Mayur Os nupur's return part 1

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Posted: 12 years ago
hey Guys here's my version of Mayur Os on nupur's Return. It's divided into two parts if you like it then i would continue with part 2

Part 1

Shilpa aunty had come to Mumbai for few days to spend sometime with her son mayank. After lot of arguments shilpa aunty was successful in making mayank go out with her for some shopping. Both shilpa aunty and mayank entered the mall.

"Maa main yahan ke bookstore main jaake aata hoon" said mayank and went to book store while mm went to the boutique.


Mayank was going through some books when he saw 2 couples fighting.

"Rohan hum yahan books padh rahe ho aur main wahan boutique main tumhara wait kar rahi thi" said the girl

"Rohan hum yahan engagement ki shopping karne aaye the aur tum" said the girl

"Priya meri baat toh…" but before he could say anything further

"Rohan kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai yeh books nahi meri sautane hai" said priya

"Sorry priya chalo tumhari shopping karte hai fir time mile toh yahan aa jayenge" said rohan. Seeing this both mayank remembered how he and nupur used to have nok-jhok.



Mayank was reading some book while nupur just entered the room. She sat besides mayank on the bed while mayank still seemed to be engrossed in reading the book.

"Mayank tumhe pata hai aaj kya hua" said nupur excitedly while mayank was still busy reading the book.

"Mayank tum meri baat sun rahe ho ya nahi" said nupur

"Kabhi kabhi toh yeh lagta hai ki tumne mujhse nahi balki books se hi shaadi kar leni chahiye thi" said nupur furiously

"Nupur agar main in books se shaadi kar leta toh tumhari roz ki bak bak aur pyaari pyaari baatein kaise sun pata" said mayank and rested his head on nupur's lap.


Flashback Ends

"Pata nahi nupur kyun par aaj aisa lag raha hai jaise tum yahi kahi ho mere aas pass." Thought mayank. Just then he heard a familiar voice

"Yeh waali book pack kar dijiye" said a girl standing in crowd. Mayank on hearing the voice turned around and was shocked.

"Nupur" this was the only word came out of his mouth. The girl left the store .

"Nupur ,nupur ruko" shouted mayank somehow managing to get out of the store as it was fully crowded. But when he came out of the store the girl was no where in the store.

"Mayu Kya baat hai" said mm

"Maa woh nupur maine use abhi abhi dekha" said mayank.

"Mayu yeh tu kya keh raha hai" said mm confused

"Maa maine sach main nupur ko dekha woh abhi yahan is stor main thi" said mayank

"Mayu tu janta hai nupur wapas kabhi nahi aa sakti" said mm

"Maa par maine khud aapni aankhon se dekha hai" said mayank

"Mayu hum ghar chalke baat karte hai, chale" said mm

"Haan maa ghar chalte hai" said mayank. Both mm and maaynk reached home. After the dinner mm spoke up.

"Mayu Tu jaanta hai nupur ko gujre 3 saal ho gaye hai toh fir tu use kaise dekh sakta hai yeh sirf tera vehem hai. Aur tum bohot tired lag rahe ho so jao kal tumhe college bhi jaana hai" said mm and went to her room

"Woh nupur hi thi meri aankhen dhoka kha sakti hai par dil nahi" said mayank holding nupur's photo in his hand.


Next day

  Mayank was already late for college. He took his car and drove towards the college. But to his unluck there was traffic jam and he had to wait for traffic to get clear. He was sitting in the car waiting for traffic to clear when he saw a very familiar face on the road trying to cross the road.

"Nupur , nupur nupur!!!!!!!!!" shouted mayank coming out of the car. He made his way out of the traffic and reached the road but could not see her anywhere. A car was abt to hit mayank when someone pulled him aside.

"Mayank pagal ho gaye ho aur tum yahan kya kar rahe ho" yelled samrat

"Samrat woh nupur maine abhi yahan nupur ko dekha hai" said mayank restless

"Mayank nupur yahan kaise ho sakti hai tum jaan te ho naa uski death hoke 3 saal ho chuke how can she be here" said samrat

"Haan janta hoon par mera dil kabhi jhoot nahi keh sakta woh nupur hi thi samrat chahe koi yakin kare ya naa kare" said mayank and left the place. The whole wek mayank could not think of anything else other then those two incidents and he was sure it was nupur. How can he be wrong in identifying nupur his love, his wife , his love. The one who meant world for him. He cannot make mistake in identifying her.


Mayank went to mall as he had to buy some books. He was  going through somebooks when a small kid around 2 years came towards him and started pulling his pant. Mayank turned around and saw the kid standing besides him. He bent down and took the kid in his arm and started playing with him. The kid too was enjoying mayank's company.

"Aapka naam kya hai" asked mayank playing with the kid

"Pranav" said a lady coming towards them. The name reminded him of nupur.



