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Posted: 11 years ago
Welcome everyone! I am Dangelz (Not my real name, incase you were wondering) and this is my fourth gallery/shop I have opened. I've been making sigs for quite awhile now, and I think many people are familiar with my creations. I have learnt quite a bit, and have improved in my style of sig making compared to how I first started out. It is all thanks to the amazing sig makers in the Avi/Sig forum whom I am inspired by. Also a special thanks to my regular and occasional commenters who have encouraged me by loving, and commenting on my creations. Hope all of you enjoy my creations and please feel free to comment/criticize on my work.
I Am Capable Of Making : non-animated signatures
                                                non-animated icons
General Guidelines Of My Gallery/Shop
 - Please feel free to use my creations, but do not claim my work as your own!
 - Please do not cut, paste or copy my work. I will definitely hunt you down if you do! LOL If you are inspired by my work, please do credit me =)
 - My copyright sign is [C]DANGELZ10
 - Requests will be taken from time to time, only certain amount of requests will be taken (I do not take any personal requests)
 - Updates will not be too often (I am currently a 3rd year university student after all). I will usually try and update when I get the time.
 - Please do not PM me for requests, all requests will be taken from here only
 - Please be patient and give me time for making requests, I will PM if there is any problem
Rules for Requests
 - I will prefer to take requests that involve Indian TV Soaps
 - - [Preferrably Dill Mill Gayye, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, and Geet. I can take any other fictional telly shows as well. No religious mythos please] - -
 - **If your request involves Dill Mill Gayye, I am now available to take any AR requests whether it is KaSh/KaSu/KaJen. DMG1 and DMG2 (including SR/JeRan) are both allowed**
 - I can also take Bollywood requests as well.
 - - [There are just two exceptions. I will not do anything related to Salman Khan or Emraan Hashmi.] - -
 - I do not take Hollywood requests.
 - - [The only exceptions are Twilight/Harry Potter/Vampire Diaries] - -
 - If you request, please do use it for atleast a day or more! (Even if you don't happen to like your request) I work hard on making them, so it disappoints me when people don't use their requests.  
 - If you have NEVER commented in my gallery or shop atleast once, then I suggest you comment first and then think about requesting here.  
When Requesting Please...
 - Provide good quality pictures (Max : 6) The better the quality, the better the request will look
 - The text you would like on your request (No long poems or lines)
 - If you would like your name on your request or not
 - The style you want or prefer (Posting an example from my creations would be helpful. Cannot gurantee the exact style! It all depends on number of pics and text)
 - Only one request at a time Smile
Resource Credits For Brushes and Textures
 - Deviantart Users from Deviantart.com
 - Swimchick.net
ArSh/Maaneet/KriYa  pg.6
Maaneet/ArSh  pg.9
GurTi/Maaneet/KriYa  pg.16
Requests Batch 1  pg.20
KaSh/SA/Maaneet/SaVan pg.23
Requests Batch 2  pg.27
Maaneet/ArTi/MoNaya  pg.30
SA/Maaneet/TVD  pg.34
Maaneet/SaVan  pg.38
More New Maaneet/SaVan  pg.42
SA/ArSh/Maaneet  pg.45
SA/Maaneet/SaVan/GurTi  pg.49
GurTi/Maaneet/Abhay-Piya  pg.52
Maaneet/SaVan/Abhay-Piya  pg.56
DMG 1 Icons -  pg.58
Abhay-Piya/SaVan -  pg.63
Maaneet/Abhay-Piya -  pg.66
SaVan -  pg.69
Maaneet/Abhay-Piya/Misha -  pg.73
Mayur/SaJan/SaVan -  pg.77
Maaneet/SaVan -  pg.82
Requests Batch 1/MJHT/SaVan -  pg.85
Requests Last Batch/Maaneet/Abhay-Piya -  pg.90
SA Birthday/Abhay-Piya -  pg.94
Maaneet/Abhay-Piya -  pg.100
Maaneet/Abhay-Piya -  pg.104
Maaneet/Abhay-Piya -  pg.114
Reqs Batch 1/Abhay-Piya/TVD -  pg.118
Maaneet/Abhiya -  pg.123
Reqs Batch 2/SaVan/Abhiya -  pg.127
DD Birthday/Maaneet -  pg.131
Reqs Last Batch/Maaneet/Abhiya -  pg.133
GurTi/Maaneet/Abhiya -  pg.138
ArTi/Maaneet/Abhiya -  pg.143
LAST UPDATE! DMG/MJHT/Geet/PKYEK Icons -  pg.147
Edited by Dangelz - 10 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Samples of My Work
DMG - KaSh/KaJen/RM/AN/SidNa/YuNa/ArSh
Edited by Dangelz - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago

More Samples...

DMG Continued - ArSh

MJHT - Mayur/SaJan


Edited by Dangelz - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago

& Some More Samples...

LNMDJ - PriDa/SaVni

Pratigya - KriYa

Geet - D&G/Maaneet


Edited by Dangelz - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
I. Want. To. Be. First.
If I'm not. I will cry. =P
Ok, now that I see that I'm first, I can take all the time I want to write out this beautiful essay for you. And mind it, I will write one because I haven't been able to in the past two updates. =P
Dangelz, I have to say that your creations are like gorgeousy gorgeous. And yes, I had to put an emphasis on that because it's important. Also, the coloring you always have in your sigs is equally gorgeous. It's like DUDE. Where's all this coming from? But then you remember that you're looking at Dangelz work. LOL Haha, but seriously, all your creations are always beautiful and each update you have every single time leaves me thinking how you manage to be so much better every time.
ANDDD, I love writing essays for you! I think I've mentioned that many times before, but oh well, I might as well add this in here too. And I don't care if you find my essays boring, but I like writing them. (If you find them boring, you and are about to have a 'talk') LOLLOL Just kidding. I do hope that you like my essays though. =)
I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU REACHED YOUR FOURTH SHOP! It's like WOW! Congrats soooo much! I'm so happy for youu! *hugs* I hope that you have a million more ahead of you. =)
Congrats once again.
And yes, this is my essay. =) Like it, or else. Grrrr. =P Anways, I hope to see an update from you soon. (Something on Maaneet? *dreams*)
Edited by -Ami- - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
^^ LOL Ami! Well you ARE first =)
You're suppose to write me an essay remember? LOL Or is that suppose to be for my next update? I'm just uploading some samples in my reserved posts right now.
Posted: 11 years ago

^^^ I updated my essay!!!! LOL, I had to post to see if I was first or not first. Then I went back and wrote the essay. =)

Posted: 11 years ago
OMG!! Yayyyyyyy :D
Party Sharty!! lolz
COngratulations Dangelzzz! Yout totally deserve it!! Hope you have tons of shops in the future and keep making awesome Pink and Black Sigs on MG!Wink Lolz! :P
Love ya, <3

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