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Somehow these days no one seems to be reading the rules and regulations. So had to open a thread for this.

1. There are a few new members opening 'polls' instead of 'post'. Kindly pay attention to what you are opening. There are 2 separate buttons - New Poll and New Topic. Pls check this.
2. Of late I have seen some members using extremely large size moving smilies in their posts. While these are ok once in a while, seeing them too frequently is a bit know...(irritating is too strong a word). Pls don't use them too frequently.
3. New comers writing stories - please use [MEMBERS ONLY] and [NO COPY] to prevent your work from being copied elsewhere. (while using them don't use space between the words MEMBERS and ONLY and NO and COPY)
4. Kindly avoid opening new threads for minor issues like which is the episode - etc. There is an 'Ask me' thread. Use the search box on right side of the forum main page to locate this thread.
5. Please don't post replies in the Pic Gallery. There is a 'Comments on pic gallery' thread. Please locate it using search box on the right side.
6. This is the thread for Rules and Regulations. Please read thoroughly.
7. Familiarise yourself with this website. Pls go thru old posts and get a feel of this forum.
8. Over the last few days I have answered PMs from some 5-6 people on how to post a picture on this forum. Here's the answer.
Go to Upload your jpeg file there. It will give you a URL.
On top of the message box here, you have an 'image' icon, which has the picture of a mountain and a sun. Click will ask for the URL. Paste the URL which you got from tinypic and submit it.
9. This forum is for discussing CID and related topics (and some off-topic stuff which many people like). Most people prefer to use PMs to discuss matters which they prefer not to discuss in the open.
PMs are not like a chatroom to say 'Hi' or make friends with unknown people. As you become regular members and post interesting messages  some people become your friends, but it takes time. In case someone doesn't reply to a 'Hi' PM, please do not assume that you are not welcome in this forum.
10. Please avoid bringing old, outdated posts to page 1. Do go thru old posts, but pls don't reply to them.
11. Some of our members have taken the responsibility of opening threads for specific purposes.
Shagnika/Bhavana/Chinnu/Visrom - New Case Thread
Arnabchaudhri - Promo
Zerry - Rating for the case
Priya - Written update
Nipun - Video Uploads
Let's allow these members to perform their duties and not take it upon ourselves. In case they are unavailable for some reason, they'll let us know.
12. The 'Ask me' thread is for information on cases, episodes etc. The 'Suggestions/Helpdesk' thread is for doubts regarding forum features etc. I hope the difference is clear.
13. If a thread is irrelevant or is leading to controversies, the mod has the right to close it. Other members do not have the access to such controls. Members can view the names of the people who are on the development team on top of the forum main page. Kindly avoid taking offence. If you have any issues, please contact Ambrosia. 
14. When a responsible member sees a new unnecessary thread posted by any member, pls avoid replying, just to say that this is unnecessary.
15.  Need CID Cases related help like titles, air dates, previews, etc,please visit this thread.

ASK ME - CID Queries [NOT Video Requests]

16. Please don't post creations in the Picture Gallery. There is a specific thread for creations : CID MW/CID SB Creative Corner II. Post all your creations there.

In case I have missed anything, I will add. In the meantime, new members, please reply to this post and let me know that you have understood all these points. I know a few new members...I hope to get a reply from them ASAP.
17. Added a new Chat thread for CID members in the Chat club. 
Pls carry on OT chit-chat there.


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Posted: 10 years ago
v r doing gr8 job visrom
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Posted: 10 years ago

Newbies...this post was for you all.

(Princess, m_kal, shaama, monika, isca, tasharose...many more)
Please reply to this post after reading.
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Posted: 10 years ago
okay visrom diiii.....i will follow all d rules n regulations
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Posted: 10 years ago
thanks dii, i will stick to the rules
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Posted: 10 years ago
i am and will follow the above rules :)
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Posted: 10 years ago
not bad visrom.  Aap tho naye members kho aate hi seedha kardiya Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
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Posted: 10 years ago

Added point no 9.

New members...everyone has not replied to this post....awaiting your responses.

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