K. Balachander's letter to Vijay

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Posted: 13 years ago

'Madrasapattinam' movie has enthralled audiences from all classes and masses. Even the experts and trend setters in Tamil cinema are in awe of this magnificent period film.

In a letter to its director Vijay KB has heaped much praise on the young director. KB says Attenborough's Gandhi was awe-inspiring. Mangal Pandey was authentic. Laagan was adventurous. Your 'Madrasapatinam' is simply astonishing!

He goes on to say 'Madrasapatinam' is a film in which the whole is somehow much bigger, better and more beautiful than the sum of all its individual, significant parts!

On Vijay KB Sir has said "Vijay, I hear you have a cinema pedigree but I really do not know where you come from. BUT YOU ARE HERE TO STAY AND TAKE INDIAN CINEMA AHEAD.".

Read the master's appreciation in full from the letter below



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Posted: 13 years ago
I was excited thinking it was actor Vijay..😆 long letter.. will read it later on.. thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks for sharing. OMG mst say it was an awesome movie. The story could be the same like some others but it defnitely stand out and succeeds increating a HUGE suspense in the climax. Do watch it otherwise you are missing something big.