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Posted: 12 years ago
hey guys please vote for the scene of the day
here how it will work
members will chose one day and they will chose the scene # they like and they can only chose one and the one the day that will have the most voting will be the one that i will make an avi's its is very important for all the voters to write down the day name and the scene number.....Thank u

Monday 19th July:
1: Karan make prayers that "Meri tu yeahi prathna hai ke kabhi koi bache se uski maa alag na ho.....("I pray that no child be separated from their mother") karan crying and looking at Abha and after Abha prayers ends he tell her that Maa ji will be fine...

2: Jagmohan opens the car door for Abha and karan and bring them to Abha Mayaka and tells her that from now on she has the permission to go and meet her parents whenever she wants.

3: Abha start walking to the door (song played) and opens and see CP sick and calling for her and then she goes and Hug CP.

Scenes By Member View Monday:

princessonline --"My daughter-in-law will not go empty handed to meet her mom"

Pattinson6--The part where CP and Abha agree is really moving

(same as #2)

Tuesday 20th July:
1: i think the best scene from today was where Abha said bey to everyone and wen to Thakur and he smiled at her and told her that whatever happen few days back i don't care about it and he hugs her.....

2: The other scene i really liked it was when Jaggu said To Dadi ma..Abha has done her Bahu job and it was Sasur turn to do his job....

Wednesday 21st July:
1: the first scene i thought was the best whas shen Jagu told karan to go back to his old room and change and told Kanika to go and help Abha show Prathiba Sari and told her that she can wear any sari she likes.....( i thought this was really nice of oh to do and one thing that pop in my head that when she will come in wearing Prathiba sari he will remember her and see her shadow in Abha)

2: the other one i reallyreally liked it and some of the member also liked it was the one where Jaggu told Abharan that they can ask for anything they want ans she asked Jaggu for his blessing and jaggu gave his bllessing to her and kissed her forehead and then Abha told karan to come and take the blessing tto and Jaggu and karan hugging eache other....

Scene By Members View Wednesday:

shalini01 - wednesday: i think today's scene of the day is when karan said they couldnt change because their room was flooded out and jags says they would deal with it later and he gave karan permission to go to his room and get a kurta and he gave abha permission to wear any one of his wife's saris that she likes.Thumbs Up im really liking this changed jaggu.

shalini01- oh and i forgot one more when he told abha today they can ask for anything they want and she asked for his blessings and he blessed her and kissed her forehead and then blessed karan. that was really touching. that's what abha has been longing for. and also when he announced her as the choti bahu of the house. Clap Embarrassed

Thursday 22nd July:
1: the first scene i really liked it was that when karan came and hold Jaggu hand when they were flooding the flower in the rivr and karan told jaggu that He and Abha will be with him forever and abharan take Jaggu blessing .....

2: the other scene was the whole part of Abharan where Karan came to dadi and made excuses to take Abha with him and Dadi understtod and told Abha to go and then when Abha came to room she was surprised and the song played in the back and then when karan told Abha if he could hug his Wife today and Abha said that now jaggu has accepted her so from now on You(Karna) are not tied under any oath (Watchan)...and their romance scene started....untill shelly interruptedAngryAngryAngry

Scene by Members View for Thrusday:

vinuchand - But the best scene I liked was when Jags is putting the offerings in the water, Karan comes and holds his hands too and Karan says he knows his father misses mum a lot. And also says that Abha and he will always be with Jags come what may.
It was such a lovely father and son moment and a son who is so confident of his wife.

Friday 23rd July;
1: for Friday the best scene was all of Abharan scene
all of those naughty scene of Karna trying to make Abha feel jealous and the short dress for Abha and talking to other girls and telling them they are hot....(so happy to see our old Karna back)
Guys for Friday scene i didn't made it into big because i thought all of the Abharan scene were the best scene of the day....

Please start voting U all have the voting going on till Sunday before 8pm
Thank U


Posted: 12 years ago
my vote goes for Friday #1
Posted: 12 years ago

22nd Thursday :My vote goes 4  all the cute abharan scenes which were shown on 22nd thursday.(number 2)

Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by ushali

22nd Thursday :My vote goes 4  all the cute abharan scenes which were shown on 22nd thursday.(number 2)

thanks dear for voting
it was really acute scene
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Mariam I vote July 21 second scene the one where Abha asks for blessings from Jagu Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
i will vote for thursday 22nd--part2
Posted: 12 years ago
Guys come on vote u all have still time to vote for the scene till 8pm

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