 "Nupur yeh pranav kaun hai" asked mayank confused

"Humara beta, mayank jab humara beta hoga tab hum uska naam pranav hi rakhenge" said nupur


Flashback Ends

"Are you alright Mr." said the lady

"Mayank sharma and don't worry I'm alright bus pranav naam sunke kuch yaad aa gaya" said mayank

"Your kid is really sweet" said mayank

"Thanks for the compliment but he is my friends son" said the lady

"I'm really sorry miss." Said mayank

"Dr. shreya I'm a psychiatrist. There she comes my friend and pranav's mom" said shreya. Mayank turned around and was shocked to see the girl. It was her yes it was nupur his nupur. He was right the one whom he saw in the mall that day and in the traffic was nupur in real and not his imagination.

"Wait if nupur is pranav's mom means pranav was their son. Why did'nt nupur ever tell me abt this. Why did not she return when she was alive" all this questions one by one emerged in his mind.

"I'm sorry hope he did not bother you much" said nupur

"Nupur" said mayank

"Sorry did u say something" asked nupur

"Mr. mayank this Rati pranav's mother and rati this Mr. mayank sharma" said shreya introducing both of them.

"Come on pranav lets go home" said nupur. Pranav was no way ready to leave mayank.

"Seems he does'nt wants to leave you" said shreya

"Pranav now go with mama uncle would soon come to meet you" said mayank kissing pranav'c cheek and to the surprise of everybody pranav too kissed mayank's cheek. He handed over Pranav to nupur.

"Dr. Shreya if you don't mind can I have your visiting card please actually I was searching for a psychiatrist for my friend so if you don't have problem can I have you visiting card please" said mayank

"Ofcourse Mr. Sharma I too wanted to talk to you. Here's my visiting card you can meet me at any time between 9.00 am to 8.30pm" said shreya and gave mayank the visiting card. Mayank went home he did not tell mm anything abt nupur. He first wanted to talk to shreya abt nupur.

Next day he took leave from the college and straight away went to meet Dr. shreya at her clinic.

"Hello dr. shreya" said mayank

"hello Mr. sharma I was waiting for you" said shreya

"How did you know I would be here today" asked mayank confused

"I'm a psychiatrist and can clearly state out what's going in a persons mind. I even know you are here to talk about rati." Said Shreya

"You are right Dr. shreya I'm here to talk abt rati who is my nupur" said mayank and narrated the whole story to shreya.

"Mayank you are right she is your nupur but unfortunately she does not remember anything, not even her name" said shreya

"But where did you find nupur" asked mayank

" Actually that day I was just returning from my duty when I saw someone lying deep inside the bushes and took her to the hospital" said shreya


Flash back

Nupur was lying on the bed with wires around her

"Your lucky ki aap aur aapka baacha dono safe hai"said shreya entering the room while nupur looked at her confuse.

"Baacha aur main main kaun hoon aur yahan kya kar rahi hoon" asked nupur confused

"Aap please rest kijiye once you get well we would talk" said shreya


Flashback ends

"Rati does not remembers anything. She has lost her memory though she usually get some flashes of her past. She told me many times abt the flashes and after hearing abt the whole accident incident and nupur I can say Rati is nupur" said shreya

"But Mr. Mayank sharma I can't tell rati abt it. I don't want her to stress herself  and it's request to you too please don't ask her or tell her anything which would stress her" said Shreya. Just then Nupur entered the cabin.

"Where's Pranav?" Asked shreya

"Pranav he is playing outside with the receptionist" said nupur

" So how was your interview" asked Shreya

"As usual no result" said nupur little upset.

"If u don't mind shall I suggest you something" asked mayank to which nupur nodded

"Why don't you join excel as dramatics teacher. We are having a play and as heard from shreya you are good in acting" said mayank

"Ok Mr. Sharma I would join" said nupur

"Great then meet you at excel 2morrow" said mayank

"Sure Mr. Sharma. Ok guys you carry on I need to go" said nupur

"Mayank shall I ask you why you insisted rati to join Excel" asked shreya

"Nupur's every memory begins with excel and ends in excel and I'm sure once she enters excel she would slowly start remembering everything and don't worry I would take care of my nupur and see that she does not stress her self much" said mayank and was abt to leave when shreya called him.

"Best of Luck Mayank" said shreya


Hope you guys like it

plz do comment



Posted: 12 years ago

hey lovely start

kash yeh ideas cvs bhi padhte tab unke akal thikane aati Angry

do cont soooooooooonnnnnn

yipeeeeeeee me first     Tongue Edited by sariska_mjht - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
awesome os dear..pls update the other part too.............
Posted: 12 years ago
kaash mjht main bhio aisa hi kuch ho
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Vinaya,
This is just amazing.
Hope CVs ko bhi kuch itna achcha idea aa jaaye aur vo rati ko vaapas le aaye.
Plzzz Plzzzz do continue with this OS.
Posted: 12 years ago
thanx 4 d pm
Posted: 12 years ago
awesome one.........
Update next part soon..............
Posted: 12 years ago
nice start
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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