~Shayad yehi to pyaar hai ~YaRav SS~pt 4 pg 5~

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Posted: 12 years ago

 ~Shayad yehi to pyaar hai~

Part 1

"Yes ,I'll be there around 10 am tomorrow ,thanks ...bye ! " Yami ended the call with a sigh ,it meant another day without Gaurav and she wasn't happy ... The soothing chilly breeze made her think of him even more and leaning her back against the parapet of the roof of the VP house set ,she stared at her mobile wondering if she should text to let him know ...and soon she heard footsteps walking up to the terrace...

She quickly brought herself back from the momentary trance and prepared to leave when she spotted Gaurav walk up with his eyes glued to his cell...

"Hey ,tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? " he asked surprisingly when he almost bumped into her and she replied
"wo Meethi choori ke EP ka call tha ,kal dubara jaana hai wahan next episode ki shoot ke liye " the reluctance in her tone was so obvious and Gaurav knew why and smiled mischeviously...She couldn't look him in the eye after being caught red handed..
"aur tum yahan kaise ? scene khatam ho gaya tumhara Bhupi ji ke sath ? " she asked cheekily changing the topic ...

" haan scene to poora ho gaya, isliye mai maa se baat karne aya tha chath par  ,unke 3 missed calls the..." he said curiously checking his cell again .
" oh ! lagta hai kuch zaroori baat hogi ,tum baat karlo mai chalti hoo,raat bohot ho gayi hai aur mujhe kal subah ki tayyari bhi karni hai ..."  she smiled and blinked a quick goodbye and walked to the stairs when

" Yami ,ruko ! " said Gaurav and she turned around curiously
" huh ? " she asked arching her eyebrows ...though within she didn't really care to know the reason...
" maa call answer nahi kar rahi hai  " he said slipping the cell into his pocket ... and added "I'm sure sab thik hoga ,bas yehi puchti hongi ki mai ghar kab aa raha hoo "
" hmmm ,to chale kyu ni jaate tum ek do din ke liye ,maa tumhe miss kar rahi hongi na? " Yami knew how much he missed his folks and missed being home ...

" haan ,maine baat to ki hai Dheeraj ji se and have requested for a couple of days off ,dekhte hai,kab jaana hota hai ... "
" dont worry,I'm sure tumhe do din ki chutti to mil hi jayegi ,the break will do good for your back as well " she said caringly ...
" hmmm !" he agreed and gave her a sweet smile of appreciation...but it looked like he was a little hesitant about something as though he couldn't give words to his feelings...
Also he  had been a little reserved lately and to top that they hadn't had the chance to spend much time together owing to their hectic work schedules and his bad health...

Quietly she walked next to him and gave him a few lone moments to talk to himself ... and slyly she noticed the rapid change in his expressions from the corner of her eye ...

Moments later he turned to her and asked

"tum chalogi mere saath ?...mere ghar ? "


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Posted: 12 years ago
yes, yes... ghar le ke chalo...

cant wait to see what happens next Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
Wow... He asks her to come to his home with him !!!Dancing
Excellent !!

Can't wait to read the next part !!!Big smile
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Posted: 12 years ago

u really think a next part is needed?
I did initially plan a 3 part SS but thought this was enough
hmm will have to think again now :)

thanks Fatima,lol ghar leke jao usko hahaha

Nainu Hug
Posted: 12 years ago
WOW Hina!! I love it! OMGG ghar ghar chalooo!! EE lolz can't wait for next part! :D
Posted: 12 years ago
with no yarav news over the weekend or since the interview last monday... this is a life saver,

i have been walking around with a smile on my face after reading it Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Wow...Hina...Loved it, loved it...Ghar chalogi mere saath...so, now we know, if both are'nt there, where they would be... Wink

Second part, please....
Posted: 12 years ago
awwww Hina I m ur biggest fan...really love reading ur OS...they bring dat biggg smile on my face...Smile...but itna chota..not fair..really want to know what she said???? tell me...itna suspence..Unhappy

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