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Hey everyone. My name is Jenny and I been making sigs for a quite long time, I lost count, but mostly , I stick to the same style as you can see my sigs. I don't really experiment much as all experiments turn out like duds. I am inspired by everyone at Avi and Sig as everyone has a little something that I take inspiration from. My favorites are Shilpa Anand, Mayank Anand, Gurmeet/Drashti/ GurTi, Maaneet, Geet, DMG, MJHT, KaSh, ArNaya etc I am huge fan of these people. So you can be sure to see much more regarding them in my gallery, but I do take suggestions, so let me know

Few things about requesting/etc - I BEST work with CAPS, so if you give me Telly Caps or Bolly caps, The sig will turn out great, otherwise, It will turn out crappy..

If you are gonna request, do use it. I spend at least an hour on each my sigs. The ones that are done in 10 mins, well they are never posted here, so If you request something, do use it.

A BIG shoutout to all those people that comment in my gallery [ not gonna take names] and to those who use it.. You guys are just amazingggg!!!

If you have NEVER visted my gallery and don't post here, don't request.

No KaSu or KaJen. Sorry Kidoos, but it just will give me hard time to work on them. DMG 2 is allowed, MJHT[ all couples are allowed, though my Mayur sigs stink, just a heads up], LNMDJ, Remix, ETC


