Written/Video 7 July;Old friends - Old memories?

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Posted: 12 years ago

Video Update:
Written Update:
The episode starts with Samrat telling that he wanted to make the play a musical. Gunjan is very surprised and is all the more surprised when Mayank says that it was a brilliant idea. Samrat asks him where they would get a singer so quickly (eyes on Gunjan). Mayank gets the cue and tells him that Gunjan could do it. Samrat asks her if she will be his assistant manager and help him. Gunjan says, "See, Samrat." to which Samrat replies "I'm already seeing (you)". Gunjan turns around and then tries to calm herself down. She turns to him again and she says that She would not sing. Samrat says that she would have to sing for the College. Mayank goes out for some work. Gunjan is talking with Ria and Rohan. They both tell that they could not sing! Gunjan smiles at this and indicates that the musical could not happen. Samrat suggests a playback singer :D. Gunjan turns and tells Ria and Rohan that everyone of them could sing . Sometimes, we could sing alone but nit in front of an audience. She tells them to imagine that they were in a lone room with no one seeing them. They ask for an example and tell Gunjan to sing. Samrat flashes a thumbs up to Rohan. Gunjan turns and he hurries to regain his composure. Gunjan agrees and goes to the stage. She sings 'yeh Zindagi'. Mayank is seen on it searching for his & Nupur's files and then flashbacks of some moments.

Samrat says that Gunjan needed a Anger management class. Gunjan retorts by saying that he needed some etiquette, manners and politeness classes!

Mayank is searching for some documents and finds that nupur's file was missing. He asked the library supervisor and finds that someone had already taken them a few days ago. He walks out of the library and recieves a phone call. Someone calls him and Mayank asks who she was. She replies that it was only been 3 years and he had forgotten her. Mayank remembers and tells her that she could meet him. He SMSes her his address.

In the process of doing so, Samrat & Gunjan come. Samrat sees it and then pretends to tease him about his 'girlfriend' . Mayank gives him a stern look and then says sorry for it. He informs samrat that he had some work to do. Mayank goes. Gunjan too goes when Samrat follows her.

Gunjan is in a room and Samrat is in the same room. Gunjan tells him that she knew he would invariably follow her. She closes the door and Samrat asks her what other people would think. Gunjan shouts that she had enough of his jokes and everything was not a joke. She says that he shouldn't have taken everything so lightly, Tease Mayank OR Make a joke of everything. Gunjan turns to leave but Samrat catches her hand. Samrat tells her that everyone needed to move on. He asked her if she wanted Mayank to suffer all his life in the memories of Nupur. Gunjan tells him that it was easy for him to say that. Samrat tells her that it was not. He wished that The girl who followed the funda (principle) of smiling always was there with them. He goes and his words echo making Gunjan wonder.

Cut to Mayank: Mayank opens the door to find Dia (no shock there) Who is wearing a dark blue half-china and half indian (coz of the dupatta) dress. She comes in and tells Mayank that she was in China a few months ago and she had to travel all over the world for her fashion designing business. She tells him that when She was in China, she had a strange experience. It was about Nupur.

Mayank asks if she was joking. She says that she could not joke about her. She says that she was in a spiritual healing camp and was meditating when Nupur's image flashed across her eyes. Mayank says that it was because she missed Nupur too. Dia says that she would understand if it happened once but it was going on happening many times and to find the answer to all that, she had come to India. She tells him that it was only he she could tell. She tells him not to share those things with Gunjan as they didn't know her reaction. mayank asks her if she wanted to meet Samrat and Gunjan. She nods. Both go and the frame shifts to Nupur with a meaningful BG. Big smile

Precap- Gunjan and Dia hug. Dia calls for a group hug!

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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update lipsa!!
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dia is back in this very episode?? wow!
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Thanks for the quick Update lipsa..!!!Smile
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thanks for the update
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thanks fr d update... dont kno w hat ths cvs  r upto....Confused  Confused  Confused
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thanks for update
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