real nervous and asked you for advice..LOL 
I remember literally everything LOL Test me. ROFL 
Thankyou for thanking me too..although you shouldn't have, no really. I mean it.
After all without YOUR effort my help was nothing Embarrassed 
So update soon with TONS of MN stuff EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed And lots of other things..short for words now finally ROFL 
I love you
You rock
And keep rocking ROFL 
And I'll keep LOVING you LOL
PB urf Aish urf whatever..I'm just SOO happy for you!
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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:03:37Z

yamss! my sweetypie, so so happy for you siss Hug waise it looks like a replica of my shop EmbarrassedLOLHug  love you and keep rocking with ur creations! All the best HugHug

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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:06:41Z
AWWWWWW congo badiHugHug
m so happy u opened a shop finallyEmbarrassedDancing....really happy for u!!!!
waise dont u think u got a bit formal by thanking me and Ragi in such a traditional wayLOLLOLLOL just love u would have been enoughHug
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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:17:31Z
@Aish, Choti and Rags...EDITED Guys! ROFL
@Snowflake : thanks hun :)
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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:33:24Z
Congrats!! your siggies look awesome!! =)
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Posted: 2010-09-08T20:34:20Z

Oopss! Shocked Mee Veryy LATE??

Yam'z, Yamzy Hug Hug Hug
GOSHHH you did it?? WOWWW 'congrats for your 1st ever shop'
Now mee will LOVEE your work moree thann you! Silly ROFL
OHHH godd, You're soo THANKFULL girl.. ROFL ROFL
I know i know LOL I pushed you too for this massion LOL
But yourr STUFF was making mee Shocked Shocked
DAY byy DAY?? !! SillyROFL
Credits goess to (thesigmakeritself) Hug
Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
Yourr stylee is very SIMPLE and treat me to USEE Day Dreaming ROFL
LOVE LOVE LOVE it <33 Day Dreaming
And thinkk when you'll LEARNN more??
How ur sigs will turn?? Shocked Day Dreaming
And even you gonna LEARN icons,
Lastest icons of AR/MN wass really AWOSEME?
don't worry! :) you're clever gal ROFL
you'll manage the SIZE very soon Embarrassed
You've really DONE many amazing sigs of MN,
And i swearr those are MINDBLOWINGG,
youmade AR/MN moreee perfectionn Blushing Hug
Ourr day when we met was NORMAL onee ROFL
But it was having something spcl,
Which is ArTi CC right?? Day Dreaming
We started chatting there, And you were LOST in my AR VM Day Dreaming ROFL
thenn we chatt in scrapss LOL LOL ROFL
thosee days are so scpl for me,
I get to noww you more??
Even you Embarrassed (youknowwhere) ROFL
You'ree so sweet Yamz, And i THANK THANK THANK u so muchy NOW LOL
for opening a shop, And listen to our lectures LOL
And am SURE, ur shop will be full of reqs very SOON,
and wishh you reach more than 2,3,4,5, 0 0 0 0 <---  ROFL
Good luck,
And my LOVE for you iss COUNTLESS Hug
At the end,
Keep rocking! <33
Love you aloads, Heart
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