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Posted: 9 years ago
A BIGG Hello to everyone Hug Ok before i post further, i just wanna say , i had a shop before, but i just did one update there and never looked back at it LOL and to be very honest , my creations were awful that time LOL I myself feel i have become may be better , now that i can blend pics , colouring, fonts etc , so ya this is my first shop then.
I would like to thank all my friends(SGians, KaSuians, Sukuians) for the encouragement, Especially Pari, Shruti, Sanii, Jenny, Aish, Lanz, Iqra, Aaisma and my twin sis Yams, who literally forced me to open a shop , yeah i was lazy to do so, but since i have some time, so i thought why not LOL
I can make only Siggies and Icons(need to practice more on them)
So here are some major rules that i would like you guys to follow before requesting Embarrassed
-Please provide me with only HQ or EHQ pics, no low quality please.
-Maximum only two line text, no poems LOL
-Only 4 -5 pics for a siggy or minimum 2 EHQ
-Feel free to use any of my creations , except the ones that say , "do not use" of courseLOL
-Do NOT crop or MODIFY any of my creations
-Do NOT claim my creations as your own Tongue
-my copyright is -  r a g i n i  or  (c) r a g i n i , and some of my icons may not have my copyright, so if you use my icons, please do give credit
-If these rules aren't followed, sorry folks i will not be able to take your request Embarrassed
-I will only take 5 requests for the first time and 3 requests from the 2nd time and so on.
-Do use the sigs/icons for atleast 2 days
-I can stack icons as well now
-I'm open to suggestions
- [c] is closed and [o] is for open Embarrassed
All my updates

Update 1 - Page 12- Requests only

Update 2 - Page 16- SaJan|MoNaya|KaSu|Sukirti|GuNur|Requests

Update 3 - Page 26- SaJan|ShamRita|Amrita|MyShopLogo|Requests

Update 4- Page 35- Sanaya|SaJan|MoNaya|PKYEK|MyShopLogo|Sugg

Update 5- Page 43- Mohit|MoNaya|Suku|ViSu|SaNu|Sugg

Update 6- Page 53- MoNaya|SaJan|Requests

Update 7- Page 62- SaJan|MoNaya|PKYEK|Amrita

Update 8- Page 71- Samrat|SaJan|MoNaya|MoNayaJun|PKYEK|Amrita

Update 9- Page 77- SaJan|Sanaya|PKYEK|Sugg. 
Update 10- Page 84SaJan|MoNaya|AbhiYa 
Update 11- Page 90- SaJan|MoNaya|AbhiYa|TVD|Suku|Sanaya|Vivaan|Mohit|SRK
Update 1 2- Page97- MoNaya|AbhiYa|Sanaya-Vivaan|RobKristen|SteleNa
 Links to my Shops
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Posted: 9 years ago

Some of my work for you all to see Embarrassed

Vivian- Sukirti
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Posted: 9 years ago

also for a reqROFL

aaj toh hum officially req karenge bhaiROFL


awwwww RagiHug
as always I wanted to be firstROFLROFL
CONGO shongo bhai! and now plzzz keep track on this one hun...no laziness is allowed!! see whos tellingErmmROFL
and do I have to say anything about ur work...I swear jitna mene kaha hoga itna kisi aur na nahi kaha hoga....MSN ke 1000s of OMFGG and omgg and shit and :O ki kasamROFL
and the latest one toh...ur best.....I m loving it......too good bhai!!
make one Monaya one like that as I told u....thats my unofficial reROFL

and now an official...this will look weird I know par u want me to be first in everything toh ye leROFLROFLErmm

m not going to req Mohit or SG as I know...if I wont...u will make them anywaysROFL
so this...waise bhi dont know why....today I m missing SD like hellOuch

anyways.....here r the pics...and text will be.......we will discuss on msn...ROFL

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Posted: 9 years ago
love ur creations!! esp. the selena gomez one!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
good and intelligent....put mohit's siggy first.....guess what ...I would have make u do that even if u didn'tHeart

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Posted: 9 years ago


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Posted: 9 years ago
@ pari... meri spammer rani ROFL ROFL
Awww ur comments means the most to me jaanu Hug i dont want to say more, coz this enough, baaki ki baatein MSN par ROFL
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Posted: 9 years ago
@Nabihah..thanks so much dear..glad u like it Embarrassed
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