Has Geet really met Dev.. or...

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Friends,
Saw the latest promo... Okay... The past is back... Dev sees Geet.. but do u think Geet will come to know abt Dev's existence?... Or will Maan know about their past.. now?...
After watching the promo, my perceptions say, that only Dev will come to know abt Geet.... not vice-versa.. and then we might come to know... why he was searching for Geet?... Mayb, he might plot against Geet.. and then those misunderstandings... bcoz in the promo... Geet never luked at Dev... It was Dev luking at her... and Maan moving away from her.. and she was hurt and shocked , luking at Maan...
What do u ppl have to say?
Posted: 12 years ago
Let Maan know Geet past yaar ASAP. other wise it will be really hard for both of them in future
Posted: 12 years ago
I also want that Maan shud knw her past... but thru her... not via someone else... he shud knw everything but with her point of view, which will be the truth..
Posted: 12 years ago
I hope Geet only tells every thing to Maan when he prop her
Posted: 12 years ago
i want geet to tell everything to maan about her past before geet and dev meet.. i want maan to support geet especially after she left her family behind who ofcourse tried to kill her but i still want geet to tell everything to maan first... then i dont mint geet meeting dev and finding out hes maan is devs brother..
Posted: 12 years ago
Wow!! That is a really interesting way of looking at the promo. The only problem is that these promo's have nothing to do with the show sometimes. LOL  I do hope that is not what happens but it is very likely that Dev may in fact cause a rift between them somehow.
Posted: 12 years ago
I think the reason why Dev was looking for her is because when he saw Geet for the first time in Delhi, he got scared to see her..i mean it was just a glance..and he didnt confirm if it was her or not..then after stalking the poor taxi driver, he came to know that IT WAS GEET! so i think Dev wouldnt care less about Geet if he hadnt SEEN her that day..so now that Dev knows that Geet is in town,..he is gonna make sure she doesnt try to get to him and his family. And now..come to think of it..Dev knowing that Maan might have a liking towards Geet, he will get in the way by telling anaap shanaap bathein to his vade veerji regarding Geet, and what kind of girl she is..just so Geet doesnt enter the life of his older bro. EEEk..im not liking this at all..why did Dev and Maan have to be brothers </3 its sad because as alot of people were talking about Dev and Maan's brotherhood..i mean at the moment, im sure Maan will side with DEV..but you know what else..im sure Maan will feel super super guilty of how him not helping Dev caused Dev to take these drastic actions and unintensionally ruining Geet's life..Im sure he probably didnt want to take that route but he had no choice..anyways..i also think that when GEET finds out that Maan didnt help Dev out and thats what caused Dev to do this to her, she will put a 100% blame on MAAN, even though if Dev was in some financial mess he could have tried another way..but still...eeek...regardless..there is gonna be trouble ahead for maneet </3
Posted: 12 years ago
I think Geet should reveal everything to Maan fast before there's a huge mess in both their lives. Geet hasn't met Dev yet and I hope she doesn't well not for another month at least. Maaneet needs to express their feelings to one another and then all that can happen later. But the question still remains: Will Geet accept her feelings for Maan even after her awareness of her pregnancy....so many questions and so little answers

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