I dont wanna bash but thats not called LUV armaan

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Posted: 12 years ago
All the ka-jen bheegi si bhaagi si sequence was based on total LUST from Armaan's side thats not called Love sorry :P and i agree to a member below i personally like Kajen more than KaSh but that bare back part was rather un digestable ..i mean what was that??
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Posted: 12 years ago

i was so hoping a post form sr fans after the song but when it did not came up i thought chalo sr fans also wants peace in the fourm but no you crashe my hopes thank you.

sr fans topic all yours.





Posted: 12 years ago
yaar watever ur point is, plz yaar shape it in a nice n well mannered, as dis is offending 2 all  KaJen fans. even though m nt one, i still feel its nt nice think 2 say. u feel dis i respect it, however if u wished to share it, you shuld hve shared in a non-offending manner, which is polietly n nicely. i understnd u mite nw wnted to bash, bt dis is indirectly bashin n ure topic ill b defo gettin clsed, as it ill b hurtin all kajenians and it wuldn't b nce if sum1 sed dis abt ure fovourtie, so plz yaar dnt say such things. =P
Posted: 12 years ago
no its not,when ridz was with him he used to behave in the same manner then we all called it love but now at the time of moving on if he still feels ridz around him and in drunken stupor he acts liek b4 that is coz he still loves her,its not lust.
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by AnnaNAshley

All the ka-jen bheegi si bhaagi si sequence was based on total LUST from Armaan's side thats not called Love sorry :P

Agreed This is not love but lust and Sid is calling Armaan for advice ..if only he knewAngryAngryAngryAngry
Posted: 12 years ago
though   i dont have any problem wid armaan imagining riddhima in song but when riddhimabare back was shown and riddhima inviting armaan i was like wat the hell
was it was necessary to be shown

but i wud definitely not call it as lust its just armaans love for riddhima thats it

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Posted: 12 years ago
your callin it LUST cuz you see Riddhima az sid's wife but Armaan...he sees his Basket and the gal that he LOVED for 3 years so now trust me on this..it called LOVE Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
you guys have problem with everything...no offence my POV...

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