Maan-Geet OS Chiggy Wiggy

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Posted: 12 years ago
(Continuation from the previous epi)
Maan and Geet are tired of fighting so they sit down puffed out.

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana never does any sort of favours for anyone but you can sleep here on this     bed and I will sleep on the sofa. And please don't wake me up again I am really tired after camping in jungle.

Geet: But Sir, I hear there are cockroaches here and I am really scared of them. (In mind: I am scared because it looks like dusht danav the two antennas are like your 2 eyes always seeking to kill me)

Maan: Ok Miss Geet Handa then shall I stay awake like a watchman to guard you. And then you can call me all those names Shyamlal Ramlal whatever.

Geet:  No I am sorry sir. Actually I had a broom in hoshiarpur to get rid of them and here I just have this stick. (When she takes it out it accidently hits Maan's head on the same place again and it starts bleeding badly)

Maan: Owww

Geet: Oh I am Soryyy (She wipes it with her dupatta and it doesn't stop so she starts searching for his handkerchief in his trousers front, back, shirt pockets and Maan feels weird as she is touching him. She couldn't find one so she tears her dupatta and ties it on his head.)

(Maan just cannot take his eyes off her looking at her so worried for him) [MAAHI MAAHI PLAYS]

Maan: It is ok Good Night.

Geet: I am so sorry sir ok good night.(She runs away from there thinking he can kill her any moment)

Maan: This girl has made me mad.

(Maan starts his stripping business, he takes his shirt off and he goes to sleep in his vest)

It is too hot and the Ac is not working here. If I go there Miss Hoshiarpur will think I am going to attack her. (He takes his vest off and he has his shorts on)

(4 am in the morning)

Geet: I am feeling really thirsty. I can't find any bottle here. I will have to go and find the kitchen.

(She is passing through the hall when she sees Maan sleeping shirtless in his shorts)

Hawwww he is always naked in front of me no shame at all.

(She goes to the refrigerator)

Geet: What does he drink; there is no bottle of water. There is this one drink can and I am really thirsty so I have no choice but to drink this. (It is one of those beer cans) Yumm this is tasty it makes me feel alive Hoshiarpur express.

(She goes next to where Maan is sleeping)

Mr. Maan Singh Khurana urf my dusht danav urf everyone's dhak dhak.. Yuck how can they even call you dhak dhak. Honestly when you are just half inch closer to me I feel that as well. But yh where was I. Yes MSK your full form is Mr. Sadu Khadoos.  You know it's been so weird that every time I was in trouble you are there for me sometimes I think you just frame me. Oh well I am used to it now.

(She is walking when she trips over the carpet and falls on the naked Maan. Geet is  on top of him and she can feel his breath and scent in herself. She is trying to get up but she cannot because her dupatta is stuck under him.)

Geet: Uff even when he is asleep he doesn't leave me. Leaveee me. Ok let me just pull it out.

(Maan falls on the floor and the remote button gets pressed. As the television starts Kylie Monogue starts singing).

Geet: Omg who is this gori on sir's television. (She gets really excited and starts dancing in front of the TV and she does some moves like Kylie)

Maan: Now who is singing at 4 in the morning.( when he gets up the remote button gets pressed and it is shut down).

(Geet is opening all the windows and singing)

As every man who ever sees me wants to hold my hand
And be the one who gets me to say Oh I Do
They swear eternal undying devotion, yes they swear
That they will love me forever, love me true.

Maan: What is wrong with you why are you behaving like this?

(she throws her dupatta on Maan)

But i don't need a shining star
And i don't wanna be rescued
No neither frog nor charming prince
Nor my summers barbequed

(Maan closes the windows and stops Geet but she continues dancing pulling him towards her with the stick around him)

[I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you fella
Just chiggy-wiggy with you baby ]2

(He gets really angry and he goes to the kitchen where he drinks the half beer can drunk by Geet)

Free-eeeee your mind
Free is the way to live it up
Free-eeeee to go
Free if i dont wanna give it up
Free-eeeee to groove
The dance floor's where i wanna be
Free-eeeee to move
White picket fences frighten me

(Geet is still dancing and he comes back so he imagines Gurvinder dancing with her)

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you fella

(He gets really pissed so he goes next to her to move Gurvinder but he finds no one. She still touching and pulling him towards her)

Aaa' dont want a talker
Aaaa' dont need repartee
Aaaa.. dont need a future
I just like to' party

(She snatches the beer can that Maan was drinking and finishes it)

Maan: Stoppppppp it (He screams). What is the matter with you? Why are you acting so wild and has anyone ever told you how pathetic you are as a dancer. Now come on get to bed. You are unemployed but I have to go to the office tomorrow.

(He carries her in his arms upstairs in the bedroom) (She gets on the floor and continues)

Aaa' forget tomorrow
Aaa' my feet tapping
Aaa.. dont you get it
Why won't you let it happen

(She pushes him on the bed and dances)

Say you'll never go
Never ever go
Down upon on your knees
Say you'll never say
Never ever say
Baby marry me pleeeaasseee

(She is on top of him)


 I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you ah ah aaa

Maan: DAADI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! DEVVVVVV! Anyonee my ex-secretary is raping me.

(Geet gets hit by the stick which was in her hand on her head so she becomes unconscious and falls on him)

Maan: PHEWWW! Thanku Babaji.. Babaji?? This girl has made me mad.

(He pushes her on the bed but she doesn't leave his hand so he has to stay there and he falls asleep eventually)

(7 am. Phone rings. Answering Machine, Daadi: Geet it is 7 am, I hope you are fine. Come down for breakfast)

(Geet gets up and she looks around, She is without her dupatta, Maan is sleeping next to her topless in shorts)


Maan: What happen? What Happen?? YOU?? Get away from me. (Looks for his clothes)

Geet: What happened last night sir?

Maan: What happened? Miss Hoshiarpur I heard boys normally rape girls but here it was opposite you raped me. You raped me YOU MESSED WITH Me Maan Singh Khurana.

(Geet is crying)

Maan: Cry now and what do you want to sing in the background. I wanna chiggy wiggy with you. HUH.

Geet: I am sorry sir, I don't know what happened to me.

Maan: SORRY Huh 5 letter word is that enough for after everything you did last night.

Geet: But sir, what can I do then? I cannot rewind everything like in the movies..Wait MOVIESS. I don't believe you! Remember that scene in DDLJ?

Maan: What DDLJ? I don't watch films especially romantic ones.

Geet: How do you know it's romantic if you don't watch it?

Maan: Well I was just trying to prove my statement and the word came out of my mouth.

Geet: Ok anyways where was I ?the scene where Simran gets drunk and they end up sleeping together and then in the morning Raj scares her that something happened between them! So sir nothing happened between us na?

Maan: Nothing happened? you pushed me on the bed. You were dancing on me. You got drunk. You were pulling me touching me and guess what nothing actually happened.

Geet: HAWWWW What was in that drink. I just hate the moment I met you. I am surrounded by problems.

Maan: Problemsss? Look who is talking.

(He goes towards her but trips over one of the curtains and falls on her on the bed)

(Daadi walks in)

Daadi: Geet! Geet! Where are you? OOPS wrong timing.

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Posted: 12 years ago
awesome awesome awesomeClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
Posted: 12 years ago
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
gr8 cant image dat.....
best line ws
Posted: 12 years ago
omgosh that was so funny LOLOL!
Posted: 12 years ago

kash aisa ho jaye!!!!LOL

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