What went wrong?

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hello everyone!

Was busy and only today got a chance to give a dekho to the two episodes of II this week...I am sure things might be discussed in length on the forums by now but could not stop myself from sharing my views...My two cents follow:

An excellent opportunity missed or a worthy decision?

This time IMO Indian Idol just messed it all up...Me being a big Rakesh Fan was surprised
(and glad too) that the judges gave him a privilege big enough by using their veto power for him and terminating the chances of saving a Sreeram or a Shivam in the future...This was a big decision....and could have serious repercussions as well...What if Shivam gets eliminated next weekStern Smile...will it pinch then ? Even I cant decide....

BUT things were fine...Judges thought Rakesh was a potential II and they gave him another chance...the show could have played "Give me another chance I wanna grow up once again (give me some sunshine)"
(Aamir could have been happy too sans a reference to his movie's songTongue) and it was enough to make people wear their thinking caps and analyze the after effects of the veto being used!

AND RIGHT THAN Anu says something weirdConfused
(why is it always AnuConfused) and I still dont understand what thought went behind it ?

Aamir told Anu to use the veto power Tongue Ahemmm....Now is this a joke? If Aamir is to direct what the *worthy* judges have to do why dont they make him a judge and let these dummies sit at homeConfused With due respect to Aamir and his opinions
( I am a big Aamir fan tooEmbarrassed) ... But actually no one wants an elimination ( though I seriously want to bid Adieu to Bhumi and SwaroopGeek...No offence plz) Does that mean Anu, Sunidhi and Saleem have no opinion of their own...After weeks of hearing all of these singers, even today they cant decide on their own of where to use a Veto Power...They have to be guided by a certain sweet*celebrity guest*....This just takes away from the integrity of judgment on the show!

Who is effected?

In all this HD drama...the poor soul who gets effected IMO is Rakesh himself....Imagine you come first in your exams and right after results your teacher comes to you and tells you "I was told by a certain Mr.xyz to give you first position"....OR.... "You did great! you deserved this position...keep it up! " Decide for yourself, which one would you like to hear ?

Poor Rakesh....They just took it all away from him...I feel sorry for him...all of a sudden he looks as if he has snatched away the right of others...as if the veto was wasted on him.....as if he was just not worthy enough....It was all because of Aamir and his *desire* that Rakesh is saved....and not cuz of his talent! Pathetic way of handling it all !

Playing Aamir's clip was the worst thing that ever happened on II till date....they just made it all look like a kids show where a fairy Godmother
(read Aamir Khan) comes and saves the kids from the wrath of the evils.....

There is just one question...Was this veto power needed at all? In my opinion it just took away all the magic that II5 had Sleepy Distasteful!

Your Comments,


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Posted: 12 years ago
Awesome post Ria!
Well written analysis, good work. I agree with you 100%. I will write my comments later on.Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
I am glad they retained Rakesh because he deserves to be there but yes agree with you that all this drama was so not needed...I am a big Aamir Khan fan but sorry to say, he just came on the show, heard only 3 singers perform and how can he ask the judges to use vetoConfused..I am sure Aamir doesn't watch every episode of II, then how can he even do this? I understand it is an "All izz well" episode but the episode completed on Monday, then why drag Tuesday's elimination into it?

I didn't want to think that everything in this show is scripted but I am now forced to say "Every damn thing is scripted"Angry
Posted: 12 years ago

Judges saved veto for Rakesh, sreeram or shivam, whoever get eliminated first.  I think that was right time to use veto. Using veto after top 5 does not make sense to me.

Posted: 12 years ago
Anu Malik sounded so dumb explaining the reason for using the Veto via Amir Khan's reqeust.......I can not help but wonder....had the eliminated contestant been Bhoomi or Swaroop, would they still have listened to Amir Khan???
IMO Bhoomi or Swaroop could easily have left without much ado....the veto definitely would not have been needed then....Just the whole scenario sounded completely insane and did nothing but confirm viewers doubts about the voting system and scripted episodes....an absolutely unnecessary confusion at this stage. And the fact that Amir Khan requested that it end like an "aal izzz well" episode is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard....this just emphasizes on the fact that Rakesh is considered the weaker among the top 3 contenders...Sriram, Shivam and Rakesh, therefore this drama was enacted....at least this is the impression I got, and I may be wrong....
Rakesh has been just as good as Shivam, infact to my ears even better sometimes....but Sony does not care about my ears so I gotta get a grip on realityLOL....Sriram should win, and rightfully so....he IS the best and the others are the rest....
Another doubt about the so called voting system is that if Sriram gets voted aout, then what happens?? oh wait....the judges may have been assured that it will never happen....Wink
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Posted: 12 years ago
Though Veto was introduced with a lot of promise I  agree tht it left a distaste when it actually was used. I never wanted Veto to b used for Sreeram at all coz I always wanted Sreeram to win with a majority with no back door helping hand tactics. The show wud have looked dignified if they wud have announced tht they r dissolving the veto power in exchange for the not so TV friendly but a truly perfect showman Aamir Khan n his concept of all is well..
Posted: 12 years ago
The veto could not have been used at any better time. Let the public take a one more close look at top 5. It is only fair. As I have said previously, using veto to save Sreeram (if it comes to that) would not only look judges stubborn but also create a conflict of interest since Sreeram has signed a contract with one of the judges. Sreeram is a great singer. The only bad thing about him is that he has some nauseating fans who drool all over his photoshopped pics because his voice is good. Go figure. Not his fault though.
Posted: 12 years ago
I think we should just forget this whole drama thing and just enjoy the show! Smile


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