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Posted: 12 years ago
Okk i wrote it for nidzy's birthday! & it is a product of my excessive arti drooling in paradise that other day & ofcourse the motivation came from Octopus paul for his correct predictions on ARTIROFL
it can be a total crap .......so i wasnot posting it anywhere ,but to celebrate the ARTI performance news with ARTI maniacs i m posting it here .....
& yeah I m not a writer so the idea is slightly chorified from my fav scene of the film "socha na tha''
& the pic comes free with this OS (according to divz i m obsessed with this picEmbarrassed ).
so here it is!!!!!!!
 A Dinner table Story!!!

The sound of doorbell surprised Rati. It is almost 9 pm , who came now? She looked through the peephole & found a familiar face there. With a surprise smile she opened the door .Her once co star & long time just good friend Arjun was standing at the door, with  his brightest smile & some packets in his hand.

"What r u doing here at this time?" Rati exclaimed.

"Hmmmmm'actually I was going home from shoot & was damn hungry & suddenly I thought why not tonight I hv dinner with my onscreen dead wife?" Arjun flashed his trademark smile.

Rati smiled back to him.

"Btw, I hope I m not disturbing u'''.actually I wanna give u surprise so didn't call u ..is that ok?" He asked .

"Oh! Its alright Arjun.u r not disturbing me I  was just going to hv my dinner. U came at the right moment''''.come in." She makes way for him to enter the house.

"I brought Chinese for u"' Arjun said.

"Wow! Chinese .my fav'.that's a great surprise Arjun '.thanks ''.."she pulled his cheeks in happiness. In response Arjun only said "I know that" with a smiling face.

He thought..she did that after a month, pulling his cheek was almost became a habit for her when she was in the show..it felt so good! "stop,stop, what r u thinking , u wanna scare her away or what?" he scolded himself.

The tv was on & suddenly both of them heard some familiar music .it was MJHT starting at star one.

"Okk , I hvn't watch the show since I left''.lets watch it together now ,what say?"Rati asked.

"Noooooooo, I shoot all day long for this & now I want to hv dinner wifey'I don't want to watch it now.plz." Arjun said in teasing note.

"Stop calling me wifey .i m no longer in the show." .Rati glared "& we r watching the show '..mai bhi to dekhu how is ur new co stars & all'''"saying this Rati sat on her couch to watch the show & Arjun had no other choice but to sit with her too.

The show was going on, both of them were watching it along with their usual chit chat going on& suddenly the bin tere song sequence came up. Both of them watched it without even looking at each other for once & when the song ended, Rati was more than shocked, she knew this guy Arjun acts really well''..but what she just saw was too real to be acting. "Was it really acting or he .umm may be he miss me.ok what kind of weird thought is that rati?" She murmured to herself. Then she looked at Arjun who was not looking at her & trying to concentrate hard on some magazine he was reading or pretend to read. An awkward silence came down in the room. After a few minutes Rati decided to break it ,

"Ummmmm, u .were really good at the song! Great job" She murmured

"Thanks", he gave a quick reply. "Now if u remember I came here to hv dinner with u .apka bas chale to mujhe bhukha hi mar dalenge aap'." He teased her.

"Oh '..sorry sorry.yaar.come lets hv dinner  first." Rati thanked him in her mind for changing the topic.

At the dinner they talked lot abt the usual stuff. He asked her abt the new shows she is considering to do & she asked him how's everyone at the MJHT set? How's it working with new ppl & all.

The dinner was finished. Rati was keeping the plates in the table after washing. Arjun was standing besides her helping her sometimes. Their usual chit chat was going on.

"I saw the pics of u guys at panchgani & abhishek's birthdays too .u guys had lots of fun .i missed it all" he  pouted.

"Yeah , abhi,naveena, jas everyone was missing u at the party.." Rati said.

"Oh! They missed me'..u didn't?" Arjun asked in a flirty manner.

Rati was familiar with this kind of flirty behavior from him; she survived this for 2 long years'..she didn't even bother to look at him.

"Umm NO".she giggled.

"Acha!" Arjun exclaimed "we r not working together any more .but I guess u never miss me, right?"He asked again.

"Yeah , u r right , I don't miss u'u used to irritate me ,bully me ..why should I miss u?.."Rati was still on the mood of joking. She was bz with her work & her back was facing Arjun. So, She didn't pay much attention to the change of tone of Arjun's voice.