Page 1: Maaneet/MSK
Page 2: ArSh/KaSh/Shona/DMG/GurTi/
Page 4: ArSh/Maaneet/MSK/MaYur/Mohit/MJHT
Page 6: Aditi/Sangini/Tanu/ArNaya/ArSh/ArTi/MoNaya/Mayur/Mohit/SaJan/GurTi/Maanet/MSK/ViSu/SK
Page 9: AB/MaYur/SaJan/ArSh/Tanu/HC/Maaneet/MSK/RBO/Remix/
Page 11: DD/Guru/Maaneet/MSK/MaYur/SaJan/Tanu/Tiara/Remix
Page 12: GurTi/MSK/Maaneet/
Page 15: Abhay-Piya/DD/Guru/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/MA/SaNu
Page 17: Geet/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/
Page 19: AB/ArTi/MoNaya/RP/MaShi/MA/SA/Sangini/Savan/Remix/
Page 26; Requests Part 1
Page 29: Requests Part 2 ( GurTi freebie)
Page 29: Raj birthday sigs
Page 31: Requests Part 3, Shona and her men<3, GurTi/Maaneet/MaShi/MaYana/MJHT/MoNayajun/SK
Page 34: Maaneet/MSK/GurTi/
Page 36: KaSh VM/GC/GurTi/Maaneet/Shona
Page 38: KaSh/Maaneet/Subhi/Tanu/
Page 40: GurTi/Maaneet/KaSh/MA/MaSu/MaShi/Shavan/
Page 44: DD/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/KaSh/SA/RBO/Harshiti/Iqbal-Ankita/SuShita/ViSu/SK
Page 47: Geet/GurShi/GurTiShi/GurTi/Maaneet/HP/SA/
Page 51: AB/MoNayaJun/DD/Guru/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/Nissar/Geet/Gurmina/Mishit/RajeevK
Page 55: SA/DB/Guru/GurTi/Jay/Maaneet/MSK/Priya/SK/SaVan
Page 58: ArNaya/MJHT/GurTi/Maaaneet/MeYa/KaPi/Remix/
Page 60: Guru wallpaper
Page 61: Abhya/KaPi/SK/ViSu/AB/MJHT/RP/SI/DD/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/YaMa/JeRan/KaSh/SA
Page 64: Abhya/KaPi/ViSu/Mohit/AB/MoNaya/
Page 65: AB/ArTi/RP/DD/GurTi/Maaneet/ViSu/SA/SRK Birthday/SRK-Kads
Page 68: Abhya/ViSu/Misha/Shavan/Arjuhi/Mona-Anukalp/MA plea
Page 70: Abhya/Kabir-Misha/Mishoo/GurTi/Maaaneet/Harshiya/Tanu/SA/MaShi/Mayur/RP/Mohit/SaJan/
Page 72: MA birthday/
Page 73: Abhya/PW/DD/GurTi/Maaneet/MSK/MA/MoNaya/Shavan
Page 75: MA birthday VM/Abhya/Sukku birthday/ArNaya/Gunjan/Gunpur/MJHT/SaJan/Sanaya/Maaaneet/PR/RoSha
Page 78: Abhay/Abhya/MoNayaJun/MJHT/MoNaya/Sanaya/GurTi/Maaneet/Guru/MSK/Shavan/VD
Page 80: MJHT/MoNayaJun/MoNaya/GurTi/Maaneet
Page 82: MoNayaJun
Page 83: PKYEK/Abhya/ArNAya/MJHT/AB/MoNayJun/RP/SaJan/MoNaya
Page 84: 26/11
Page 86: Abhya/Delena/GurTi/Maaneet/MJHT/RP/Shavan
Page 88: KaSh VM/Abhya/Ian-Nina/VD/DD/Maaneet/Shavan
Page 90: Mohit Sehgal Birthday
Page 91: Delena/Ian-Nina/VD/MJHT/Maaneet/SA/SAbirthday
Page 92: VD/Delena/Ian-Nina/
Page 94:  Abhya/ViSu/ArNaya/Anands/Delena/Ian-Nina/
Page 97: Abhya/ViSu/DD/GurTi/Maaneet/Guru/Geet/Delena/Ian-Nina/JeRan/SA/Mishiti/ArShi/Kavi-Shilpa/Mayankgirls/MJHT/Sanaya
Page 98: Abhya/Sukku/Geet/DD/Guru/GurTi/Maaneet(Mahiii), MSK/SG/
Page 100: ArShi/Geet/GurTi/Maaneet/KaSh/SA/GurShi/Mohit/MoShi/PKYEK team/Priyal
Page 102: Abhya/PKYEK/Remix/DMG/GurTi/Maaaneet/Guru/MSK/
Page 105: DD/GurTi/KaSh/SA/ViSh/MoNaya/Mohit/Nina/VD/
Page 108: Abhya/Vivian/GurTi/Sukirti Khandpal
Page 110-125: Requests
Page 127: Requests
Page 129: Maaneet/MSK/Drashti/GurTi
Page 132: PKYEK/Maaneet/DD
Page 136: Maaneet/Guru/DD/GurTi
Page 139: MJHT/Maaneet/MSK
Page 142: Massive Maaneet/GurTi
Page 145: Abhya/Maaneet/GurTi/Shona
Page 147: Abhya/MiYa/GurTi/Maaneet

Jenny'sGallery #1
Jenny's Gallery # 2
Jenny's Gallery # 3
Jenny's Gallery # 4
Jenny's Gallery 7
Jenny;s Gallery # 8
Jenny's Gallery #9

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Feel free to use



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Posted: 2010-08-31T01:43:45Z
Aww jenny congooooooo on your new galHugHugHug Its surely gona rock like hellllllllHugHug

And the first update rocks am struckk at the simplicity of your sigs all of them r so simple yet so aliveeeeee My fvt is the last MSK oneeeee and the second Maaneet one damn awesome coloringgggBig smile Cant wait to see u update more in this gal of yours Wishing u all the very bestestHug

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Posted: 2010-08-31T02:09:31Z
gallery #11 - yayyy!! congrats =)
love ur creations.
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Posted: 2010-08-31T03:17:00Z
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Posted: 2010-08-31T04:21:23Z
congrats on the new gallery jeennyy.. fab stuff
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Posted: 2010-08-31T04:25:41Z
congrats on ur new gallery....Thumbs Up.........relly luv ur work..SmileSmile Edited by Arshi_sahni - 2010-08-31T04:26:00Z
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Posted: 2010-08-31T05:33:43Z
as always gorgeous stuff jenny - congrats on the new gall
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