Performance Ratings for 7/23/2010

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Posted: 12 years ago
So far, the show has been great. I LOVE watching Remo, Geeta and Terrance on the show. I really missed seeing them together!

Manoj (8.0) -->
Not feeling his performance. I thought it was quite boring and was very clumsy. Some of the tricks were fantastic, but execution was not that good. Manoj was fantastic last week, but today his performance deteriorated again. He is SO good in contemporary, but as soon as he takes up another style, he is just not the same. Mayu/Vrush need to work harder with him.

Vatsal (8.5) --> I thought his performance was good. This was a very strong solo compared to his previous few solos. His lines were so beautiful and the choreography was tough. Yes, there were some problems with the shirt and cloth, but he handled it decently. Sad to see him go, but I just never thought he was as strong as the others. Will miss him though!

Vaishnavi (10.0) --> WOW! Vaishnavi tu kya hai yaar? Tu sab kuch karti hai!!! LITERALLY! She was MIND BLOWING!!! The choreography was beautiful, the way the ladder was used to coordinate with the performance was outstanding! My favorite solo performance for today. SHE IS BACK! It was just perfect from beginning to end!!! Clap

Atul (9.75) --> From one great performance to another. Atul was fabulous and the execution was beautiful but this act was SO RISKY!! I had goosebumps watching it because i was so nervous! I understand that some of these kids have the courage and ability, BUT they are still kids and their bodies cannot handle what adults can. I love Atul, and he is just splendid, but please no more scary acts!!! Overall, I still loved it! Clap

Jeetumoni (9.75) --> Beautifully performed! I just love this kid, especially because he continues to grow stronger and stronger on this show. The prop use was very interesting, fresh, and beautifully thought out. The choreography was fantastic and the execution was outstanding. I loved the portions on the turn table thingy. Very smooth performance!! Clap

Ruturaj (8.5) --> Rutu started off very strong and he still is, but the others that were not so strong have caught up. With that said, I love Rutu and he has been my favorite from the beginning, but I think at this point, the next one out should be either Manoj or Rutu. His performance today was very good and I really enjoyed it. I love watching him dance like that, but compared to Jeetu, Vaishu and Atul's act, it was a little less. Overall, this kid has loads of talent, beautiful expressions and I KNOW he can do better than this! Smile

Atul & Jeetu Jugalbandi (100!!) --> THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH!!! I love them both and they are just SO talented! I don't think anyone can tough Atul's style and no one can touch Jeetu's style. Atul is just so amazing with stunts and bboying, whilst Jeetu is very good with popping-locking/hiphop. Both are fabulous on their own, but my vote goes to Jeetu. He was dancing THROUGHOUT the jugalbandi and it was ridiculously good! Any move that Atul did, Jeetu just tore it up. OUTSTANDING BY BOTH!
Posted: 12 years ago
I liked Vaishnavi,Jeetumoni,Atul,Vatsal,Manoj and Ruturaj in that particular order Clap ...awesome episode...all three masters along with headmasters farah and sandip sir were so fun and a treat to watch Clap ...Cant wait for tomorrow!!

Vaishnavi was over the top fantastic Star Star Star ....she is a star in the making...such finesse,precision,beautiful expressions Clap ...a very well deserved performance of the day Clap Edited by dramebaaz - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
I personally feel dat Vaishnavi jus NAILED it today....she is OUTSTANDING!!! Superb!!
Posted: 12 years ago
My Rating goes in this order
1. Atul - 10 (difficulty level was too high, floor dance superb)ClapParty
2. Jeetumoni - 9.8 (Awesome)HugThumbs Up
3. Vaishanvi - 9.75 (Beautiful)EmbarrassedStar
4. Jugalbandi - StarStarStarStarStar (I dont want to rate that performance. I was awestruck while they were performing. Atul was brilliant in stunts and bboying as usual but Jeetumoni, my GOD, was mindblowingly fantastic. A treat to watch really)
Vatsal was okay. I didn't like Manoj and Ruturaj's acts much. Compared to others they were weak and clumsy. 
Posted: 12 years ago
D-sir strikes again! Brilliant job sir!
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by DharmeshSir

D-sir strikes again! Brilliant job sir!

Bachha log mehnat kare and credit goes to D sir. 
Edited by Cool_Ishu - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
I loved your ratings... I feel as though I have watched the show already.... another 5 hours to go Unhappy

I am so happy Vaishu finally got the deserved award. Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by Cool_Ishu

Originally posted by DharmeshSir

D-sir strikes again! Brilliant job sir!

Bachha log mehnat kare and credit goes to D sir. you becoming Ankit now.

D-sir ka utna hi mehnat jitna bacche log ka...And his team performed brilliantly again so if I say D-sir strikes means ke his team strikes again!

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