Wait why are some people talking about Weight?

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Posted: 12 years ago

Hello pepz,

I have read quite a lot posts by people saying "Shilpa is over weighted and fat" and this really shocked me.  Why you ask? Well I hope everyone has learned in school that every person comes with a different body type, correct? I mean is being chubby bad? No, I'm sure everyone here must have a family member or friend who's chubby, how would you feel if somebody called them overweight and or fat, or even you?

 Shilpa Anand is an Actress is that why it's an issue? If so then I am proud to be her fan she sends out a great message to all young females that feel bad about their appearance due to their weight. You don't have to be skinny or thin to be an actress you will still be loved.

After all we have a great example of this which is Mr.Grover, in the begging of Dill Mil Gaye he was quite chubby yet loved no abs yet in many people's heart!  I was proud of him to at the time too.

But why was Mr.Grover's weight not an issue at that time why was he not compared to his co-stars for example Mayank Anand. Why is Shilpa Anand's weight being compared to Jennifer Winget's weight.  I know there are a lot of comparison being made between the two actresses  but if Mr.Grover's chubbiness can be ignored at that time why not Shilpa Anand's?

The reason I'm concerned about this topic is that I have a younger sister who is chubby and I always tell her that weight does not matter feel proud of yourself.  Please don't forget people come in all shapes and sizes. You might be hurting someone in your post which has nothing to do with your war.

As a guy I don't look at female's weight and what irritates me is that females care about other female's weight. Guys accept yourself accept each other. Be proud of your appearance.


Peace out



Posted: 12 years ago
i havent read any such posts, n i dont think shilpa is overweight at all...
Posted: 12 years ago
I like this post a lot. Good work and I agree with you.
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by desire_20

i havent read any such posts, n i dont think shilpa is overweight at all...
I have, I don't know the title of the topic where such posts were posted and on youtube videos there are a lot which aren't allowed to be discussed here.
Posted: 12 years ago
Agreed ! :) Judging and comparing someone on their weight is just plain rude. I'm sorry but what does weight have to do with an actual persons personality and their abilities. We've seen too many articles/news reports about weight issues and comparisons why can't we try and go against the tide here and judge an actor/actress on their acting ability instead of their looks. Seriously lets move on from such superficial things.

Love and Respect <3
Posted: 12 years ago
OMGGG!!! I love this Post!!!! Thank you so so so much for this wonderful topic!
Posted: 12 years ago
I don think Shilpa is overweight at all...she is perfect or shud I say tht she is actually skinny...I mean look at her on her entry epi where she wore golden color dress...she looked sooo nice...n even if I am a girl...I think tht she was HOT! n she is really goood lookin so I don think she is fat at all!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Lovely postClap
Kudos to u boySmile
N as far as Shilpa is concerned i don't think she is overweight...its just that she is a bit chubby than Jennifer...n i don't think there is anything wrong in it...Wink
We still love her n respect both SHILPA n JENNIFER the way they are...Smile
Love Shilpa...She rocks...Embarrassed

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