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Posted: 12 years ago
Hello Friends!!
As you know we recently had a voting going on for the entries we recieved for the proposal contest.
It is now time that I announce the winner for this contest!!
Before I declare the winner I would like to inform you that this is the entry that recieved the most votes:
Suhana, after realizing that she's actually in love with Ishaan, is afraid of confronting her feelings. She doesn't want to risk being heartbroken again. So she takes off from the Kashyap household without telling anyone to introspect and come to terms with her feelings. Ishaan is naturally worried about her. He tries her cell phone, father's house etc ' but cannot get in touch with her. He is both frustrated and worried. Finally Suhana comes back home late in the night wearing a carefree expression, while Ishaan is sitting on the bed rubbing his temples.

Ishaan looks up and is surprised to see her indifferent, yet again.  "Where were you? I've been looking everywhere for you. Have you seen the time?" He angrily asks.
Suhana retorts, "Hello, I am not your typical wife. I don't need to give you any explanation!"
Ishaan looks up resigned and says, "But I was worried about you. What if something had happened to you or what if you were in trouble? I would never have forgiven myself for not knowing where you were or not reaching you in time."
Suhana's tone softens, "You were. Why?"
Ishaan feelingly says, "What do you mean by why? You are my wife, and I'm responsible for you, that's why!"
Suhana suppressing her disappointment replies angrily, "Oh, so I am just a duty for you? Thank you very much Mr. Ishaan Kashyap. I am touched."  She icily turns away.
Ishaan in a mega frustrated tone replies, "That's not all. I was worried about you because I care about you."
Suhana still with her back towards him haughtily replies, "Right, just like you care about the whole world and its brother"
Ishaan practically yells, "No, I was worried about you, because I love you, damn it!!!!!"
Shocked silence.
Ishaan having bared his heart, hesitantly steps back. And Suhana ' within a blink of an eye reaches out and unorthodoxly hugs him, burying her face against his shoulder starts sobbing, "Then what took you so long to say so?" Ishaan too shocked for words fumbles, "Umm'you didn't make it easy either". Suhana tearfully replies, "Why, should I? After all, every girl likes to be wooed by the guy who loves her." Ishaan smiles and brushes off a strand off her face. In a fake apologetic tone he says, "I'm sorry Suhana. Please forgive me." Suhana giggles, "OMG yaar. It's okay." Further in a light-hearted tone she says, "And just for the record ' I love you too!"
Both Ishaan and Suhana, tearfully laugh in each other's embrace.

And this entry was written by non other than LadyMcbeth
So friends please take this opportunity to congratulate her for winning this contest!
Here is a winner siggy for you to use made by Gurprit:
I would like to thank all three of the participants who took their time to participate in this contest.
And to all the other members watch out for our next contest and this time make sure YOU send in your entry!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Big smile


Have always loved the  writer in you...Very well written


DancingAnd I am the first one to comment

P.S-A request to Aman...Can u please  include the names of the other two participants too
Posted: 12 years ago
Congratulations LadyM .......Fab stuff and u truly deserved to win !!!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
waohh gud post Aman... claps**

& Congrats LadyM.... appluasess... ****Clap

& awesome siggy by Gur.... yeahh...Star

hv fun guyz....
Edited by starry.phoenix - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Dearest LM......ClapClapClap
'Jahapanah...tussi great ho...........salam kabul karo...'
Posted: 12 years ago
Congratulations LadyMcbeth...!!!!!Party

Loved ur style of writing...!!Clap I loved Suhana saying 'just for the record "I love you too"..'!!!LOLLOL

Nice post...and gorgeous prize siggy..!!
Edited by manasi_31 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Congrats, LadyM!Hug I knew this was yours....it was deffo the best entry! Very well deserved!

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