Arjun came a bit forward to her to stand face to face with her.& then slowly he held her one hand, rati froze then & there.With his other hand Arjun removed the plate from Rati's hand. She was completely shaken by his sudden gesture. She didn't move a bit ,neither she meet his gaze, she was constantly looking at the floor, she didn't understand why suddenly the temperature of the room increased so much "is the Ac not working?" she thought.

Taking both of her hands on his hands, Arjun suddenly lean a bit forward to her." So u don't miss me at all huh?" he whisper.Rati skipped a breath. She didn't unserstand why suddenly she couldn't speak .she just nodded her head a bit which means 'no'

Arjun lean a bit more "not even a little bit?" he whispers again.

"What is he doing?" Rati skipped another breath. Her heartbeat was moving at a speed of zet plane. She shut down her eyes as his face was just inched away from hers. Their noses were almost brushing. She has done a lot more close scene with him on screen then why the hell she couldn't speak now? Again she managed to nod her head only looking at the floor.

Arjun smiled a bit , watching her cheeks going all red'& the lean a bit more towards her, he whispered in her ear " but I miss u.i miss u very very much" saying this he placed a light peck on her cheek.& then with mischief smile he step a bit backward ,waiting for a reaction from her.What happened after that was surprise for both of them.

On an immediate response Rati hugged him back, with her eyes shut ,she hugged him tightly & whispered "I miss u too". A surprised Arjun didn't mind the tight hug though, he hugged her back with equal warmth almost lifting her up from the ground. Ah! How much they missed hugging each other!!!

It took them only 30 seconds to realize what they r doing & as soon as the realization happen both of them separated themselves from the hug instantly. They were both feeling very embarrassed abt what just happen & couldn't even meet each other's gaze.

Yet another time for that night an awkward silence occurred in that room .but this time Arjun decided to break it. He looked at his watch .

"Ummmmmmm its getting late .i think I should'"

Rati cuts in."yeah u should go home now''.."

"So , okk .umm bye then'.u take care" saying that Arjun almost ran towards the door while Rati was still standing beside the dining table ,totally in shock abt what happened few minutes back.. Suddenly he look back

"Ummmm Rati?"he called her.

"yeah" a lost rati looked at him.

" Thank U" he said.

"For what?" Rati gave a questioning look to him.

Arjun's face lights up with his trademark smile, "For missing me so much" saying this he winked at her.

A shocked Rati glared at him, trying hard not to smile & then finally she gave up & with a giggling face she pointed him towards the door "ab jaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo bhi"

"Bye."saying this Arjun finally left the house with a broad smile in his face & thus this small dinner table story between two"just good friends" ended on a smiling note.Edited by Mou. - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Nidzy posted this on cc....

its really beautiful Day Dreaming
aise hua hoga...who knws Embarrassed

i luv that pic Day Dreaming Edited by afshanafreen - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Ohhh Mou................amazing Big smile
haiyyy....1!!!!! it ws juss soooo Day Dreaming

"thank u fr missing me sooo much" Silly...............OMG.....1!!!! AB u make me CRAZYYYY Silly
Edited by yash.dilse - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
OMG...awesome blossom one Mou...Hug
loved each and every part.......
@afsha....rite..aisa hoga shayad..who knows..Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
aisa kuch nehi hua guys!!!!!!!!!! control!!!!!!!!!!ROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
mou yeh kya kar daala ..........you had a full proof plan to kill us na ........................its sooooo beautifully wriiten ..............and is soooo realistic ...............i feel that aisa kuch zarroz hua hoga .............imagine the intensity in Arjun's eyes when he says tum mujhe miss nahin kar rahi ...............aww ,............i am dead mou ...................it was terrific ......
Posted: 12 years ago
its rockingsssssssssssssssss
Posted: 12 years ago

OMG....wat a lovely OS it was.....I'm completely into ArTi dreamland after reading this.....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingI could imagine the whole scene in front of me & I was grinning  like mad reading it....The kiss & Hug......Silly
And I do agree Bin tere was not just acting....he misses her a lot .Broken Heart hope Rati comes back soon

And dont say you're not a good write....You are Marvelous writer ...you write so well......I think you should keep writing more on ArTi.....LOL

Thankyou soooo much for such a Lovely OS
Love you loadssss...........Hug

I really want more ArTi shots from you ............Heart

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